We Need Puppy Name Suggestions!

We Need Puppy Name Suggestions! June 4, 2012

Any ideas?  He’s a big black Newfoundland!

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  • Midnight!

  • Katie DiFrancesco

    Alemos. It’s an Abenaki (Native American tribe in my family) word meaning “dog.”

  • Joseph Russo III

    How about:

    – Money
    – Sell-Out
    – Fake
    – Hypocrite
    – Levi

    • Emma Lora

      Awee forget silly, immature Joey Russo 3sticks’ comment. How about
      Beaumont (Beau, Bo, short spelling choice), Beaumont means beautiful mountain…and she/he will be big.

    • idesign

      How about Moochelle..:)

    • Truth101

      How about Russo?

    • Hefmier

      Are you the same Joey Russo that founded Conservatives4Palin, or are you an imposter?? If you are the former, then you have become a real disappointment, to say the least. You have let down a lot of people and you are simply turning into a much younger John Ziegler. You owe A LOT of people an explanation for your recent cheap-shot remarks on Bristol’s blog.
      If you are the latter, then I hope that the real Joey Russo is still level-headed and will kick your butt.
      Regardless, your comment was unfortunate, to say the least.

  • kjb4mhs

    Is it a boy or girl?
    If it’s a boy name him Jack!

  • Sue Lynn

    I got it!!! how about Bigs….in honor of Andrew Beitbart..ya that’s it MR Bigs!!!!

  • He looks like a Patriot Knight to me. We need more patriot knights all across our land. May millions rise up and maintain our freedom!

  • Misty

    Well, Charlie is already taken. How about Blackie?

  • Happy.

  • I’ve never had a dog, but I’m kind of old school with dog names. I’d go with either Rex or King (well Rex is Latin for King anyway, so it’s the same difference).
    Beautiful dog by the way.

  • speppers69

    Moose! My big Black Lab girl doggy’s name is “Sasparilla Sasafrasasaurus Sassy for short” but she’s a big ol pushy moose so we call her “Moose”, too. And when it’s cold outside and she comes inside she likes to stick her cold wet nose on any uncovered skin she can find and we call her nose a “Moose-sicle”. So considering how big your new little boy is going to be….living in Alaska….being cold…..I vote for “Moose” or “Moose-apottomus” or “Moose-asaurus Rex”. Sassy also put in her 2 biscuits for Moose and so did my other Black Blabberdor, Toby. So 3 votes and 4 dog biscuits for some variety of “Moose”. Enjoy him while he’s little and still has puppy breath. Puppy breath is the best! Guys just don’t understand that one….but us girls do.

  • Anders Wohin

    Norman after the General, Norman Schwarzkopf, whose family name is “Black Head” in German…

    Or perhaps “Wilson”, in honour of President Ronald Wilson Reagan ?

  • bellagrazi

    Super adorable! And the puppy’s pretty cute, too! : )

  • WM

    You could name him “Dark Meat,” in honor of the president’s menu.

  • Terrenceor

    “Hoss” from Bonnanza

  • Beautiful Newffoundland! Congrats! When I first saw the picture “Mick” struck me for some reason. The suggestion ‘MR Bigs’ is cute, and so is ‘Moose’. Usually whenever I name a dog I just give it a couple of days and one will just seem to fall into place.

  • Bruce O’H.

    I’m submitting the name “Troop”. I think it’s a cool name 🙂

  • Important considerations when choosing Newfoundland Dog Names

    The most popular girl and boy Newfoundland dog names have a trend towards being short and would be easily recognisable by a dog. Your Newfoundland dog’s name will be used hundreds of times every week – make sure you are quite happy with your choice!

    Newfoundland Dog Names should be short – preferably one or two syllables

    Dog names should not sound like any other within the family or close friends – total confusion will arise!

    Dog names should not sound like any commands – even more confusion will arise!

  • Charlemagne

    I humbly suggest “Breitbart.”

  • Reagan, if it’s a ‘he’
    Thatcher, is it’s a ‘girl’

  • Caroline

    I love the name Wilson or cooper 🙂

  • sodakhic

    Thinking of an Avalanche, name could be either, Av or Lanche. Thinking of fish, Sam, Hal, or Wally and of course there’s Bou Palin

  • kjb4mhs

    Or how about Agia IV? 🙂

  • Romney2012

    Name it Bill Maher

  • Bristol,
    He is a beautiful dog! He is going to be a big one. The following are names that might fit him;

  • M_Minnesota

    Great Canine!!

    How about the name Charlie?

  • CJ

    Ohhhh, Bristol! If he isn’t the cutest!!! 🙂 They are such a fabulous breed and totally WONDERFUL with children! My cousins had a NF when we were young and he was like a great BIG, fluffy, cuddly, super huggable teddy bear…….If he’s a male, and being that he’s a dog, I’d probably name him BEAR, LOL! Or, in keeping w/ the Palin “T” tradition…….I’d name him TEDDY 🙂
    Enjoy your new puppy!

  • Joe

    Looks like a “Jesse” to me…

    • Joe

      Or you could name him “Red”..

  • huntingmoose


    definitely Moose. But that may be a personal thing.

