Dancing with the Stars Starts Tonight!

Dancing with the Stars Starts Tonight! March 19, 2012

Okay, so on to more fun and lighthearted topics… Are you guys as excited as I am about the fourteenth season of Dancing with the Stars?

It all begins in a two hour –premiere tonight at 8 eastern. (Aren’t you glad I didn’t post it in Alaska time, so you don’t have to do the math?) Here are the teams, taken from the DWTS website:

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd

Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff

Gladys Knight & , Tristan MacManus

Jack Wagner & Anna Trebunskaya

Jaleel White & Kym Johnson

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas

Maria Menounos & Derek Hough

Martina Navratilova & Tony Dovolani

Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower

Sherri Shepherd & Val Chmerkovskiy

William Levy & Cheryl Burke

I always pull for Mark Ballas, naturally. This season, my former partner is paired with opera star Katherine Jenkins, who recently took him sightseeing in London. Do you think he loved his time in London more than Wasilla?

Pulling for you, Mark!

Okay, readers. What do you think of the new cast? Who’s your favorite to win it all?

Leave a comment to tell me who you like, who you don’t like, and who you’re pulling for — plus, get weekly updates with the best of my blog!

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  • Chris in Ottumwa

    Of course none of us like this cast as good as when you were on the show!

    Favorite would have to be Donald Driver as the football guys seem to be pretty good dancers and also have quite a few fans to help out with the voting…

  • Not so excited. For the most part I’m not sure who the star is and who the pro is! This is why my daughter calls the show, “Dancing with the vaguely familiar!” You did great on the show, but we haven’t watched it much since then.

    • Raffaela V. DiBella

      I have to go along with that. I realized in the earlier seasons when my favorite, and the Judges favorite, Stacy Keebler, a female WWE wrestler was not the winner, as she should have been! Then it became so obvious during the last 2-3 seasons, it was really not on the up and up. It’s not a talent show, sorry to say. It’s all about HOW many people are in your fan club. I haven’t watched it since last year and have no intention of ever watching it again!

  • I LOVE Mark and Derek and always want them to go far but I’m excited to see Jaleel White on this season and will be pulling for him first…the others second. Grew up watching Family Matters and loved Urkel so I’m anxious to see what Jaleel is actually like.

  • DebinNY

    I always root for Mark & whomever his partner is! I just adore him! 🙂

  • Judi

    So excited for the new episode of DWTS. Will have to wait for a while to see who my favorite might be but I have always been a great fan of Gladys Knight!

  • janet shrader

    i am leaning toward erkel, but am interested in seeing what laura ingalls and shepherd bring to the table!!

  • Deborah Barton

    Yes, I’m SO excited DWTS is starting again tonight. Mark is my favorite, too – along with Derrick Hough & Chelsie Hightower, whom I’ve followed since she competed on So You Think You Can Dance. Even though I have to admit I don’t know half the stars, it doesn’t matter – I just love the dancing!

  • Leslie Wagner

    I am excited about DWTS starting tonight and I am also a huge Mark Ballas fan, so I will be pulling for Team K-Mark.

  • Sue Lynn

    I’m pulling for Mark also. I only watched DWTS because you were on but since your watching what the heck I’ll be watching and voting…Mark…It should be fun!!!

  • John

    Jaleel , and melissa gilbert

  • Mike

    Really enjoy DWTS. Don’t have a real favorite yet. Just glad Obama is not on the show…the only dance he knows is the “side step.”

  • Wasilla isn’t so bad lol..I use to live there a few years back before moving back to Kansas City! But if your a small town person you’d love Wasilla. But London would be pretty cool lol 😉

  • Kenneth Newcomb

    Anyone dancing with Mark has to be considered a favorite. However, growing up with Little House on the Praire might have me pulling for Mellisa Gilbert.

  • Susie Dove

    I’m looking forward to seeing Melissa Gilbert. I guess it’s because I liked watching Little House when I was a little girl….but I just love dancing in general & that’s why I Jazzercise here in Eagle River…gotta get my groove on somehow!! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I am pulling for Melissa Gilbert!
    Although Im alway rooting for Derek!! 🙂

  • Kim C.

    Maria and Derek! ; )

  • Mikasa

    If I don’t have a favorite, I just root for the oldest person. Is that weird? haha. Get it, Gladys Knight!

