Hillary Unbound

Hillary Unbound March 30, 2017

Hillary YouTubeLike Lazarus rising from his silent tomb, Hillary Clinton has emerged from her silence, unbound and speaking out in defense of reporter April Ryan and, in general, all the values the Clinton campaign represented.

This is the week when churches across the nation will read the story of the rising of Lazarus. And they will be missing the meaning of this event if they don’t tie it to Hillary and April Ryan.

To refresh you, or if you missed it, to fill you in: on Tuesday, Sean Spicer took out his frustrations with his boss on April Ryan, during the White House briefing session.

There are a lot of questions Spicer hates getting asked, because he knows – and the whole press corps knows – he should know the answers.

One of those questions is about Devin Nunes visit to the White House, where he saw the intelligence information he keeps speaking about, but no one else other than Nunes has seen – the information that Trump and friends were ‘unmasked’ on telephone recordings being collected on foreign agents by the government.

The question Spicer hates most is this one: when did Nunes visit the White House?

This is simple, because White House logs are kept at all times. But Trump refuses to release them to the press. So Spicer has to keep on saying he is checking on that.

And when April Ryan asked him, again, about that detail, and objected to his brushing it aside, Spicer got nasty.  Interrupted her. Three times. Insulted the question and her for asking it. Told her to stop shaking her head at him.

He was really pissed off. And she got it, full force. And later he said, well, it could have been anyone, that’s the way the conversation goes in the press corps.

But the part he was avoiding is that it is always so easy to vent on women, and always so easy to vent on black people, and April Ryan is both.

And that is likely why April Ryan has been publicly lashed out at by Spicer twice and by Trump, once, at a news briefing.

And Hillary came out of wherever her tomb has been these past several months, and lit right into Spicer and the Trump administration, with its Bush tape and its many insults to women. Remember the Fox News anchorwoman? Remember Trump’s nasties about Hillary?

Hillary came out and challenged that White House locker room mentality, and spoke up for working women, for black women, and for April Ryan.

Hillary Clinton went on national news and urged Americans to insist, persist, resist, and enlist support for their values.

God, it was good to see her with her dander up and her fist pumping.

And even better to see Sean Spicer begin the White House briefing today with a warm welcome to April Ryan and calling on her for the first question.

Surprised, Ryan did not miss a beat, asking her same question again.

Because she knew it was a good one and deserved an answer.

And Spicer, this time politely, had to tell her again that he was working on it.

Which everyone knows means the boss won’t let him say. Which may very well mean the whole thing was trumped up (ahem) by the White House staff.

And the fact that no one is getting to see the transcript may mean it’s a fake. And if that is so then Devin Nunes has been played for a fool.

For him, it may be a career ender.  But Hillary, whose White House days have ended, has found there is life after death, after all.

She just had to rise to the occasion. May she raise her voice again. And again.
Image: Hillary Clinton, YouTube.com

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