Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa June 10, 2013

Much wiser and cooler heads than mine have pointed out that my last post was fanning the flames.  I had hoped to call certain parties to account for behavior I considered reproachable.  But seriously, who do I think I am?  In addition, my response could itself be construed as a personal attack.  Worse, it could be mistaken representative of other humanistic or archetypal Pagans.  I have long said that bloggers who have a significant following should be held to a higher standard. Now, I realize, that includes me, too.  In addition to the community fallout, personally, this is all distracting from my own Pagan practice, which is what I started this blog to write about.

This is me.

Time to get back to being the Allergic Pagan.

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