Bragging Just a Little

Bragging Just a Little April 19, 2012

Okay, let me be a proud big sister for a moment.

I’d just like to say how proud I am of my sister Willow. She graduated from high school more than a year early!  And she did that while holding a job, and helping out with Tripp, Trig, and Piper.

Now she’s starting new adventures. On my upcoming Lifetime reality television show, you’ll get a sneak peak into her future.  What do you think she’ll do next?  Here’s a hint: she’s not quite finished with her education yet.  Any guesses on what career she’ll pursue?  (By the way, the show will probably air in June — thanks for all the questions about it.  I’ll definitely let you know when to tune in!)

And speaking of Willow, this week her best guy friend asked her to Prom.  While this is always a fun (and potentially awkward!) time of high school, I thought the way he asked her was just perfect. Check out the YouTube video he made for her below.  But before you go and start saying it was “so sweet,” note that she sent him back a picture that had a box marked with a check mark next to the word “Duh.”

Yep, that’s my sister!

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  • Laura

    That was too cute!!! Loved it! I am going to remember this when my son is ready to go to his prom and I can only hope that whoever asks either of my twin daughters would be so creative!

  • shami

    Bristol, you have every right to be proud of your sister – WTG! Willow. I love the way you write in your blog. It’s real easy and down to earth, a dipiction of level headed intelligence. Keep up the good work.

  • Alberta Brett

    AW… Congrats to Willow.. That is an accomplishment. I wish her success and happiness in the future!

  • Mary GW

    Very cute! Congrat’s to Willow and best wishes for her prom and all that falls into place in the future! Looking forward to June.

  • I have nothing but good things to say about you and your family, and wish nothing but the best for each one of you guys! You guys deserve it, and Congrats to Willow, that’s a HUGE accomplishment! I remember graduating a few years ago and it was the best moment of my life. It’s also a new chapter in your life to make something great happen!

  • Judy Foster

    Congratulations, Willow. Good luck in your next endeavor. Thanks, Bristol, for sharing!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Wow! Anyone who cares enough to go to all that trouble is definitely a keeper. Hope they have a wonderful time and stay safe. Congrats to Willow on a great accomplishment! Much success to both of you and the rest of your family.

  • Khriste Close

    I think that was very sweet and very memorable….I think it was hysterical how she responded….love it!!!

  • Linda

    How respectful and ROMANTIC!!!!! Thanks for sharing and brightening up our day!!

  • Suzie

    Im on my phone and can’t see the video. What can I search for to find it?
    And apparently I can’t just hit submit on my two above sentences bc I got an error saying too short. So now I have to ramble on and see it that’s long enough to post.

  • Jennifer

    OK, so since King George is my favorite singer, and I love that song, and this has got to be the cutest idea ever, I LOVE IT! Also, the “duh” is something I would have expected from any of you Palins…lol. Thank you for sharing this-it was great. Also, congrats Willow on an awesome job! Awesome family.

  • Ramona Long


  • Jan Page

    That is awesome! Thanks for posting it, Bristol. Please tell Willow congratulations.

  • Tammi McKinney

    You are an AWESOME young LADY!!! I just wanted to tell you that. I just LOVE your FAMILIES values. I wish there were more pwople in our society today that would STAND up for TRUE Christian values. You and your Family are such inspiration to my family. It is hard raising kids today. When I was growing up things seemed so SIMPLE. I wish things were still the same. I have an 18 year old and a 16 year old. One in college and wrking full time and one still in Highschool. Young kids today can be so CRUEL. THANK you and your family for sharing your experiences with us and making everyday “tragedies” seem okay. We have experienced many bumps in the road and it is nice to know that others have the same bumps at times. GOD has bleesed you with a terrific family base and support system, I know you have made your Mom and Dad VERY proud. I know my girls have made me one PROUD MOMMA!!!
    Tammi McKinney

  • bellagrazi

    Wow, congrats to Willow! That’s quite the accomplishment. Your family has such a great work ethic, Bristol. Your parents have done an incredible job of instilling the value of hard work with their kids. I hope you and Willow are still thinking about opening a beauty shop. You girls have such amazing style. I know it would be a great success. I love the video! Very creative, very sweet. Willow’s response is typical of her. Haha Always goofin’ around. I can’t wait until your reality show airs, Bristol! I know it’s gonna be a blast.

  • Very cute! He seems like a nice guy!

  • Sydnee

    AWW! That video is sweet. He used a great song!! King George is always a good choice!

  • Caroline Jenkins

    Congrats to Willow!

  • Debbie

    I loved it, it made me cry. Bless you both!

  • Kim A

    Wow, so very cool Bristol!! Willow is awesome and any guy would be proud to have her as a date to prom!! Wishing you all the best and in my prayers always!!

  • Judy

    Ahhhh How sweet! Have fun Willow. Blessings to you.