  • bellagrazi

    I’d never watched DWTS before you competed, Bristol, and I haven’t watched it since. It’s too time-consuming. Haha But I definitely enjoyed the season you were on. It was really exciting. Season 11 was one for the books.

  • joycebwi

    Donald Driver! Football players are amazingly graceful. He also plays for the Packers, my home team. 🙂 However, I will also enjoy watching Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls). I loved Little House on the Prairie.

    • Pj

      Go Donald!!!!!!!!!!! I think he did GREAT!!!

  • Zippetydoodahday

    There once was a grifter who wormed her way to Hollywood
    she had no talent, but make lots of money she thought she could
    she clumsily danced with a smooth partner to top three
    even though the votes were rigged for grifter pushed by C4P

    She clung to her star dream with her adorable son by the arm
    Two brothers called Massey thought her son had all the charm
    Together the brood a reality show they wanted to make
    but apparently a risk smart Hollywood people wouldn’t take
    The talk of the show quietly faded before it could cause harm

    The grifter ran out of options and money, she wanted a fistfull
    so she took a camera crew to a bar and rode a mechanical bull
    The patrons cheered with crude sexual digs and eventually grifter fell
    Then she popped up and confronted the Hanks man attempting to quell
    but she became a laughing internet joke and grifter still had null

    Grifter became angry, she hated Hollywood, and the Hanks man
    she was done with it all and back to her hometown the grifter ran
    she promised she would raise her son in a stable home life
    Then she found herself a fixer-upper, a paddleboat and manwife
    Wait…it can’t be, another reality show with the entire grifter clan???

    • Dale Ann Rhinesmith

      Get a life loser – find another website to spew your nonsense!! The Palins have been indured enough crap to last a thousand lifetimes!!!

      • Zippetydoodahday

        The Palins have grifted enough $$$ to last a thousand lifetimes…oh by the way. I have a life.

        • sue

          Apparently not, you hate the Palin’s, yet here you are. It is quite obvious that you have nothing better to do than run from one Palin article to another to spew trash.

          • Zippetydoodahday

            Nope. I just enjoy the company here.

            But it does look like you have nothing better to do than to salvage political trash.

    • joycebwi

      Why would you spend so much time composing something so hateful for someone for whom you apparently care for so little? If you have nothing better to do with your time, I would suggest that YOU are the grifter. Get a day job and leave Bristol alone.

      • Zippetydoodahday

        Didn’t you get the memo? The Palins want to be celebrities. They thrive for it. They live for the attention…good or bad it does not matter. They want media attention 24/7. Then they make money from it. Remember, Bristol, who makes money off Tripp (or her ghostwriter, who in turn makes money off Bristol and Tripp) put out the all points bulletin begging the president of the US to call her.

        Also, too, you might want to look up the word grifter.

        This was time well spent… It was nothing really. Palin jokes write themselves.

  • As a tennis fan, I am curious to see how Martina does.

    Completely OT – Just want to say Happy Birthday to your li’l sis Piper.
    Hope her day totally rocks.
    (And yours too!)

  • Millie

    I had never watch DWTS until I heard that you were going to be on there.
    I really enjoyed it and you were amazing. To have never danced before
    as I said in a post earlier your footwark was impecable. Better than anyone
    else that had danced. I felt the judges were unfair.

    I will be voting for Mark and Katherine, I have in the last two. Mark was such a
    gentleman to you and I felt he was devoted to having you become a beautiful
    dancer and he accomplished his goal. He also was right there with you when
    others were hoping you would fail. It seemed Mark was going to make sure
    you wouldn’t.

    Am really looking forward to reading your imput on dwts. This is going to be
    alot of fun. Thanks for doing this.

  • Lakerfanalways

    I will of course be rooting for Mark, since he was so sweet to you and seems like a great guy. Will also be rooting for Melissa Gilbert, who can forget her playing Laura Ingalls on Little House On The Prairie, such a great show! And of course Jaleel White, rooting for him too

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for Mark but will also be rooting for Melissa Gilbert and Maks.

  • Glynis Ritter

    I love Mark!!! But, I probably will be pulling for Melissa Gilbert, because I was a fan of Michael Landon and “Little House on the Prairie.”

