The Church That Talked About Sex (Part 1)

The Church That Talked About Sex (Part 1) May 16, 2023

Do you think the church should be the best place to talk (appropriately) about sex? If so, I want to share a great example of a local church that did it really well – and share ideas for how their approach might work in your church, too. I also want to say thanks to those who are out there leading the way on this topic.

As Jeff and I have been researching – and now speaking on – our latest book Secrets of Sex and Marriage (coauthored with Dr. Michael Sytsma), we have seen four encouraging truths that every church attender (and every pastor) needs to know. We are covering that here in Part 1.

We have also seen practical actions anyone can take to up their church’s game on this topic – so make sure to check next week’s part 2!

Here are four truths every church leader and church member needs to know:


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