  • Julia

    WOW! Congrats to Willow. She has always been such a spit fire and it does not surprise me she graduated so early, what with that Palin determination running through her veins :0-) And Mr. Man…what can you say he is a big huge cutie patootie too. I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Kudos to you Big Sister for showing how very proud of her you are. :0-)

  • That is awesome.
    I hope they have a wonderful prom.

  • Ian

    ♥♥♥ Congratulations Willow!!! ♥♥♥

    ♥ What a spectacular goal you accomplished. ♥ We’re very proud of you! ♥

  • Carrie

    Awesome! Congrats to Willow! I love the Youtube video!

  • mark

    I think it is great the way he asked her to prom!!! There are some gentlemen still out there. Never realized how much the two sisters look alike!!!! Have fun at the prom!!!

  • speppers69

    Congratulations to Willow! My best friend is a guy, too. None of that “I’m mad at you” and drama stuff. Willow is a lucky girl!

  • yeap Willow U need to get in the action too,U Betcha U Do… !

  • Joseph

    That’s awesome! Congrats, Willow!!! I pray for the best in your future!

  • Amy

    That is so sweet!!! What an accomplishment to graduate High School early! Congrats!

  • Willow, this young man sounds like a winner to me! Have a GREAT date with him……..God richly bless you both;)

  • Jessica Pierce

    I didn’t get to go to Prom, but if I did, that is exactly how I would have wanted to be asked. I think it was so cute! You and your sis look so much alike!!

  • Carol Shoff

    I LOVE THIS. God Bless you guy’s.

  • otlset

    I think Willow will pursue a career in horticulture, and open her own nursery called ‘Willow’s For Your Garden”

  • Skyler

    Hmmmm… A hair stylist? Her hair looked awesome at CPAC! 🙂

  • dyz

    What did you all do for Trig’s birthday?

  • Ray

    Willow, you MARRY a guy like that! Don’t let him get away.

  • Molly

    Ahh Willow I’m so happy for you! I hope I can graduate early..haha! I am pretty sure you are going to open a hair shop! =)

  • Sue Lynn

    Loved it…We are proud of you too Willow!

  • Izzy

    Very cool indeed. Have fun Willow. Bristol, you rock. Keep it up beloved of God.

  • aaron krohn

    GREAT post, Bristol!!!
    Those photos are the best!
    Is that Willow in the childhood photos??
    Never saw those before!!!
    It’s great that she has YOU to help guide and advise her through the relationship wars!!
    One learns MUCH from experience!!!
    Happy that BOTH of you are doing so good!!

    Looking forward to your TV series!!!!
    Please put it out on DVD!!! (The whole series!!!)

    And happiest of birthdays to Trig and Track!!!

  • Bristol, I just saw this after spending the day having a job spec reviewed. Your post made my afternoon! I think it is awesome that Willow graduated a year early and look forward to seeing her future. Yes, her friend’s video was awesome too. That’s how proms should be. Here in NYC, proms degenerated and that was over 20 years ago.
    I also second Aaron’s motion above about having your series on DVD or video on demand.

  • Misty

    Sarah already said that Willow is going to Beauty School and how she got some interesting reaction to that, like it wasn’t like going to college or something like that. Anyway, congrats to Willow!
    June? I was hoping it would be sooner.

  • Rick Patel

    Interesting & cheerful post from Bristol. Thanks for the update on the Palin family. All the best to winsome, witty, wonderful Willow.

  • Janice Allyson

    Bristol, love your blogs. you have the best family ever.

  • Thank you for sharing this story about your sister. You have such a wonderful Mother and she is so special for trying to bring this USA back to where it should be.

  • One can always brag on a close family member! Just like I did on my daughter’s great blog and my oldest daughter and her three books she published. Hey, let me tell you one more great thing. My daughter’s books are #1, #2 on Amazon, in her category! Her third book is doing very well, too, receiving 11,500 downloads in a few days! Congrats to my daughter, Diane Kidman! Thanks for sharing about Willow! She is as sweet as her sister!! Oh, and the rest of the family ain’t chopped liver, either!! Love, Mike and Janie

  • Kirstin

    Bristol, I can’t wait for the show. Your book was such an inspiration to me. I also got pregnant with a little boy at a young age, the father of my child left us, and I worked (and with the help of my family) became a nurse! I’d like to contribute some of this to you, because you inspired me that I could do it without my ex! I would like to thank you so much for that! Your doing a great thing by speaking out! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Nicole

    Congrats to Willow!!!!!!!!! God’s blessings to her and you!!!!

