I didn’t think this needed to be said, but apparently it does …

I didn’t think this needed to be said, but apparently it does … June 27, 2015

keep-calm-and-save-the-planet-76I have recently learned that someone decided not to support A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment because of something that I had written on this blog.  I am surprised and saddened that anyone would make this decision based solely on what I or any other individual has written.  I did not write the Statement, and mine is just one signature out of over 6,500 people.  

I did not think this needed to be said, but apparently it does: Anything I write on this blog here represents the views of just one person, and is not representative of the group that drafted the Statement, nor is it representative of the over 6,500 people who have signed the Statement.  A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment is far, far bigger than me or any other individual.  It belongs to all those who have signed it.  

Furthermore, as I have written previously here, “I respect the choices of those who have chosen not to sign the Statement, and those who have chosen to sit with it a while before deciding whether to sign, and those who wrestled with it and ultimately chose to sign it.  I want to be clear here that there are principled reasons for Pagans, whatever their path, to sign or not sign the Statement.”

To any person who takes issue with me or the opinions I have expressed here, I encourage them to weigh the importance of such concerns against the importance of taking collective action as Pagans in face of the climate crisis.

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