The Economics of Hope

Advent 2  Swallow - Sand martin - Wikipedia Swallow page

Here comes John the Baptist again. He’s as regular as swallows returning to Capistrano, as salmon swimming upstream to spawn. John steps up each Advent in the knick of time, announcing, always announcing, that all hell is breaking loose and God is in no mood to hand out free passes to anyone anymore. John says [Read More...]

In the Borderlands

Advent 3  Fra Angelico  John the Baptist Perugia Italy Altarpiece 1437

Advent is a borderland season, a Gateway between the warm, diffuse light of autumn harvests and the cold, intense lights that focus our eyes in winter’s dark. In Advent, shrinking days spread night before us like a mise-en-scene. And a few startling people, who embody different borderlands, step out and speak, each an intense light.  [Read More...]

Fear and Foreboding – Advent 1

ADvent 1 Rook, by Susan Smith, image on page

Darkness and deep shadows define the landscape of Advent,  falling over the human spirit. This is the beginning, every year, every year. Our ritual lights candles in the darkness, but we rush to look away from the darkness, losing sight of the element in which light shines. The story of faith is harsher than we [Read More...]

The Refugees’ Table

Thanksgiving Pilgrim's Progress  smithsonianmagazine

They came as indentured servants, short-term slaves. For eight years, all the Pilgrims produced would belong to Squire Weston, the owner of the Mayflower. The houses they built and the land they claimed, the timber they logged and the ships they filled with saleable goods, all were Weston’s. Eager for New World riches, and suspicious [Read More...]

What Is Truth?

Pentecost 28 1890 What Is Truth - Christ Before Pilate Ge, N. N. (Nikolaĭ Nikolaevich), Moscow. Vanderbilt

Friends and Readers:  This week begins the appearance of my posts on Patheos, which Wikipedia describes as the premier online destination for global dialogue on religion.  “Patheos is the largest English language religion and spirituality site in the world, while the Catholic, Progressive Christian, atheist, and pagan Channels constitute the largest web presence for their respective traditions.” [Read More...]

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Pentecost 28 -A_man_prays_at_the_Western_Wall_in_Jerusalem Wikipedia Western Wall page.

Friends and Readers: It’s a great joy to share the news that I am now a contributing blogger for Patheos.  The differences in format you will be seeing over the next weeks are part of moving onto the Patheos platform.  I will still be linked on Textweek. If you are a subscriber, you will still get [Read More...]

Spotlight on Pious Frauds


Spotlight, a film about the Herculean effort it took to get past the pious defenses of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and reveal the story of pedophilic abuse, by priests, of parish children, opens this week. Boston was not the only place abuse was happening, it was just the first place where a group of [Read More...]

Open Source


God is one. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. –Jesus, according to Mark. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man who created the World Wide Web, spoke on a TED talk on NPR about Open Sourcing, the freedom from copyright, royalties, and all intellectual property rights into which [Read More...]

Seeing in this World


At the main gate into Jericho, where the crowds gathered in expectation of the great deeds of Jesus, the blind man Bartimaeus sat in his customary place, begging cup in hand. He wasn’t born there. He’d been assigned to that spot by the powers that be, or perhaps by public concensus. In their eyes, that [Read More...]

The Fire This Time

A week ago, at the New Yorker (magazine) Festival, I went to a panel discussion about race in our time.  It was held in a make-shift hall that is normally a car show room.  The cars were parked outside on the street, and the showroom was full of folding chairs and a portable stage.  On [Read More...]