I ♥ Blogger Meet-Ups

I ♥ Blogger Meet-Ups April 3, 2014

Not falling off the face of the earth again, promise! Just had a bit of a crazy week, and am trying to finish some old posts in snatches of time here and there. But I had to update and tell y’all who came over for dinner last night:

Heck ya, that’s priest and fellow Patheosi Fr.Michael Duffy! He was in Florida visiting family and made the drive down to have dinner with us. It was super, super fun, and not weird at all, which is what I always dread when meeting someone I’ve only known online. He has a totally awesome New York accent, which inexplicably radically altered my perception of him (I have no idea why). He talked a little about growing up in New York and I was fascinated by the idea that Catholics are as common there as Evangelicals are where I grew up. Also, I can’t imagine living in a place where there are lots of different, well-established ethnic backgrounds besides Texan.  That sounds surreal, and kind of like something out of West Side Story. But my favorite part of the evening was when we were preparing for the obligatory meet-up evidence pic, and we both had to take a few seconds to straighten hair (well, not Fr., since he has none left), brush crumbs off, etc. It was hilarious. He is much less vain than I am, cause I actually disappeared to the bathroom to check my reflection and make sure there wasn’t any food stuck in my teeth. Then we had to take several pictures, quickly discarding my droid since it turned us purple, and making Sienna stand on a chair to take a picture with his iphone because pictures from a downward angle = major badness. You know what I mean…I gotta give my chin all the help I can to make it appear defined. We bonded over shared vanity. It was fun.

My kids loved him immediately because the rental car place gave him a convertible, and because he brought them cupcakes and cookies. Folly didn’t bite him, which is the best I can say of her behavior on any given day, so that’s a plus. He’s the first Patheosi I’ve ever met IRL, and now I totally want to meet them all because we would have a blast.

Sorry for the super-short update, but my sister-in-law is coming to visit today and we have to leave in an hour and a half to go get her and everything is a disaster. As usual. See ya soon!

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