New Twitter Account… for This Blog

New Twitter Account… for This Blog July 18, 2012

I have mentioned repeatedly that I don’t Tweet.  However, I’ve decided it’s a good idea for this blog to have its own Twitter account.  And so, in a way, I’ve relented.  Though it’s not my personal Twitter account, it will keep you up to date on all the good, fun, posts on this blog.

Now that I’ve — somewhat — taken the plunge, will you follow my blog on Twitter? Its handle is @BristolsBlog. You can be some of the first followers!!

(You should also follow this magazine @SixSeedsTV!)

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  • Just wanted to say that My daughter LOVVVVVVVVVES YOU.. everytime we watch you she is all into the show….btw shes only 10. I would have to admit that I was never a fan of your mom till now.. I think shes amazing she is 100% behind your choices and Willows, and feel dumb for even judging you and your family. I love the way you guys live yas life and the way you feel about Alaska is the way I feel about Texas..No matter what..its home.. I hope the best for you and your family.. and lil Tripp.. dont worry eventually all the bad things go away and by the time you know it..he will be grown..sad but true.. Enjoy him now because before you know it he will be joining your dad on those races.


  • Shawn

    OMG! I am so following u. @Shawndw1000. That’s me. 😉

    • Shawn

      No…nevermind that…that’s the old one. @shawndw1975 is it. Sorry Bristol.

    • Shawn

      oh great…how do I delete this? lol

  • Welcome to the twitter community! Glad to have you!

  • Bristol,
    Congratulations and welcome to the “dark side.” Seriously, this is a good move for the blog, and I hope you do Tweet as well. Your mom has mastered the art of Twitter…so she can certainly school you in handling it. Once you start, you won’t turn back – and that’s a good thing. I actually prefer Twitter to Facebook in some regards. Facebook is just bandwidth intensive and takes forever to load. Twitter is a very effective medium for getting your message out – and it forces concision – which translates to your other writing. It’s just a win-win all the way around.

    Anyway, I’m following you with these accounts: @US4Palin; and @NY4Palin. I also have @devitor, which is an account I now leave open, but dormant – it preceded the @US4Palin account. I left it open so no one could cause mischief under my name.

    • Allison

      These are the people you should fear Bristol, not the “libruls”.

  • Deanna Lambert

    Well I would but I don’t tweet or use Twitter at all either, no likey!

  • bellagrazi

    Of course! Welcome to Twitter, Bristol!

  • jojo

    Be prepared….crazies are already sending her “twitter name” around for ‘haters” to post comments 🙁

  • Rachele Roller

    I dont have a clue how to use twitter. If I can figure it out (which, trust me, I have tried) I’d love follow you! Btw, I’m watching your show.. I love it! I just want you to know, youre such an inspiration and seeing this show makes me love you and your family even more!!

  • Hi Bristol.. I do not have a Twitter or I would definitely follow you.

    I just wanted to tell you that as a young mother myself, I can really relate to you and really enjoy watching your show. I feel like I am watching myself on television. LOL. Even though you know it and I am sure you hear it all the time… I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing mom and such a strong woman. Keep it up! Tripp is one lucky boy.

    If you get a chance.. check out my blog I just started about raising my soon to be three year old son.

    Good Night – God Bless.