After-Birth Abortion?

After-Birth Abortion? August 23, 2012

Did you know that some liberal “scholars” published an article in a supposedly reputable journal suggesting that it should be just as permissible to kill a newborn baby as it is to kill an unborn child?  What will this journal publish next?  An argument for killing Jews?  For reinstating slavery?  Our abortion culture is creating a world where what should be unthinkable is being actively debated in the “best” of publications.

I know that I’m sensitive to questions about whether life is “worth living” or “worth protecting” even when babies are disabled or moms face challenges.  After all, my brother is disabled, and I was a teenage mom.  But I’d hope and expect that even the people who dislike me, who dislike my beliefs, and who dislike my family can unite in believing that it’s a shame that at least a few members of our cultural elite have lost all respect for vulnerable human life, and it’s a further shame that a widely-read journal gave them a platform for their hate.

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  • Billy

    Good for you Miss Bristol!! Abortion is a grave sin, and “Akin” To evil. “It’s a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” -Mother Teresa

  • Honestly, it makes me no more sick than pre-birth abortions. To me, life is life at any stage. This is really no different. But it’s certainly disturbing and disgusting and my heart breaks for each and every baby that never has a chance at life.

  • Michael Mills

    These people have lost their minds. They are actually considering being okay with murdering a child because the parent suddenly decided they don’t want it. Seriously, if you don’t want the child put it up for adoption. There are plenty of people who wish they could have kids and would love to adopt the ones that parents are killing. What is wrong with these nuts?

  • Stacy

    Don’t call Bristol a moron. She has her opinion and her views. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. We judge others and we are hating on others. We need to come together for the common good. I do believe in what Bristol is saying here. Abortion is wrong. Period. Whether it be during your pregnancy or after your pregnancy, you should never kill a human life. God brought life to this earth and we are the ones that take it away. We need to appreciate what He has given us at whatever cost.

  • Shannon

    this is the evil of abortion and people that believe in it.
    They kept wanting to kill that baby the older and older it gets!

    Thank you Bristol for getting the word out there on how sick people are, so scary!

  • Tammy

    Richard I see you are the shining example of the perfect “liberal”. Couldn’t find better language in your repertoire I guess? You can have an opinion without vulgarity, shocker I know.

  • Judy Foster

    Wasn’t it Obama who voted against saving the life of a child if it survived an abortion attempt?

  • Bristol I agree with you! That is horrible. Life is life weither the heart is the size of rice or the size of our fist. Let people hate on you all they want, you seem to be a strong women who believes in the right things. My daughter will be a year on Saturday and I could never in a million years of had an abortion!

  • James

    Thank you Richard,
    No liberal would agree with this and frankly, Bristol knows it.
    She is just spreading lies again… it’s the family business ya know.
    This whopper deserves a bonus. I suppose she wasn’t getting enough attention lately.
    So she screams out “Liberals are baby killers!” in the hopes she can drum up some comments.

    • Rebecca

      Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva were the authors of this “false” (as you claim) report. It was written in the Journal of Medical Ethics titled “After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?” Their assertion? “We claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk,” the article reads. “We propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion,’ rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasise that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child.” How’s that for a bunch of “lies” for you?

      • James

        I didn’t say the sickos that wrote the report were lying. I said Bristol was lying by implying that Liberals support this.

        • Rebecca

          May I present to you…..Dr. Leroy Carhart.

    • doris

      these comments are not lies. Planned parenthood agrees with this……they don’t care as long as they get their money for the abortion…..i saw as girl on the news who was sn aborted baby, left to die in a trash can, and a nurse found her and took care of her. Omg what is this world coming tooo…no respect for life. some girls just screw around with no concept of BABY…………..

  • Cindy

    I couldn’t even read the WHOLE thing, it utterly disgusted me! But you know, that’s how it starts, with an idea being planted! You see what happens when you allow any type of abortion? The lines are being pushed FURTHER! A baby is a baby whether it is 12 weeks in the womb, or just minutes born after birth! We all started as an embryo at one point, otherwise we wouldn’t be here! What a dangerous slope we start going down when we don’t adhere to morals, it’s the same thing with SSM, people keep trying to cross more lines.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Most definitely liberal, Professor Peter Singer of Princeton university advocates the same. This man who should be in a padded room, is of the opinion and promotes the concept that a baby up to one year of age can be murdered by the baby’s mother. He occupies the chair of ethics at Princeton.

    • James

      Do you ever read your bible?

      • nanci smith

        Do you?? You are just mean.

