Does It Make Sense To Pray For Past Events? Yes! (Here’s Why…)

Does It Make Sense To Pray For Past Events? Yes! (Here’s Why…) June 7, 2019
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See if this sounds familiar. Someone asks you to pray for a special need – a doctor’s appointment, job interview, difficult encounter, etc. You agree and then totally forget about it. By the time you remember, it’s too late…or so you think. Here’s some good news. It’s never too late to pray. Because God exists outside of time, we can (and should) pray for past events!

One of the remarkable things about prayer, according to blogger Mark Shea, is that it’s possible to pray for past events. Urging that we pray for the men who went into battle on D-Day, he writes:

We cannot, obviously, change known outcomes so that the dead are not killed or the wounded are unharmed. But we can still pray for those men, in that hour, that they receive the grace, help, courage, strength and every other divine gift they need.

No matter how much time has passed, it’s never too late to pray. Your prayers will still be effective. Keep this in mind the next time you forget to pray for someone, when you see a tragedy on the news or hear of someone who has committed suicide. I know I will!

You can read Mark’s full post HERE.

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