  • Martha

    I’ll be rooting for Melissa Gilbert, and Jaleel White and anyone else who shows potential and wins me over to their side. Your season was the first season I stuck it out watching the show from beginning to end. Before that I only watched an episode here and there. Now I watch it pretty regularly. 🙂

  • EMC

    Was that snide snark really necessary, in a blog post and comments that have focused soly on DWTS pros and celebs?

    Some people just can’t resist their inner child.

    • Mary

      …more pitifully….their EVIL, hate-filled, jealous HEART…! Crawl back into your hole!

      • Zippetydoodahday

        Correction: It is they’re EVIL, not their EVIL.

        Tsk, tsk…look at who is yelling.

        Have a nice day! ☺

  • George S

    My girl Cheryl Burke all the way…..

  • Joseph

    I’m really excited about this season! Though, it’s not as exciting as the season when you were on the show 🙁 . But I’m rooting for Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel!!!

  • Bristol Palin

    Who’s watching??

  • Misty

    I’m cheering for Gladys!

  • Lisa

    I only ever watched the season in which you participated – and you were great! This season I am curious to see if Gladys Knight can pull it off – she’s got rhythm and she’s got soul, but she’s also got age.

    Jaleel White, in my opinion, has a great chance so I’ll be rooting for him. I’ve always liked his quirky personality…plus he’s wiry and I think it will be great fun to watch him. Whatever the male version of moxie is, I think he’s got it!

    • jojo

      Two excellent choices!!!

  • cw

    Who cares about what a Hollywood wannabe who ran home to Mother Grizzly says about her only claim to fame.

  • cw

    Sarah got knock up, Bristol got knock up, her brother knocked up his girlfreind (but did marry her). Yet they preach no sex until married. Anyone else find this a joke?

    • Mary

      You know what “WE” find a joke? YOU and ALL THOSE LIKE YOU!

  • blackbird

    To be honest I don’t watch it but I have seen you and Mark and it just so happens that this evening my family was talking about the new season, my mum watches it.

    The names I know are Gladys Knight, Melissa Gilbert and Mark Ballas and if I were rooting for someone that would be a tough one.

  • Stacey

    My tv messed up during the show, so I couldn’t see it all. I started watching the season you were on, you did brilliantly. I have watched since then, and generally pull for whom ever Maks, Mark, or Karina have.

    On a side note, there sure are some cruel people out there, and I hope you continue to keep your chin up. I have read many tastless comments about you and your family that say things like “who cares?” If you don’t care, why are you taking time out of your supposedly busy lives to post nasty comments on a Bristol Blog? I think these people need to grow up and learn to be nice.

  • Jan

    All of the stars for this season can dance. It was an amazing show. Mark’s partner looked like a professional dancer. She received high scores.
    I voted for Gladys Knight. It was great watching her dance to her own song. She is a talented dancer. I want to see more of her on the show.

  • Kim Waller

    Great show! It’s going to be a tough season. Everyone was hot, especially Gladys and William, in their own ways:)

  • Erika

    Last season was the first and only time I ever watched DWTS and I will never watch it again. How sad that the number of votes you received depend not only the amount of fans you have, but also the numerous different ways you can vote, and how many times you can vote for one person. Such as, some people voted up 30 times or more on one of the wose dancers using the internet with multiple log in ID’s, texted on 4 or more different cell phones, called in on a land line, thereby sending the better dances home. Come on, I can tell you should have left after the first night….Chaz Bono, the second week, Nancy Grace. When DWTS changes how people can vote, then maybe I’ll watch it again. When I voted, only those who deserved my vote received ONE vote. No one received an extra vote from me and yes, I was a fan of more than one person, (in the event you didn’t guess, I was NOT a fan of Nancy Grace), but they still received only one vote from me.

    • jojo

      I vote for the celebs — that’s who we ar supposed to vote for–and I love your choice of Gladys. She’s 67 and moves better than some 20-30 yr olds.

  • I never watched DWTS til I heard you were on it and now its one of my favorite shows. I will be pulling for Donald Driver because his football career may be ending. Also like Katherine Jenkins, she is Welsh and so is my wife. As for the professionals I love to watch Derek and Sheryl with whom ever they are paired with.

  • Maybe someone will follow your amazing performance and put on a monkey costume.

  • I have to agree with Stacy. Lead with your chin.

