Mourning July 20, 2012

I’m not even sure what to say this morning, except to join in the national sadness over the shooting in Colorado.

Let’s all pray for the families of the victims and hold our loved ones a little bit more tightly today.

Also, I just heard on Fox that there are military “casualties,” so please join me in prayer that all of our military survived this tragedy.

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  • Nonie

    Thoughts and prayers to Aurora Colorado. What horrifying and heartbreaking news to wake up to.

    • robhart


  • Bristol – You are one amazing lady….

  • Leslie

    Prayers for all the victims and families involved. My heart breaks for them.

  • The loss is terrible for all the families involved, but there are losses to all of us as well. We will now feel even more unsafe in public places. Creeps like him take away our freedoms. Sad….very sad

  • Firelight

    Thanks Bristol.

  • Maleena

    Praying for the victims, their families, as well as survivors of this horrible tragedy. Everyone in that movie theater last night will need our continued prayers.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh. Praying for all involved.

  • Colette

    My son and his new bride live in Aurora. He texted me this morning to tell me they had not been at the theater…I texted back, ‘what do you mean?’ He said, ‘turn on the news’…I am so so so thankful. God watches over us. Even the hard times, HE is with us.
    Bristol, you are a fine young woman of God. Thank you for standing firm on your faith.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Yes this is time to praying for those who have the lost of loved ones, and a Lord for healing for those wounded, and also for the safety of those in Law enforcement and those reponders as they attempt to dis-arm the bombs found in the shooters apartment.

  • Peggy

    Thank you Bristol for your love and support today. Those of us who call Aurora our home are deeply saddened today and mourning for our own community. Everyone of us will be effected by this tragedy, and will have our lives changed forever by this. I just want to thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

  • conanobrian

    How come you are praying for the military to survive? Couldn’t you pray that everyone who was wounded survive– and offer your prayers of sympathy for those who unfortunately died, along with prayers for their families?

    • Kara B.

      Bristol said “Let’s all pray for the families of the victims and hold our loved ones a little bit more tightly today,” so I don’t get what you’re asking. And is it a bad thing to pray for our military to survive?

      • crash43

        It’s the way she said it, like military are more important. Pray for the victims but pray the military survive.

    • Maria

      Oh come on…really? You are going to make this a war of words and an issue about how she said something or didn’t say it…give me a break!!!! Will you please read THE WHOLE post before you jump to conclusions or have a knee jerk” reaction….goodnes gracious!

    • Elizabeth DeFranco

      conan: You appear to suffer from either a rather severe case of
      cognitive dissonance or you lack the elementary skills to fully
      process & comprehend what you read. Not sure which . . . ?
      Bristol first mentioned ALL the victims & their grieving
      families, after which, she mentioned the military casualties.
      Please try to work on this issue, so as to avoid future issues of
      a similar nature.

  • crash43

    Bristol you should have left the last sentence off…join me in prayer that all our military survived..??? What about the civilians???

    • Elizabeth DeFranco

      crash: Again, she first mentioned ALL the victims, after
      which she referenced the military victims. I think we
      can all agree that this is not an issue which should be
      politicized by anybody? Given that, why are so many on
      the left so quick to jump on that particular bandwagon?
      Is everything grist for their political mill to grind? Can
      we not just take a moment to put aside our differences &
      pray for healing & peace for all those grieving families?

  • MotherBush

    Here are some of your mother’s comments about guns taken from her appearance at the Safari Club international Gun show in 2011:
    “Just think if we had even stricter gun-control laws!” As the crowd hoots and hollers, a grin slowly spreads across Palin’s face. It’s the look she gets when she knows she’s on a roll. “Imagine, though—imagine making life even more miserable for the liberals who want that gun control,” she finally says. “Here’s how I figure it. Remember that weird guy in Wisconsin was so angry, so upset, watching a Palin win slot after slot each week on Dancing With the Stars that he shot Bristol through his TV? He blasted his Panasonic? Well, I’m thinking, ‘Imagine more gun control. Then he’d have to attack his Panasonic with a butter knife.'”

