Michael Jimenez

Michael Jimenez is an Associate Professor of History at Vanguard University. He received his PhD in Church History at Fuller Theological Seminary providing him with the tools to integrate the Christian faith with history in the classroom. He mostly teaches courses on modern European and Latin American history.

He is the author of Remembering Lived Lives: A Historiography from the Underside of Modernity and Karl Barth and the Study of the Religious Enlightenment: Encountering the Task of History. He is currently researching the influence of Cesar Chavez’s nonviolent activism and the recent history of Costa Rica. He has contributed articles to Fides et Historia, Sojourners, The Other Journal, and Current and is a Literary Specialist for AACC. Michael lives in Southern California with his wife Lluvia and two sons, Lucas and Raylan. When he is not reading a book and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, you can find him on Twitter @mikeets14.