4 Easy Ways to Start Helping Kids Understand Their Feelings

4 Easy Ways to Start Helping Kids Understand Their Feelings May 2, 2023

A Note from Shaunti: I’m very excited about this guest blog from Katie Kenny Phillips — a long time friend who was also my senior editor for many years.  She has recently transitioned into writing amazing children’s books.

 I’m very excited to announce the release of her newest book, “Today I Feel Like a Jelly Donut.” This is a GREAT book for those of you who want to help your little ones understand and begin to manage all the emotions swirling inside of them. Enjoy!


Guest Post by Katie Kenny Phillips

As a mom of five kids (and raising two of them from trauma out of foster care,) I’m pretty sure I’ve seen almost every emotion under the sun. There’s not much that shocks me anymore because I’ve nearly witnessed it all – highs, lows, grumpiness, anger, silliness, fear, shame, joy. And because human behavior resulting from big feelings doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story (hangry people unite!), I’ve learned that it’s important to be curious about our kids’ feelings – and even our own – if we are to better interact with each other.

No one is surprised that a lot of kids are experiencing elevated levels of anxiety and stress. Just look at the last several years with a pandemic, virtual learning, social and political unrest, the list goes on. Adults are feeling those things too! But thankfully, we are now more open to discussing mental health struggles when it comes to ourselves and our children.

The time is now to help our kids understand their emotions and for us to be able to openly talk to them about their feelings, fears, and anxieties. And when they become well-versed in understanding their emotions, studies are finding there are long term benefits for them such as having better mental health, stress management skills, conflict resolution skills, more responsibility, and resiliency.

But where to begin?

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