My Top 4 Patheos Posts

My Top 4 Patheos Posts May 6, 2014

Yesterday I put up a video for Patheos’s birthday party, and included a link to my personal favorite post on Patheos. I chose that one because I couldn’t have written it if I weren’t here at Patheos, among the other bloggers on all the channels, but especially among the Patheosi at the Catholic Channel, who have taught me so much (sometimes too much, because ouch) about how virtue cannot be learned until I let go of my pride, bit by painful bit.

Today I’m putting up my top 4 posts in what I guess are the main areas I write. Or something. Four different types of blogging, maybe? Anyway, here.

Best Hot-Button Post


Sloppy Seconds Sex-Ed

No question here. This is far and away the most successful, most insanely polarizing post I’ve ever written. Sometimes when I wonder if I should just quit blogging altogether, since I seem to have forgotten how, I go back and re-read this post. It’s like looking in a mirror and doing a Stuart Smalley

but in reverse. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people on both sides of the socio-political spectrum want to burn me alive.”

It’s such a comfort.

Best Series

Yes, my amazing friend Rigel created a movie poster to accompany this series

Nuking the Modesty War

Part 1: Control Yourself, Not Women

Part II: Stop Treating Men Like Pigs

Part III: Stop Thingifying People

Over the last year, I got into a nasty habit of writing blog posts in serial format, which was nice because I didn’t have to grapple with what to write about every day, but not nice because they tended to be long, drawn-out, beating-a-dead-horse affairs. This one, however, was solid. And funny. One of the nuns at the private school my daughter attends actually printed it out and handed it out to her high school class, which I thought was awesome.

Funniest Post

The Bathroom Selfie’s Sin and Style Guide

This one was kind of hard to choose. Humor is often a subjective thing, and some of the posts I think are hilarious fall flat on their faces. But this post got the best response, so up it goes. (I also spent a stupid long time on that FreshPaint picture and feel the need to reuse it as often as possible, so as to justify its existence.)

Best Mommy-Blog Post

Worth It

This one was the most difficult to choose, since this has been my primary blogging style, I guess. I’m not sure that this post is the best of the best, but it’s a pretty good example of my daily inner crises at the endless cycle of snot, pee, poop, and puke. And why I have to write about to see it as something transformative, or else I’d just be curled up in the corner, slightly nauseated.

Go click around the landing page to see my fellow Patheosi’s top Patheos posts!

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