  • Robin

    I’ll be voting for Ms. Shepherd all the way. She just so funny and she deserves the best.

  • Georgia

    I only watched DWTS Season 11, because you were one of the “Stars”. Season 11 was magical and I grew to love both you and Mark Ballas. However, I will never watch DWTS again, based on the way you were treated by the leftist judges who did everything, in their power to eliminate you and the jealous pros and other so-called “Stars”. They even changed the rules, mid-season, if you remember. DWTS was about Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas. It will never be the same. You were spectacular, Bristol and don’t ever forget that. Mark was an amazing teacher and the choreography he created for you was awesome. You both worked hard and thrilled your fans, of which there were many.

    • jojo

      FYI, Bruno is Italian and Len is British.

  • anonymous

    Bristol I am really sorry for you that this blog so far represents the nutshell of your life. You had such promise of being a true “rogue”, of not following the script that your mother and the powers that she represents has prepared for you. God gave you a brain, honey, you should use it! Dream big! Dancing with the Stars was a brief time in your life, don’t you have anything else to talk about? Certainly you have real talent that can take you as far as you want to go. I pray to God that you do not settle for being a hairdresser. Education is the key, and can open up the world for you!

    • Georgia

      Bill Gates and other billionaires did quite well after dropping out of college. Greatness is innate and a college degree is not necessary to be extremely successful. Bristol will do just fine, in her own choices. Whatever Bristol Palin decides to do with “her” life will be wonderful. She is doing a wonderful job, in her decision making thus far. Be who you are Bristol!

      List of college-dropout billionaires

      1.Bill Gates [5] – US
      2.Mark Zuckerberg [6] – US
      3.Lawrence Ellison [7] – US
      4.Eike Batista [8] – Brazil
      5.Michael Dell [9] – US
      6.Marc Rich [10] – US
      7.Ty Warner [11] – US
      8.Gautam Adani [12] – India
      9.Micky Jagtiani [13] – India
      10.Azim Premji – India
      11.Shahid Balwa [14] – India
      12.Subhash Chandra [15] – India
      13.Vinod Goenka [16] – India
      14.Jayasankar Krishna Prasad – India
      15.PNC Menon [17][18] – India
      16.Roman Abramovich [19] – Russia
      17.Sheldon Adelson [20] – US
      18.Amancio Ortega [21] – Spain
      19.Kirk Kerkorian [22] – US
      20.Donald Newhouse [23] – US
      21.François Pinault [24] – France
      22.Jack Taylor [25] – US
      23.Joaquín Guzmán Loera [26] (Mexican drug lord) – Mexico
      24.Dawood Ibrahim [27] (Indian crime-boss) – India
      25.Hasan Ali Khan (Money-launderer) – India
      26.David Geffen [28] – US
      27.David Murdock [29] – US
      28.Ted Turner [30] – US
      29.Henry Fok [31] – Hong Kong
      30.Ralph Lauren [32] – US
      31.Micky Arison – US
      32.Mohammed Al Amoudi [33] – Saudi Arabia
      33.Stanley Ho [34] – Hong Kong
      34.Andrew Lloyd Webber – UK

      • Carol

        I knew college wasn’t all that it’s hyped up to be. Anytime I ever met a college educated, so called genius, they were really dumb. Give me common sense and a great work ethic.

    • Glenn Briggs

      Why are snide comments always given by cowards such as “anonymous”, afraid to identify themselves.

      • Pam H.

        Anonymous – you obviously know nothing about Bristol and what she has been doing, besides doing a fine job raising her child. She has had several serious blog posts in a row, thus she starts this one off saying she is going on to a more fun topic. Are you aware she has written a book? Are you aware she has a TV show of her own coming up next month? Are you aware she goes around the country to speak to teens about abstaining from sex and not killing their unborn children should they conceive one? And what do you have against hairdressers? What a college educated SNOB you are. Look at Georgia’s most excellent list of non-college educated people who turned out pretty darn well. Leave Bristol alone. Go somewhere else and spew your nastiness. What a mean person you are.

  • Jaleel White is my sentimental favorite.

  • Wont be the same this year without you!! Enjoyed you so much last year because you were there.
    Keep up your good work!!!!
    Your little boy is Beautiful!!!

