“The Disenchantment of Hard Polytheism”

“The Disenchantment of Hard Polytheism” August 25, 2015


“… Human beings have consistently demonstrated a collective unwillingness to place the needs of our other-than-human neighbors before our own.  The only way to truly protect the river is for humans to identify with the river and to see its needs as their own.  Rather than finding the source of the river’s value in it being the home of another individual like me, I value the river because it is me … and I am it — or rather, we are both part of something else that transcends both of us.

“I don’t believe we can re-enchant the world by (re-)populating it with individual gods and spirits in nature.  I think the disenchantment of the world was caused, not when we stopped seeing gods and spirits in nature, but when we stopped seeing our essential connection to nature …”

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