  • Bristol,
    This one comes from Joseph A. Morabito of Team Sarah, and I like it better even than my own:


    For the Newfoundland city that opened its homes to thousands of U.S bound travelers after the terrorist attacks of 2001.”

  • chris

    TANK! 🙂

  • Ericka

    Samson, for sure!

  • Shelley


  • Hayley


  • Midnight Sun, nickname “Midnight”

  • Mike Beatty

    Name your puppy dog….Dawg.

  • S


  • Matt


  • Marisue Valentine

    Snickers or Bentley

  • Marconi Darwin


  • Marconi Darwin


  • Baby Bear, is the perfect name, although he will soon outgrow the name, it will still be great to call him Baby Bear.

  • Donna

    What an adorable pup! Somehow I’m certain Gino’s mamacita is loving that puppy!

  • Linette Fink


  • Myrna Beeber


  • Myrna Beeber

    I lkke the Brietbart idea! But how about making it just “Bart”!!

  • Bart Hampton


  • Stephanie Hamacher

    I read that the this breed is from a viking descendant the black bear dog..it is a legend not a fact but I thought Viking was a cute and fitting name for him

  • Mrs B

    Breitbart sounds good. How about Trident, stay with T names.

  • Suni

    Akiak. I think he looks like he will be brave, and a protector. 🙂

  • Sharon Kays

    Harry would be a great name!

  • Thomas O’Connor


  • jackbo

    Zippity Doo Dah.

  • Joey Duncan

    Name the dog, Bear.

    Roll Tide!

  • Robin

    Xander (pronounced Zander like the guy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I’ve just always thought that was an awesome name.

  • Donna

    Since he is a black dog, and of course, a proud Alaskan, how about Saghani? It means ‘ raven ‘ in Inuit. Just a thought! Enjoy your new puppy!

  • taz


  • Donna

    Or Sakari, which means ” sweet ” in Inuit. He looks like a sweetie!

  • David Dempsey

    Blacky or Tar or Coal or Black Boy.

  • Callie

    I like Gus, or Captain…..I’m a Lonesome Dove fan though! 🙂

  • Penny

    Since you have Tripp and Trig, why not stick with the “T” theme and name him Tank? He’s gonna be as big as one!

  • Farthing Glicehole


    • stacy


  • Looks more like a “Scotty”

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Oh that is easy name the dog …Palin

  • Erika

    These were the names of our dogs we had through the years: Tiger, Max, Logan, Dillon, Justice, Liebling, Sam, McKenzie aka Mack for short.

    As big as he’s going to get, he’s going to eat you out of house and home lol. I’ve always wanted a New Foundland, but during my research on them, I found that they don’t make good pets they are working dogs and they need to work. One good thing about them is that they are protective toward children and they are eager to learn. One of the down sides though is that they live between 8 to 10 years and because I get very attached to animals, losing one after that length of time, or any length of time really, is difficult for me. Yes, for a ranchers daughter I’m a wimp it comes to animals.

    • jackie boulet

      we have had two newfoundlands while my kids were growing up. we lived on a ranch and when the kids wanted to swim in the irrigation pond they would have to put the dog in the garage as she would dive in and pull the kids to the side as soon as they were in the water. as for eating a lot, our lab ate more than the newfies as they have such a slow metabolism. one of ours topped out at 180 lbs but that was before she was diagnosed as hypothyroid. they were great dogs, though.

  • How about “Shadow”?

  • Papa Grizzly!!!

  • Debra

    Griz, Thunderpaw or Deshka

  • Tony Malliris

    A good name is Spirit

  • Hmmmmm how about…




    I like all these:)

  • otlset

    Canis Major.

  • Rutty


  • Linda Enos

    How about Winston? (That’s my dog’s name!)

  • Cheryl

    How about “Laska”, short for Alaska!!!

  • Dennis McHale

    Though I love Cheryl’s name LASKA, I can’t help say that I grew up with my dog ‘PRINCE’ and Bristol he could be his twin. PS: Got your mom’s do going there! LOL!!

  • Bobo

  • martha hermsen

    how about patriot that is what your family stands for

  • Frederick Lang


  • Bill

    Pimmel Pooch

  • Kelly Brennen


  • Hero

    “Hero” is a good name for a rescue dog like a Newfy. Tara

  • Glenn Briggs

    Black Fang, Fang, for short.

  • When I was growing up I had a English Setter Name was “Bullet” I consider it an Honor… U Betcha… ~ !

  • Bruttus

    I am not sure of the spelling but I think it is a great name for such a good looking & fearful dog.

  • Kristi Honas

    I have a black lab and her name is Shadow. She just turned 11yrs old, had her since she was a pup. Love her to pieces!
    How about Blackjack. They say to name a dog with 1-2 syllables, easier to train them.

  • Carol moorby

    Here’s another suggestion..COCOA! Because he reminds me of chocolate. Or SANDY which reminds me of land which is sandy from new found land

  • bellagrazi

    Wonder what Raider looks like now. He must be ginormous!

  • Kristy Patullo

    Holy! Raider’s as tall as Gino now! He looks like a big bear. So cuddly and
    adorable. ♥