Native Americans Plead With Us to Keep America Beautiful

Iron Eyes Cody became famous for his “crying Indian” role in the “Keep America Beautiful” Public Service Announcement (PSA) in the early 1970s. It was an ecology commercial in which an Indian (Cody), canoes up the Hudson River, steps out onto the shore and then sheds a tear after some trash is thrown from a [Read More…]

National Health

When the helicopter ambulance landed at Parliament, the injured were all ferried to hospitals in the British national health care system. Once there, the urgency and tension were all about their wounds, and not at all about whether they had insurance, what kind of coverage they had opted for, how large was their deductible, or [Read More…]

Small-Hearts, Big Bucks

The story of the blind man who recognized Jesus in the blind town who couldn’t see anything good about the blind man, stands out, in the midst of the current Presidential barnstorming of Congress, to be blind to any problems caused by leaving 24 million people without health care, and instead to adore the prospect [Read More…]

Trump’s Slander Branding

The President of the United States begins his days by sending out tweets that heap slander on someone. Former President Obama is in that headlining glare now, and has been for nearly two weeks. But really, Obama is on a long list, that includes Angela Merkel, the British Intelligence Agency, the CIA, all sixteen of [Read More…]

American Health:  GOP Not Planning to Care

The CBO numbers for the shiny new Trump-Ryan Health Care Act are shocking. And immediate loss of 14,000,000 people from health care in the next year would be followed by an increase to 24,000,000 uninsured people by 2026. And the White House’s own calculations are even steeper – 26,000,000 will be uninsured by 2026, according [Read More…]


The Great Law of Judaism, the Law given to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai, the Law written in stone as the Ten Commandments, holds out only one sexual sin: adultery. Jesus, in his lifetime, embraces some who have broken each of the Ten Commandments, as a sign of his redeeming work, as a sign [Read More…]

Nicodemus’ Dilemma and Ours

That remembered night, when Nicodemus came into the dirt poor streets of Jerusalem to hear the man named Jesus, could be a night right now. We tend to think of Nicodemus as a man of privilege, because Jesus was talking to the rag tag poor and Nicodemus stood out, in his good cloak with his [Read More…]

How to Clean Up Your Mess:  Grace versus Cunning

Lent has opened with a striking pair of examples of what to do, and what not to do, when you are caught in a kerfuffle. Kerfuffle is a British blended word (part Scots, part English) for a commotion or a fuss, especially involving conflicting views. And Lent is a Middle English word meaning to lengthen, [Read More…]

Enduring US Hate of Jews and Moslems

A deluge of anti-Semitic actions has occurred since the election. One report cited 124 incidents in the past week. Cemetery vandalism is now a regular story on the nightly news. In St. Louis, over 100 gravestones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery, which took a lot of equipment and people and therefore was well organized, according [Read More…]

The Temptations No One I Know Finds Tempting

This weekend, in a workshop on Islam, the leader illustrated the purpose of Islam’s five-times-a-day prayer practice by talking about things that are enticing and hard to resist, and things that are habitual and hard to give up. Sugar, she said, and told about her own attempts to give up sweet things, and how, when [Read More…]