        • nanci smith

          remark was meant not for for Bristol–for James

  • Jael

    Richard and James,
    Maybe in stead of attacking Bristol y’all should look into this yourselves! Name calling and acting like the names you called her doesn’t accomplish anything! Get over yourselves and look at the bigger picture here! We need to help save this innocent children, not hate on each other! 🙂

  • Actually, ‘liberal’ in one sense is exactly right – the sense of letting the intellect trump all other considerations. What the article does well is bring out the underlying logic of total abortion rights, up to the end of the third trimester – the location of the baby/foetus is not morally relevant, so if it’s OK in the one case, then it is OK in the other. Totally bonkers, but completely rational and logical. Richard Head (surely a pseudonym?!) might like to read Jonathan Haidt for context on this – then he wouldn’t be so liberal with his insults (liberal in another two meanings of the term).

  • James

    Highlighting a couple of sickos and trying to label them liberals instead of the morally bankrupt human excrement that they are, doesn’t change this fact.

    In fact according to the logic of those you highlight we could in essence just execute them for being morally bankrupt, less than human.

    You display your ignorance so proudly… I am glad that you do though, because it only harms the republican party image more.

    Thank you

    • Surly Curmudgen

      Peter Singer freely claims too be a liberal, a progressive and is proud of his statements on abortion. He is also angry that so few agree with him.

      • James

        So few agree with him… exactly. That is not what Bristol is trying to get people to believe

        • Surly Curmudgen

          James it is obvious that what has you angry is that, when Bristol speaks some people listen. LOL

          • James

            I’m not angry at all… there are not enough people who listen. I’m sure there a few people who would listen to the sick ideas of those that Bristol highlighted today as well, doesn’t mean they will have an affect. Most people see them for what they are, just like Bristol is seen for what she is.

    • Surly Curmudgen

      James, It must be so relaxing to be a liberal. You never have to take ownership of the circumstances in your life, you’re constantly a victim of other people, you can call anyone who disagrees with you sexist, homophobic, bigoted, etc and never have to argue with them, you uphold no moral standard so when you act immorally nobody can accuse you of being a hypocrite, you’re only accountable to your own heart and feelings, and every destructive action that comes from “following your heart” is inherently moral and above reproach. Man, even if I was a liberal I would have massive respect for Conservatives for not taking the path of least resistance.

      • James

        I am no victim, you are a victim of your misinformation.

        How about you argue the issue with facts instead of just trying to insult the person you disagree with. Bristol is trying to paint liberals with an evil brush, instead of pointing to the fact that no liberal has defended these ideas. She is being dishonest, and you know it.

        LIberals would never support this, and it is lie to try and say that they do.
        If one republican murders his wife doesn’t mean all republicans are wife killers does it.

        The moral issue here falls on the liar.

        • Surly Curmudgen

          Bristol is not trying to paint liberals with an evil brush, that is not at all nessary. Liberals paint themselves evil every day. A political philosophy that advocates enslaving it’s citizens is inherently evil. A political philosophy that views the murder of fifty million babies as pro-choice is inherently evil. A political philosophy That embraces lying, cheating, stealing even murder to advance their agenda as laudable behavior is inherently evil.

          • James

            Wow, what an evil world you live in! I’m sorry for you it must be awful to live like that.
            I just have no comment for the worldview you hold. I’ll have to pray for you

        • Missy

          James get a hobby! You are just so very annoying! Go talk your crap to someone who cares! We are here because we like her and you just make yourself look like a stupid troll.

          • James

            Logic can be annoying for those who try to deny it. I apologize for using it

    • Cillab

      Wow James, aren’t you excited to have this platform to be hate-filled, rude and nasty?!

      • James

        Not really, It doesn’t excite me that in this day and age that women and people in general still have to defend themselves from those that would lie to spread their hate

  • You are spot on… Thank you and your family for your stand in conservative beliefs and using your sites to express them!!! God bless!!!

  • madeline

    Oh My! aren’t some of you liberals sensitve>>> The truth hurts don’t it??? Bristol said some not all.

  • Abigail

    To the comments saying “no liberal would agree to this”,

    Read again. She never said “all liberals think this”. She is using a fact that A liberal said this. It doesn’t mean all liberals agree nor they all don’t. Simply, she stated SOMEONE ELSES opinion and they happened to be liberal. Don’t get upset about it and bash her cause you can’t read.

  • Katie

    Did I read that right? Did they really just try to tell us that “newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons” and then go on to call a newborn child a “potential person”??!!??? This is horrendous!

  • Cassandra

    Thanks for sharing, Bristol. The liberals need to be outed for what they are, as one of these hateful commentators just said, “morally bankrupt human excrement.” That’s exactly what libs are. Good for you for spreading the news, B. 🙂 Don’t let the morally bankrupt discourage you because those of who support you know the truth. The libs’ opinions aren’t worth more than crap that spews from their mouths.