  • Oh, me thinks Bristol is very much her own person. God Bless you and yours Bristol. Your moms entire “army” wishes only the best for you.

  • Carol

    You were great Bristol! I don’t watch anymore, after you left.

  • CJ

    Hi Bristol 🙂
    To be honest, ever since Season 11 it’s been hard to watch the show because you’re not on it and like Georgia, I didn’t like the way you were treated either. You brought a sweetness, humility, honesty and tenacity that cannot be duplicated. Your giggles are contagious and you WERE and ARE positively ADORABLE! I loved the fact that you weren’t “Hollywood.” I loved your positive attitude and the courage it took to embrace the challenge of competing, as a complete entertainment novice, amidst the presence of others who weren’t and guess what? Millions of others loved and admired this too! What an inspiration you are and it was pure joy watching you progress so beautifully week after week under the care and artful tutelage of the very talented Mark Ballas and together, you lit up the stage! It was a precious, memorable, awesome season sparked by a sweet, shy, beautiful, unpretentious, brave young woman of FAITH who brought joy to millions, simply by being BRISTOL! oxo
    To those who have nothing better to do with their lives than to spew rude, hateful and sarcastic comments, please consider how you would feel if your very words were said to you or someone you care about. I don’t think you would appreciate being treated that way, do you? So, why do you do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you or your loved ones? What is so gratifying about wounding another person with venomous comments? Saying them to anyone is bad enough, but to do this to someone who has never treated YOU this way is cruel and inexcusable. When what you do to others returns to you, there is no one to blame but yourselves.

  • Chris

    Totally pulling for Mark and his dance partner. She has a beautiful voice and looks like a pair of dancing feet. It was so sweet to see her nervousness. Just goes to show not everyone is at ease with being in the spotlight.

    • jojo

      Chris, Check out KJ on youtube-she has lots of performing experience. She was just nervous to get “judges” feedfack on live tv.

  • Kathy Berden

    Hi! Loving the new cast for DWTS. Katherine seems like a front runner and I was thrilled with Urkel’s smooth moves. Who is your favorite? Signing off your zamboni friend from Canada. 4biddn – Kathy

  • Kitty

    The best opening night ever! Cant wait to watch everyone again. All danced well & hard to pick just one!!!!! Can’t wait for next week!!

  • Hi Bristol, I must confess I am cheering for William Levy & Cheryl Burke.
    Have a blessed week.

  • Sara

    Love your spirit, Bristol! The letter to Obama was fantastic. Glad to see you following in your mom’s feisty footsteps! Looking forward to reading more!

    • jojo


  • lynn

    Bristol, Just wanted to tell you that my favorite season was season 11 with you and Mark. I just loved watching the two of you and I would fantasize that the two of you were falling in love. He was a great teacher and you improved week after week. No season has ever compared for me. But, finally I realize that you and Mark are good friends and I wish only the best for both of you. Too early to decide who I am routing for!!! Hugs to you and Tripp! Can’t wait to see your new show!!

  • lynn

    Way to go Georgia!!! Well said! College is not for everyone and many, many people are just as intelligent and successful without getting their degree. Bristol you are an inspiration to all young women out there. How many women your age can say, I’m a single parent, make a good living promoting abstinence, wrote a best selling book, came in third place on DWTS and so much more at the mere age of what 22??? Keep doing what you are doing! I would be proud to call you my daughter. You have more support than you will ever know. Do not doubt that ever!!

  • jojo

    Katherine IS NOT an opera star. She’s cleared that up 🙂 She did however get foxtrot, ballet, and tap lessons at 14, so she’s considered a ringer, and honestly, that’s not fair 🙁 Melissa is a huuuuge LIB and has commented negatively in past about conservatives—not getting my votes either!
    I’ll vote for true beginners like William Levy, Gavin De graw, and Donald Driver!

    Bristol, glad you’re watching dwts agian. I know you said you didn’t watch much of JR’s season….you missed a great journey!

  • Evelyn Waugh

    Bristol, could you explain why you’re the only DWTS contestant who gained weight, and looked pregnant, by the end of the show?

  • jojo

    I can’t believe that Bruno once told a contestant, “You’re crazier than Sarah Palin!”…..What a m*r*n! I don’t know how you tolerated some of those folks.
    PS–Were Derek, Kym, and Karina nice?