Weeds or Wildflowers – Perspective

Weeds or Wildflowers – Perspective July 27, 2017
wildfloewrI peeked out of my office window to see my next client, Claire, happily picking some Queen Anne’s lace in the field opposite my parking lot. My previous client had come early and so I was ready to give Claire her session, instead I decided to join her. I simply smiled at her in greeting and in silence the two of us picked the wildflowers, giggling like a schoolgirl when a spider jumped out at us.

With bouquets of Queen Anne’s lace in our arm, careful to shake off any bugs, we walked to my office just as someone was coming out.

“You do know those are weeds?” he sneered.

“Are they, though?” I replied. “It’s all about how you look at them, isn’t it?”

He looked at me in distaste and continued walking, shaking his head at me until he got into his car.

A weed to some,  Queen Anne lace belongs to the carrot family and is a biennial that is also known as wild carrot and the ro0t smells just like carrots. Many add it to their salads. Claire and I simply put them in a vase of water to admire.

When I was a young girl I would happily collect the same so-called weed, using them as fancy parasols for my stuffed animals (I wasn’t a doll or Barbie girl). They were magical to me and Claire helped remind me of that simple magic.

Wildflowers are often despised. They are tough to kill and they grow wherever they want to,  sometimes where most never thought one could grow. They have their own struggle. Nobody waters them, many try to destroy them, and only a few see the magic and beauty in them. In a world of roses, I do think we need more wildflowers.

So do you see a weed, or do you see a wildflower? Today I wish for all your weeds be wildflowers, your days happy, and your heart filled with love.

I believe in you!
Kristy Robinett
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