    • James

      Well, looks like Bristol succeeded in her mission. At least for one person

  • James

    How about we highlight the hypocrite and purveyor of feigned outrage Sarah Palin.

    Watch Sarah Palin condemn Biden for his “in chains” remark then one week later use the same remark herself and say Obama is putting children in chains.

    • Surly Curmudgen

      That’s nothing new, all progressives hate Palin. This hate stems from a clear understanding on their part that a Palin Presidency will end the progressive agenda and relegate their philosophy to a library shelve labeled dead political ideologies.
      What, you didn’t know that Romney the rino is a progressive?

      • James

        It’s not just Progressives. Republicans, Independents, etc, don’t believe Sarah’s “vision” is a good one either. She has her fans, but it stops there. The general public would never give her power to make changes.

        • Cillab

          So why waste your time spewing your hate?

          • James

            Disagreement is not hate, defense of yourself is not hate.

  • Anne

    Wow! Such hatred from those who identify themselves as *gasp* liberals….
    ~rolling my eyes at the haters that can’t help themselves from trying to dumb down someone for pointing out the people who propose this identify *themselves* as… LIBERALS~
    Seriously, you ‘haters’ that come on here talking to yourselves under different identities are coming across as so brazenly stupid due to you being so wrapped up in your own hate and agenda you can’t even grasp that Bristol is identifying these people who want this as ‘liberal’ because *again* THEY call themselves liberals.

  • Liz

    Anyone who can consider this an option deserves to be aborted, whatever their age is!! How can a doctor or medical provider look into the face of a newborn and then kill it! Wow hope they can answer that when their maker asks the question!

  • Elizabeth K.

    I’m fairly certain “after-birth abortion” should just be called “first-degree murder”!!! That’s absolutely horrible! It’s a shame to think that these things happen in out world today :-/ On a completely unrelated note, I think you and the entire Palin family are absolutely amazing and awesome and you stand for everything good and right and just!! Keep up the fantastic work and I enjoy reading all of your blogs!!!

  • Gilly

    Aren’t Republicans tired of the constant FEAR-MONGERING on their side?

    • James

      It’s all they’ve got left

      • Gilly

        Very true James. They are the party of no…no ideas and no solutions.

        • sodakhic

          Quit spending and quit printing and quit borrowing and give us a budget ,Dem Senate, is such a radical idea

          • Gilly

            Obama has put together a budget every year. Its the obstructionist Republicans who are the problem. They brag about shutting down Obama and then call him a do-nothing President. Hypocrites.

          • sodakhic

            The past two years Obama’s budget hasn’t received one, that’s right, one vote in the House or Senate. 97-0 430-0

  • Maggie D

    Maggie Don’t like what Bristol has to say then don’t read her blog. She has a right just like everyone to say what she wants.

  • Kim

    All she said was a liberal scholar, she did not say liberals, as in all liberals. But anyway, did you actually read the article? It is disgusting!

  • Jael

    James she’s not painting ALL liberals that way. Take your biased glasses off and re-read her statement. It said SOME liberal Scholars and then towards the bottom she says even if you don’t like, agree with her and her family hopefully we can unite in the belief that this kind of belief is wrong!

    Your calling her a liar and attacking her for NO reason!

  • Maggie D

    Don’t like what Bristol has to say then don’t read her blog. She has a right just like everyone to say what she wants.

  • Jen

    Why read anything Bristol writes if you are so vehemently opposed to her beliefs or opinions? I simply do not understand why some of you waste your time writing such hateful and downright despicable posts on a blog you don’t even like.

  • Ptrac

    Actually the worlds most powerful liberal supported infanticide/abortifacients. It was actually one of the only things he didnt vote “present” for and voted to support it outright. To say no liberal would support this is crazy. It is precisely Liberals who support this.

  • Moriah H.

    The blog said “some liberal ‘scholars'”, not all liberals. The only blanket statements I’ve seen made here have been directed at Republicans. For the people who have commented negatively and think Bristol and the other Palins are so dishonest and hypocritical, why do you even read this blog?

  • Bower

    Hey Curmudgeon, you’re right a Palin presidency would kill progress. But such a presidency will never happen: she doesn’t want to do the work needed to make her a viable candidate nor does she want to do the work of governing. Regardless, ProgressIsm is hardly going to be shelved here in the US or by other developed nations. But you keep in dreaming….

