I’m Headed to Australia, Mate!

I’m Headed to Australia, Mate! May 28, 2015

Ridley logoWell, sort of.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last year preparing for a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen, with a dissertation focused on Karl Barth, Carl Henry, and inerrancy. Aberdeen has been extremely kind and generous toward me over this time, especially my supervisor, Donald Wood. Aberdeen is fantastic, I am thankful for them, and I will continue to recommend them to any who’ll listen.

That said, over the past few months I’ve been increasingly concerned about the cost of studying at Aberdeen and the impact it might have on our family. Due to some recent financial constraints and a few things not commencing as we planned, I began to talk with my wife, Christa, about getting back out there and weighing some new Ph.D. options. Enter: Michael Bird.

You are probably aware that Michael Bird is quickly becoming one of the most respected scholars in the world of theology and New Testament. His recent books Evangelical Theology, The Gospel of the Lord, and How God Became Jesus  have received critical acclaim in their respective fields, and he writes here at Patheos at the popular Euangelion. He and I began to correspond about publishing a few months ago, and these conversations indirectly led to me applying for the Ph.D. in Theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia where he lectures.

With Bird as my supervisor, I will begin writing a 15,000-word thesis over the next year as part of the qualifications for the Ph.D. program. My thesis will look at the roles, functions, and message of the Trinity in Revelation 1-3. Upon successful completion of this thesis, I will begin writing my dissertation next year, also related to the Trinity in John’s Apocalypse. I will be a part-time student, which will require 5-6 years of study and trips to Australia each year.

I don’t like to spend much time here on personal items, but I’m very excited to share this news! Please pray for our family as we move into this new stage of life. Pray primarily that I am able to be a good husband and father during this time, and also that I remain a helpful employee and churchman where God has called me. Thank you!

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