See you at Pantheacon!

See you at Pantheacon! February 6, 2015

cropped-PconBanner12I am honored to be on two panels at Pantheacon this year, one official and one “off the books”.

The first is the Patheos Pagan Bloggers panel entitled “The Good, The Bad, & The Blogging”.  It’s first thing on Friday, at 1:30 p.m., right after the opening ritual.  I will be sharing the panel with much more interesting people, including Jason Mankey, Crystal Blanton, Rhyd Wildermuth, Niki Whiting, and Jenya Turner Beachy, with Angus McMahan moderating.  It’s bound to be a blast with such an eclectic and dynamic assortment of personalities.  Among other things, we’re going to be talking about writing on a platform that is maintained by revenue from advertisements.  (Spoiler, writing next to such awesome people outweighed the frustration caused by the ads for the Mormon church that always seemed to accompany my posts for about 2 years.)

I’ll also be on the panel on Atheism in Paganism entitled “Godless Bless”, which is being sponsored by Mark Green and Atheopaganism in the Pagan Scholars Suite (Suite 967) on Sunday at 1:30-3:00.  My co-panelists will include, Mark Green of the Atheopaganism group, Jon Cleland Host of the Naturalistic Paganism Yahoo discussion group, Aine Xenon, and Esther Bamberg, and will be moderated by Lupa Greenwolf!  There will also be a mixer/open house on Sat 12-3 and a workshop/ritual Sun 3:30-5.  Please come by and join us.  And don’t be fooled by the unofficial status of the Atheopagan events.  In my experience, some of these “off the books” sessions can be the best.

Some other events I am really looking forward to include:

“The Horned God 2.0” by Jason Mankey (Friday 3:30PM)

“Designing Intensive Rituals” by Shauna Aura Knight (Friday 7:00PM)

“Gods and Radicals: Anti-Capitalist Resistance and Pagan Practice” by Rhyd Wildermuth & Alley Valkyrie (Saturday 11:00AM)

“Animal Skulls as Ritual Partners” by Lupa (Sunday 9:00AM)

“Honoring or Appropriation? What is the Difference?” a panel featuring T. Thorn Coyle, Chandra Alexandre, Crystal Blanton, & Friends (Sunday 3:30PM)

“Leadership: Boundaries, Communication, and Groups” by Shauna Aura Knight (Sunday 7:00PM)

“Kali Puja: Devotions to the Dark Goddess” by Chandra Alexandre & SHARANYA (Sunday 9:00PM)

I’m bummed I won’t be able to make them all, due to scheduling, but I encourage you all to attend them all and tell me about them.


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