Inhale – Exhale

Inhale – Exhale January 11, 2018

inhaleOn Tuesday afternoon I sat in my physician’s office with her yelling at me because my blood pressure was high (ironic, right?), followed by a strict lecture that I needed to exercise more.

“You’re a writer,” she huffed. “You can make whatever schedule you want, and work whenever you want to. No excuses.”

Previous to that appointment I had an appointment with law enforcement regarding a horrific murder, which could explain the blood pressure but anytime I tried to defend or explain my work demands I was interrupted with a tirade of more assumptions. I glanced into the hallway to find my normal physician who had overheard. She gave me a let it go look as she shook her head. I walked out of the appointment feeling deflated (obviously not letting it go) even though before we left the appointment she noticed I had lost several pounds in just a few weeks (and gave me credit for it all the while it being over the holidays). When I came out my husband looked at me and I burst into tears.

“You are being ridiculous,” he laughed after I explained it all.

I didn’t feel ridiculous. It wasn’t the high blood pressure or the you better lose weight talk. My feelings were hurt and I didn’t feel as if anyone would or could understand. And then I checked my breathe, and I wasn’t properly inhaling or exhaling.

Breathing supplies our bodies with oxygen and is essential to life. If you don’t breathe, you die, but if you are breathing improperly you can put your body in a state of stress, your muscles tire more easily, you feel tired, you don’t get the nutrients you need, you can suffer insomnia, panic attacks and dizzy spells. Our energy/vibration is in direct connection to our breathing. So if you aren’t breathing properly you might be emotional (or more emotional than normal), but breathing correctly can lower your blood pressure, help you shed weight, and properly absorb your nutrients.

I went home and meditated and breathed – I inhaled and exhaled. It isn’t so easy to remember when you are going through your own dose of stress, but it does work. So breathe in slowly, gently, and deeply and while doing that release all that doesn’t serve you. <And yes, I worked out all week – so maybe I did need a kick in the rear end too.

Wishing you a magical month!

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