    • Surly Curmudgen

      Progressive programs are not progressive in nature. They are just the opposite, they are regressive and the progressives are proud of that. Study history some and you will find that the term progressive was picked very carefully to hide their regressive agenda. Prior to that the term communist was used.

      • Gilly

        Remember everyone: Change is Bad. White is Good. Male is Better.

        • Surly Curmudgen

          Gilly go to your dictionary and look up conservative and liberal. Then look hard at the “two” political parties. I consider myself to be a classic liberal. The problem with using that term is that its meaning has been severely subverted by a group who are anything but liberal.
          The political definitions of conservative and liberal have been inverted. The so called liberals or progressives are neither liberal nor progressive.

          • Bower

            Gilly, I think you summarized Curmudgeon’s position well. No doubt he’s white, male, old, heterosexual , Christian and has no empathy. Fortunately he is a minority.

          • Bower

            Oh, and he’s a prolifer

          • Gilly

            Good points Bower. And Curmedgeon doesn’t believe in Science …. until his appendix burst.

  • Amanda

    Todays “norms” will eventually cause our demise because of media bias. The whole Left are the warriors for such horrible causes, remember pro choice advocates, including Obama. The Right are pro life, because put simply they understand life, they know what’s important and will continue to fight for the good.

  • Anne

    Who Am I?
    1) Someone who tries to malign the writer of an opinion piece that I in no way am obligated to read but due to my own pathetic obsession of this young woman and her family I can’t stop myself from replying to just about everything posted by her or those with whom I disagree.
    2) Someone who creates other identies so I can agree with my original post in order to make people think someone agrees with me when I get lost in my obsession of a young woman and her family and I make my hate filled posts.
    3) Someone who gets called out on a blog and then I start trying to deflect by calling names and implying that everyone but me knows what is going on in the world.
    4) Someone who starts out by calling the writer of an opinion piece (again that I’m in no way obligated to read) by an insult and a liar because she dares say that the proponents of what she is writing about are liberal and I say that “…no liberal…” would ever agree to that and yet President Obama (who calls himself a liberal) says that if a baby is born alive during an abortion the baby can be killed AND the man that Bristol is talking about in this opinion piece identifies himself as a liberal, so that would make *me* a liar and give the impression that I’m a bigot, hate-monger, fear-monger and obsessed with a young woman and her family with whom I simply don’t agree on political matters.
    Any guesses?!
    PS Great piece Bristol! 😉

  • Amber

    For not liking a person or a family for that matter you sure so follow her posts closely to continuously reply to every person who posts here James. No matter how small the amount of ppl who believe this is ok .. there are still ppl who do & that’s too many if you ask me. Just like the lady on Dr Phil who believes she should be allowed to kill her grown children bc of a degenerative disease .. no one should choose which life is more precious than any other & a reason why. That mom who was in the news aborted twin baby girls at 20 weeks simply b/c they were girls. It sickens me. All abortions sicken just as any baby/childs death would of they were 1, 2, or 20. They are a child of God & someone (even myself) would gladly take a baby & love them like our own. And if you should reply to this I assure I won’t reply to you. My lunch break is over & some of us have a job & things to do in our day than spew hateful msgs via blogs…reply after reply after reply to stir the pot like a stick.

  • Liz

    What is wrong with you people who post such negative comments? Get a life, and find something productive to do rather than bashing Bristol’s views…which she’s entitled to have (unless Obama has ruined right that too)!

    • He’s sure trying to ruin that right. Him & the liberals are all about shutting anyone up who doesn’t believe as they do. Time to take our country back to the freedom we used to have and won’t have at all much longer!

      • Bower

        Really Leann? How has freedom of speech been taken away ?

    • James

      So only Bristol is allowed to bash the views of others? Why do you never give Bristol that same advice? Because you happen to like it when she bashes the views others?

      Come on now, you have to see the hypocrisy right?

    • Richard Head

      The problem with this post is that “Bristol” is completely misrepresenting “liberal” views in an attempt to smear all liberals. Just like when the Palins claim that liberals would tell them to abort their babies. It is reprehensible.

      • hrh


        No link, no truth.

        You lie.

  • wendy

    Few if any commenters seem to have read the article cited by Palin. Folks, if you want to have a voice in serious discussion please know what issues are being discussed. Whether or not you agree with the legality of abortion, it is legal in the United States. And, in cases where profound and untreatable birth defects exist, but are not discovered until birth, some advocate against employing heroic intervention to maintain a deeply compromised condition of life, for example, should a baby with only a rudimentary brain stem be born. This is not new information nor is it something advocated by people of a certain political philosophy, but in fact, by medical professionals from around the world, from all cultures and religions.

