Harvesting the Lost

Process and Method, Not Currying Favor and Not Begging It’s an odd mixing of metaphors that leads Jesus to empower his disciples, in Matthew’s telling. They are like lost sheep without a shepherd, Jesus remarks about the crowds who come out to hear him. And whether he is saying this to himself or to his [Read More…]

Free Speech, Hate Speech, Tweet Speech, Truth and Lies

Our Miserable Public Conversation If it is written down, it’s called “libel” whereas if it’s spoken, it’s called “slander.” Libel and slander are both forbidden forms of speech, within the terms of defamation law in these United States. And, according to the Free Speech Primer at legalzoom.com, Defamation Law attempts to balance the freedom of speech and [Read More…]

Trinity, God’s Embracing Globalism

The One World Vision Within Trinity The tale of the Spirit descending on a crowd of strangers in Jerusalem argues for globalism. In fact, it is an unequivocal embrace of globalism. Here is a atory of God’s vast spiritual power, given in an embrace of strangers and enemies, given in an embrace of widely divergent [Read More…]

It’s Pentecost – and Something Is Not Right

There’s a disconnect between Jesus’ invocations of the Spirit in John’s gospel, and the way we’ve always understood them. And the disconnect has taken on a neon glare in the world right now. And the thing is, the world right now is very much like the world Jesus walked around in, the first century world [Read More…]

Trump in Saudi Arabia – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Trump’s ‘Largest Arms-sale Deal in US history’ Blocks Relief for Starving Yemenis Donald Trump flew away from Washington to Saudi Arabia yesterday, and the worries flutter through the news. Will he sleep well enough not to be cross? Will his speech, written by known anti-Moslem speechwriter Stephen Miller, insult Moslems? Will the investigation into Russia-ties [Read More…]

RIding Up the Heavenly Way

“That they may all be one” – the motto of the United Church of Christ, my denomination, is derived, in part, from this week’s text – John 14: 15-21. Here John describes the gift of the Spirit, not as a dramatic Pentecost of descending doves and flames, but as spiritual intimacy. Spiritual intimacy. Intimacy so [Read More…]

The Comey Effect

Donald Trump’s Paranoia The shock waves of this week have not yet subsided. One CNN commentator’s image, that President Trump set out a landmine and then stepped on it himself, seems apt. And all the pros and cons for firing James Comey, and all the oohs and aahs over the changing statements explaining why, have [Read More…]

The Prosperity Gospel and the new GOP American Health Care Act

How Prosperity Values are Redefining America and Christianity CNN’s Jake Tapper, in a recent interview about the GOP health care plan with Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, elicited these words from Brooks: “The plan] will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool, and that [Read More…]

Mother’s Rooms in the Father’s House

A Mother’s Day Reflection on John 14 It’s with some irony that I read the Mother’s Day gospel: “in my Father’s house are many rooms . . .” And the irony deepens considerably when, in this week, which after all proclaims a room for everyone – the devout and pious Christians in our government have [Read More…]

Trumpcare and the Gospel of Prosperity

Partying in the Rose Garden as Healthcare for the Poor Dies It’s twenty four hours since the news broke, that the Republicans had voted to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with a new act, the ACHA, that promises to save more than 900 billion dollars over ten years by knocking a minimum of 14 [Read More…]