Four Faeries

Four Faeries February 28, 2013

I’m going to attempt to write more connected posts, hopefully, and one part of that will be posting a small list of spirits near the end of each month. I know a lot of Pagans and polytheists who acknowledge, revere, or work with various house and land spirits, but the focus of many of our conversations seems to be on the gods. That isn’t necessarily bad, but most of my time I’m interacting more directly with spirits than I am with deities. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how unconnected they feel to the gods and how their practices flourished when they focused on ‘smaller’ spirits as well, which ties into more issues that I’ll address later. But, for now, I’ll post a small list of spirits that have been especially prevalent in my life lately.

[As always, this is all personal experience based.]

4. Zeroes

Zeroes are a group of spirits that are associated with borders, justice, and revenge. They have usually appeared to me as centaurs and, as such, are associated with all equine creatures. They are also associated with law enforcement, social workers, and sometimes nurses. Most of them are also tied into actively pursuing goals or dreams with vigor, which is something I hope to invite into my life. The confidence of these spirits is incredibly helpful. The most common offering I give them is coffee.

3. Wren

Specifically, the cactus wren. These and grackles are some of my favorite birds. Grackles represent flashy arrogance and joy and movement, for me (I only needed to get squawked at once), and wrens represent fresh intellect and ideas, along with inner focus and contemplation. It’s normal for me to see cactus wrens around this time of year, though depending on the area in town I may see more quail, but the frequency with which they have appeared in our yard and around our home has reminded me that March will, by necessity, need to be a month of quiet(er) focus.

2. Book Keepers

Another group of spirits, the Book Keepers are rather predictably associated with information, knowledge, and learning. Connected with organization and planning, they largely concern themselves with writers. Their attention to detail also makes them associated with office spaces and electronic databases. Sugar is a good offering, along with flowers, paper, ink, and books. They are less the creators of media as the collectors of it. Fan creations are especially special to these spirits, as is connecting themes, stories, and media to each other.

1. Epiphany

A specific Book Keeping spirit, Epiphany read so many books and gathered so much information that her mind caught aflame and she became a living spirit of the library she lived in. Due to the connections all Book Keepers have, she is connected to every library in the world. Her name hints at the inspiration and random connections our brains make when attempting to solve a problem (her connections to every book and media she touches are said to help with those sudden connections and inspirations). She helps bring the word on the tip of your tongue to your lips.

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