New Christian Music Generator Taking The Industry By Storm

New Christian Music Generator Taking The Industry By Storm January 10, 2022

Nashville, TN – A new Christian Music Generator is taking the industry by storm. The app, known as “AutoPraise,” is being heralded as a game changer in the Christian music scene.

Since its inception in 2018, the app has seen over 350,000 downloads, but roughly 80% of those have been in the last month alone. The reason for such a spike in interest is due in large part to the fact that Christian supergroup, “sonSHIP,” used the app to write their most recent album, “Yes, Jesus, Yes! Come, Lord Jesus.”

We caught up with founder and CEO, Chris T. Matthews, and asked him about the recent success.

“It’s simple, really. AutoPraise takes the guess work out of writing. You input the key you want to play in, and our app tells you where to put the capo so that you can continue to play C, G, EM, and D. Then you pick a theme – water, sky, earth, or fire – and our lyric generator does the rest. So, say you pick ‘water’ for instance; our app will spit out lyrics such as ‘rain down on me, rain down on me, oh Lord, and wash away my sins.’ Our algorithm knows that’s what you were going to sing anyway; we’ve just done the grunt work for you.”

Not everyone within the industry is impressed, however. Dove Award-winning singer-songwriter, Travis Kingsbury, had this to say. “I’ve spent my entire career coming up with profound lyrics like, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You are the Lord, King Jesus. Hallelujah, praise the King,’ and I don’t think it’s fair to have an app come up with groundbreaking poetry like that. I hope this quickly becomes a thing of the past, or you’ll see respect for Christian music – art in general, really – take a nosedive.”

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