    She even cites her children’s Christian names as evidence of her outdoorswoman cred. “Piper was named after Todd’s airplane, the Piper Cub, which gets us to the hunting grounds,” she explains. “Bristol, Bristol Bay fishing grounds. Willow, a local sport-fishing stream. Trig, I pull the TRIG-ger. Track … I remember when we told my dad that his grandson was named Track, he said, ‘Like TRACKing an elephant?'”

    • MotherBush

      One more:

      Asked if she would support efforts to restrict semiautomatic weapons or multi-bullet clips, like the clips used in the Tucson shooting, Palin responded, “There are already on the books many gun control measures and I do support those that are on the books. I do not support taking away more freedom from the good guy. The people who have no intention of using that weapon to harm another person so, no additional gun control measures could be supported.”

      • Sue

        Your point is? I have never, ever known any gun to jump up and kill someone. In fact, kids used to take guns to school in early America. Even in more recent years, schools had rifle clubs, gun ranges, etc. It never seems to dawn on libs, that a person that would break the law & commit murder – is not going to be disuaded by a “tougher” gun law.

        • MotherBush

          The 23 year old in Colorado used a weapon that can shoot 50 to 60 rounds per minute. He was able to buy 4000 rounds over the internet. Sarah Palin’s statements above make my point for me.

          • Elizabeth DeFranco

            MB: Our Founding Fathers had a perfect response to
            those among us who unhesitatingly entertain their
            compulsion to politicize this issue:

            “A free people ought not only be armed & disciplined,
            but they should have sufficient arms & ammunition
            [ammo] to maintain a status of independence from
            any who might attempt to abuse them, which would
            include their own govt.” President George Washington

          • Michael

            You don’t HAVE a point. The bottom line is that these people were not killed or wounded BY a gun, they were killed or wounded by a MAN WITH a gun. Seriously, if this guy had plowed his car through the crowd gathering outside the theater and killed and injured just as many people (or even more), would any of you knee-jerk, anti-freedom liberals be calling for CAR CONTROL???? I think not!!!

            You damn vultures are pathetic!! The way you always attempt to exploit the deaths of innocent people to advance your despotic agenda is as disgusting as it is predictable!!! And now, just like after Gabby Giffords was shot, it’s apparently also Sarah Palin’s fault!!!

            Like I said . . . . . pathetic!!!

          • Elizabeth DeFranco

            MB: I certainly hope the “investigative journalism”
            arm of the MSM will be as diligent in pursuing the
            truth regarding how an unemployed medical stu-
            dent was able to afford such inordinately expensive
            equipment as they were quick to jump on the “smear
            the Tea Party/GOP/Conservative bandwagon when
            this story first broke. Well, I am an optimist . . . .

          • GrizzlyMom

            Michael I’m assuming you are equally disgusted with the right wing group American Family Association for politicizing this tragedy? So far they have blamed hollywood, the gay community, the “internets” and liberal bias in the media. If that’s not politicizing I don’t know what is. In Motherbush’s defense at least the person she talked about was at one time a public servant who had the ability to change gun laws in her state.

    • Elizabeth DeFranco

      MB: Addressing those among us who simply feel compelled
      to politicize a killing spree:

      “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere & everywhere
      restrains evil interference, they deserve a place of honor with
      all that is good.” President George Washington

      IOW, the thing that most imperiled those in the movie theater
      Friday night, was the FACT that the only one with a weapon
      was the criminal, who did not choose to honor the “Gun Free Zone’
      in that public place. Police are not going to be there to protect you;
      911 response time is usually sufficient to allow the police to arrive
      on the scene & detain the suspect (which they did), seal off the crime
      scene (which did occur) & notify the appropriate clean up crews to
      come in!

      • MotherBush

        I’ve heard that argument before Elizabeth. If it were true then why don’t we hear about all these gun-packing heroes who saved countless people by shooting the bad guy? There have been hundreds of shootings in the last decade. You can’t tell me that there hasn’t been someone in the crowd with a concealed weapon. Why didn’t they act?

