The Church That Talked About Sex (Part 2)

The Church That Talked About Sex (Part 2) May 23, 2023

In Part 1, we shared how the church needs to talk about sex. In this Part 2, we focus on how leaders and members of churches can do that, so the church addresses this vital topic well.

Well, that was illuminating.

In Part 1 of this blog, I asked nearly 100,000 readers whether the church should be the best place to talk about sex today. I asked people to anonymously share how their churches were advancing that conversation well, so that I could add them to this Part 2. Not everyone reads every blog, so let’s just estimate that about 20,000 people read it. Do you know how many replies I got?


Normally when I seek input we get many dozens or hundreds of responses. When I asked what people most want to learn and address about sex, we got 505 responses. But on ways churches are actually addressing sex well: two responses.

Now, there are surely thousands of churches out there addressing the topic well … but that ratio tells us something, don’t you think?

This can be a challenging topic. Yet as one pastor who Jeff and I had dinner with after a recent event said, “People are getting their guidance about sex from somewhere. We need to address it. After all, God created sexual intimacy. We should be the first people to address it, not the last.”

So what do we do? If you want to address the topic but aren’t sure how, today I’m offering a grab bag of six practical ideas you might choose from, and mix and match what works for you. As we mentioned in Part 1, some of these came from conversations with Pastor Todd and Denise Doxzon at Omaha’s Love Church. Jeff and I were impressed at how beautifully they handled it.


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