Refuting the Most Common Arguments Against Immigration

Refuting the Most Common Arguments Against Immigration June 29, 2018

Because, what exactly is an immigrant supposed to look like…?

Refuting the Most Common Arguments Against Immigration…

Since 1996 the federal government has reportedly deported “at least 1000 people per day.” Personally, I had no idea until I watched this video that ICE has a quota of 400,000 deportations they’re required to meet annually.

Here’s the thing: I’m not saying that immigration is a black and white issue. What I am saying is that we need to be careful to not unnecessarily become self-defeatingly inhumane.

It’s no secret but Trump is not just, at times, lacking diplomacy but has been terrifyingly polarizing with his dehumanizing remarks, proposals, bans, and executive orders.

It’s gotten to a point in which it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between POTUS catering towards his constituency and him saying things that should be taken seriously.

While, at the same time, as “the most powerful man in the free world,” like it or not, everything he says will be taken seriously.

Granted, while there have been far too many quotes from Trump taken out of context, there is still enough “damning” evidence for our nation to be on edge… (which, I don’t think is all a bad thing considering how disconnected so many of us have become towards politics – our re-engagement is needed; just trying to think positively about this)…

Regardless, most of us don’t have time to sit back and read transcripts giving context to isolated sound bytes from Trump. So, when we hear language referencing immigrants as animals, rapists or criminals. We begin to conflate them all into something they maybe weren’t meant to be.

It’s this form of fast thinking that creates unhealthy forms of bigotry and stereotypes.

Here today, I want to just quickly address these stereotypes and expunge of these untrue arguments used against immigration and/or for the justification of deportation and the overall separation of immigrant children [from their parents].

Let’s start with the economics…

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