        • Elizabeth DeFranco

          MB: I will give you just one instance, right off the top of
          my head–in the terrible massacre in AZ during which
          Giffords was shot, to which you made reference, 2 citizens
          in the crowd, who were carrying their legally licensed fire-
          arms were able to help subdue Loughman & detain him until
          police arrived. So, WHEN responsible, law-abiding citizens
          are allowed to access their legal guns, they are able to con-
          tain the violence. In the Ft Hood massacre, for example, al-
          though it was a military base, due to Dem policies, enacted
          under Clinton, no military person, with the exception of the
          MP’s were allowed to have loaded weapons, for “safety reasons”
          which allowed Nidal Hassan, who had criminal intent to take
          full advantage of the situation. In my fair city, ( a large urban
          area, full of gang violence, drugs, etc) we routinely see random
          acts of violence occur in “Weapon Free” areas because those who
          are criminally inclined do not care that they are subjecting the
          innocent children on an adjacent playground to their criminal
          activity. With the advent of youtube, one is able to access numer-
          ous instances of everyday citizens who step up to the plate & inter-
          vene to contain these situations. Funny thing about those, outside
          of the local news market, these occasions very rarely make national
          headlines–I wonder why? Could it be that some of the MSM media
          minions are also serving an agenda by omitting certain stories, be-
          cause they don’t fit the template or narrative they are attempting
          to promote? Hmm . . . Just food for thought.

          • myj

            No… that’s not true, the woman and two men did not have guns…. One man who came out of the store pulled out his gun and almost shot the wrong person. The two men who were able to take the gun from Loughman, one man was holding the gun… When guy came out of the store he saw a man with a gun and didn’t see laoughman being held to the ground. he almost shot an innocent man….

            In Co… The room was too dark and smoky to see what was going on…. If a couple of people had their gun, there would have been many move victim.

    • Jesus

      She named her youngest son after a gun trigger?

  • A tagic day, to see the terrible waste of human potential. My wife and I are truly saddened for all those who were involved, those who were injured, and those who lost their life – and their suffering loved ones. We pray with you, your family, and the rest of humanity for each of them: May God be with them at this time of need.

    God Bless

  • Dee

    First, Bristol was just commenting that there were also military people involved, she did not mean to put them in front of any civilians. How many of you have written something that just does not sound quite right to other people and it did not come out they way you meant it. Second, I believe people should be able to hunt and protect themselves, my issue are the submachine guns that fire several rounds, REALLY, should any Joe be able to walk in and buy these things along with all the rounds, why??? The military are the only one s that should have possession of these.

    • Elizabeth DeFranco

      Dee: I also wonder how an unemployed medical student, whose only
      source of income was purported to be an unemployment check have
      the necessary funding, let alone the connections for some of that stuff?
      A significant portion of it, including the body armor, the mortar rounds
      & the explosive materials that were arrayed as booby traps in his apt,
      were not something that would be readily available to a civilian; not
      to mention, the fact that it cost upwards of at least $20,000.

  • Elizabeth DeFranco

    20th Century History of Gun Control: 1929, Soviet Union
    establishes gun control, 1931-1953 approx 20M dissidents,
    unable to defend themselves are rounded up & exterminated/
    1911 Turkey enforces nationwide ban on all firearms, 1915-
    1917, 1.7M Armenians rounded up & are executed/Germany
    (under Hitler) gun control enforced in 1938, from 1939-1945
    13M Jews & other “undesirables” are killed in the infamous con-
    centration camps/China(under Mao) implements gun control in
    1935, 1948-1952 20M political dissidents are killed/Uganda, gun
    control enforced 1970, 1971-1977 300,000 Christians slaughtered/
    Guatemala, gun control in 1964, later that same year until 1981
    100,000 Mayan Indians are rounded up/Cambodia, gun control takes
    effect 1956, in 1975(under Pol Pot) until 1979, 1M “educated people &
    other enemies of Communism & the State” are executed.

    • Elizabeth DeFranco

      Anyone see a pattern there in the stats on 20th Century
      History of Gun Control? An armed individual is a citizen;
      an unarmed person becomes a subject.

    • MotherBush

      So what your saying is that our government hasn’t “attacked” its citizens yet because we are so well armed? This is 2012. Our government has modern weaponry. If they wanted to exterminate us like the examples you’ve shown in the past there would be numerous ways to accomplish this more quickly and more efficiently than rounding everyone up and shooting them.

      • MotherBush

        A maniac like the people you’ve illustrated would hardly be afraid of our stockpile of guns.