  • Bonny Batman

    It is really quite fun to read your blogs. It sure does beat the usual nonsense about some poor misguided rich kid who is looking for exceptence by stealing, or getting drunk and driving, or taking drugs and embrassing themselves and their families. I think there is definitely virtue to being raised with a close family, and out of the main stream of disrespectful self centered rich. There are many decent rich people in this country, but we usual hear about the Hollywood wayward crowd. Good to be able to read positive fun info. Thanks and good luck to Willow. Take care guys Thank You

  • Lynda Armstrong

    God Bless you all..

  • Holly

    Cute, cute, cute! 🙂

  • Rosali Elzig

    Very good Willow! Hope you can remember my son Bryce. He is too graduating from high School a year early when he’s only 16. He used to attend the some Middle School with you. Congratualions to Willow and Bryce. Way to go! God bless their lives with a bright future.

  • Bristol, we already loved you on behalf of your mom.
    But we love you also just because of you.
    Your wonderful family is so blessed to have you!
    May God bless all of you!

  • Shelley

    How romantic! Tell Willow she better hang on to this guy. There aren’t many of those types out there.

  • Sam

    That’s wonderful Bristol. Your sister will always be the best friend you ever had.

  • blackbird

    I say a snow machine mechanic and I like the dude, very cool.

  • Barbara Landi

    Love the video….why is the check backwards? Who is dyslexic…LOL!
    Also wondering how YOU are continuing your education Bristol…..

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Cheers to Willow!
    From what I’ve seen she has a lot of character 🙂
    By the way: Hi Bristol 🙂

  • kate

    What a nice positive blog to read. Good luck to your sister.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Wisdom seems to run in the family along with a strong love for one another. Now could it be Willow will study political science and U.S. History?

    • JB

      It would be so great if Willow went on to Harvard and show those elites how smart you girls are!

      • JB

        HAHAHAHA…You didn’t think I was serious about any of you idiots getting into HARVARD! Did you? God love!

        • Susan

          Obama is a graduate of Harvard and he thinks you can get out of debt by spending more money. Harvard may teach certain things very well (Art, Shakespeare…The History of European Fashion)…but simple Mathematics, Reason and Logic is not one of them.

          • Peter

            @Susan…Obviously you did not get very far in you education (or you have been asleep for the last three years) if you think you can boil down the President’s economic policies to that inane statement. You should educate yourself on the facts before you embarrass yourself in public.

          • Pippa

            How did a school that doesn’t teach “Mathematics, Reason and Logic” [sic] well, manage to churn out 42 Nobel laureates? Do you think Robert Oppenheimer learned the skills he used to develop the atom bomb in a Shakespeare class? Did those 20 Supreme Court Justices educated at Harvard study art since there were no worthwhile Logic classes in the curriculum? As for Bill Gates — good thing he stuck to the History of Fashion!

        • G

          So sad for you . Your life must be incredibly empty.

      • ed bartsz

        right on

  • Debbie

    Congratulations Willow on graduating and going to the prom with your bestie. Take advantage of the opportunities God has given you. So much publicity has rewards and a down side. You’ll make mistakes along the way (gee, that’s normal), just remember there are lots of folks watching and everything you do will be public from now on. Wish you the best!

  • Leona

    It’s good to watch the Palin kids growing up doing things everyday normal American kids loves to do. Congratulations Willow and Bristol, its okay to be a proud sister.

  • Dennis McHale

    Awesome video. Seems like a GREAT guy, but he IS the lucky one. Duh! is a good thing.

    She has to model, with that beautiful face.

    Bragging is OK if you got it going on, and certainly you two girls are on a great path.

    Bristol, best wishes on the show.

  • Steve

    Be proud a lot, it O.K.!

  • Glenn Briggs

    Didn’t we get a clue earlier that Willow intended to pursue a career in hairdressing?

  • Nadine Snodgrass

    I enjoy your posts.

  • Bo

    Good on you, Willow! I can only imagine the strong motivation you had to get through high school so that you could get out of Wasilla and away from the crushing influence of your trailer-trash parents and siblings. Maybe there IS still hope that one of the Palin clan will turn out alright!

    • Susan

      Odd how the same people who make jokes about “trailer trash” and folks who live in small towns are the same pampered little brats who show up at the Occupy Rallies and claim to support the 99%.

  • manny

    Hey dummy….instead of shamelessly promoting your reality show, yiu might want to register for writing 101 at your local community college. It is sneak “peek” and not sneak “peak”. Fyi.

    • kjb4mhs

      Oh I guess Mr. Perfect Manny has never made a typo before.

    • Rocko19

      no amnesty for you, forget about it..

  • cole

    your sister is very beautiful bristol! wow i wish i could have met her 🙁 would love to meet both of you. hope your son and family is doing well. hopefully one day i can meet you in person Lol.

  • Gregory Russo

    I think That Willow ought to go to College as well as Bristol to the best possible college with the best possible program.

    If Ivy league college is a possibility. Then go to Standford University in California.

  • Rocko19