Interview on The John and Kathy Show Word FM

Interview on The John and Kathy Show Word FM May 27, 2014

[If you’d like to fast forward a bit, my time with Kathy starts at about the 11:00 minute mark]

Interview on The John and Kathy Show – I had the pleasure of going on John and Kathy’s show the other day! John came across my article featured on RELEVANT titled “Loneliness in the Age of Facebook” and invited me on their show to talk social media and it’s impact on relationships.

I honestly haven’t re-listened to it yet, you know, that whole “it’s awkwardly painful to re-listen to yourself speak” type thing, but nonetheless, it was fun! John unfortunately was out sick that day, but Kathy is a pro and was super engaging and encouraging to chat with!

[This is a radio show on WordFM, which airs live in Pittsburg on 101.5FM, although if you’re not local you can check out their podcast here]

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