        • Elizabeth DeFranco

          MB: Obviously those weapons did frighten them, or
          else why did they go to the massive effort necessary
          to collect them from all the regular citizens if they
          posed no threat to their tyrannical aims? I am not
          saying that all those who advocate gun control are
          aiming to be tyrannical despots, only that in giving
          up our legal right to bear arms, we could become sub-
          ject somewhere down the road, should some “madman”
          or “madwoman” decide to subjugate us all, we’ve only
          paved the way for that individual by allowing our 2n
          Amendment rights to be abrogated.

        • Elizabeth DeFranco

          Incidentally, Admiral Yamamoto stated the the
          primary reason Pearl Harbor was not followed
          by an invasion of mainland America, was due
          to the fact, that having grown up here & edu-
          cated at our Naval Academy, he knew that the
          average American household at that time, had on
          average at least 4 weapons & he said “every street
          would have been a shooting gallery” & all weapons
          would have been trained on his soldiers.

      • Elizabeth DeFranco

        MB: I am simply stating empirical evidence & facts. How
        you choose to interpret that data is entirely up to you. Btw,
        our “govt” as in our military do possess the weapons you re-
        ferenced, however they (govt officials) don’t possess the
        wherewithal to deploy those weapons without the capability
        & assistance of all who have been successfully trained to
        operate said weapons.Bear in mind, that all who are
        capable of wielding those weapons have all taken an oath
        to the Constitution & would not just simply turn their
        weapons on unarmed civlians for something as innocuous
        as gathering in public to address grievances, as is our right
        in this nation, for now, anyways.

      • Elizabeth DeFranco

        MB: There are more “efficient” ways? Such as the poison
        gas that Saddam Hussein used in the Iran-Iraq War &
        against the citizens of Halabjah, Iraq? Or perhaps you
        are thinking of the “nuclear option” that such madmen
        as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threaten Israel & the rest of
        the world with, as is his charming habit? Again, one has
        to turn to those who are trained to do this & they have all
        taken the oath to protect our nation against ALL enemies
        both foreign & DOMESTIC, I am willing to place my faith
        & confidence in our Warriors that, minus criminal activity
        of a very egregious nature, they would never turn those
        weapons on us.

  • Debbie Brewster

    Imagine if just one or two people inside the theater were allowed a carry permit. It’s quite possible the very mentally ill young man would not have killed or injured so many. More gun control is not the answer. If this young man was so hell bent on killing people, he could just as easily purchased his weapons illegally. More gun control just means only criminals…or those who are mentally ill…will be the only ones armed.

  • marie

    such a horrible tragedy. And another prime example of how “gun free” zones do not make you safer…If someone had their CCW in that theater, there would’ve been alot of lives saved. I hope the theater is proud of their “no firearms” policy. ….if only the gunman had seen the ‘no firearms’ sign, then maybe? To answer MotherBush’s question: citizens do use their guns successfully to defend themselves and others all the time. Getting the libral/politicly correct controlled media to report it is quite feat in its self. Although common, you still have to look for those stories. Gun free zone or not, I still keep mine with me. I’d rather be asked to leave than be dead.

    • Jellybean

      So Marie, your fantasy is that in a dark smoke filled theater, full of screaming fleeing people, someone with a concealed weapon is going to save the day. Do you just start shooting Marie? Do you come up with a plan on where you can go to get a clear shot while people are running and screaming? Would your untrained mind be able to make that split second decisions like that? Or would you just start shooting, and hope you don’t hit any innocents. Remember it lasted about 1 to 2 minutes. And what if their is another person carrying a concealed weapon and they think you are with the killer and he starts shooting at you?

      No Marie, weapon or not, you would be ducking and trying to save your own life first and by the time you got up the courage to dig your weapon out and make a plan to kill the bad guy , it would all be over. That is human instinct.

      • myj

        Thanks!!!! Someone with brain and common sense LOL!

  • Bee

    This really is not the time to get into a political arguement about gun control. Its time to focus on those who have lost their lives and remembering them. Also, I don’t believe Bristol meant to offend anyone with her comment about praying the military survived. Give the girl a break she never can win shes always got someone on her back no matter what she says. I <3 U Bristol!

  • Joseph

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims during this tough time.