    • Valentine

      From the abstract: “the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”

      WHO isn’t reading the article?

    • Jenifer

      I did follow the link and read the study. It reveals it’s purpose in the first paragraph. This is not a call for termination of newborns with extremely compromised life prospects, but a debate about whether a woman who looses her husband after the legal limit of abortion should be able to kill her newborn baby because it would be a burden to care for him/her alone. They aptly point out if we don’t value a baby’s life pre-birth, why should we value it after? I think it’s the best pro-life argument I’ve ever heard!

      • Bernice

        A woman who wants to get rid of a baby that she and her husband created, after his death needs to put the baby up for adoption – and why wouldn’t you want to have that baby as a reminder of the love you and your husband had – that is just sick. I was a single mom for 18 years after my husband died; I had 7 boys between the ages of 10 and not yet born when he died and I never thought that any of my children were a burden – my youngest was born 2 days after his father died in the same accident that put me in labor – what a sick twisted opinion.

  • Magen

    Bristol I love you and what you stand for, however you could of simply posted this story without pointing out that they’re liberals. The article and thought is disgusting no doubt. But standing on God’s word alone and the simple fact of it not being right vs. a liberal/republican’s words, will get so much further and speak so much louder for your character and heart. And no matter the hate you would still get, standing up for God and what He says will get you stronger in not only your life but He can touch others as well thru you! Love ya girl, stay strong and beautiful!!

  • Bower

    Oh, and I forgot to add prolife by definition

  • Bekah Young

    I think it’s a disgusting idea! I cannot believe how people do not value a life anymore! I am with you on this one Bristol!

  • Suzann

    To all of you who feel a child with severe birth defects should have their life ended – I hope that you NEVER have a child with a severe birth defect that makes life impossible for that child. in 1979 I had twins; one was a healthy 4.5 pound little girl, her brother was 5.7 pounds and brain dead. We had been blessed with 4 children who were living before the twins were born and because we knew that Nicholas was not going to live a normal life we made the hard decision to hold and love him as long as we could before we let him go home where he could run and play and be normal – we had 34 minutes with both our newborns, he never opened his eyes, he never cried, he never moved but he was in hearts immediately. Our older children (13 and 12) and the grandparents and aunts and uncles were in the room with us, they got to hold both babies, bond with them and bless Nicholas when he went home with Jesus. And yes the cameras were flashing like crazy so that we have memories of the twins together for that short period of time which I look at often. Some may say we “let” him die, We did nothing of the kind, we ALLOWED him to go to his home with Jesus and to live a life that all parents want for their children. If at ANY time he had shown ANY hope of living any life at all we would have gone to the ends of the earth to give him that hope, it wasn’t to be. Nicholas was our third child to die as a newborn (within 12 hours of birth), daughter #2 and daughter #3 were on every life support possible in the early 1970’s, we knew from the beginning that the chances that they would survive were slim due to underdevolped lungs and that birth defects, blindness due to concentrated oxygen, were very possible if either did survive. We lived in a city with a large teaching/children’s hospital and everything that could be done was done and in today’s world both would have lived and probably had no problems, but not in that era. It KILLS me to hear people say that those of us who have to make the horrible and gut wrenching decision to let our child die are quilty of killing our child – that is so far from the truth for most of us that I see red and am furious when that is said and that is what I am told I did. Thirty three years later I KNOW I did the right thing, I KNOW that when son #3 died 5 years ago he was greeted by not only his grandparents but also his brother and sisters and they all had a joyful reunion – I believe that because of my faith – just as I know when their dad died 4 years ago he joined his children to watch over all of us that are still here on earth. Obviously I am very opinionated on this subject – I do not agree with abortion unless the mother’s life is in defiante danger and even then I have doubts and questions. Instead of killing your unborn child, go through with your pregnancy and after seeing that little face that you created, if you still want nothing to do with her/him, then give that baby to a loving home with parents who wll love her/him regardless of any conditions. I agree with Bristol, who I admire for being the parent she is when there were options she could have taken, the same as her parents made their choice with Tripp, any publication or group who has this low opinion of life should never be given any platform to stand on and poison others with their opinions. Life is given and life is taken away by only ONE person – Jesus.

  • Stacey

    Ummm James darling…. I QUOTE: “How about you argue the issue with facts instead of just trying to insult the person you disagree with.” I believe almost every word youve spewed is bashing and is to INSULT the person/persons you disagree with. Maybe you could follow your own advice. Unless of course this is the classic case of do as I say, and not as I do. I will not push my polictal or religious views on anybody, nor will I judge theirs. However I will call somebody out for being as ignorant and hypocritical as you are. Don’t you have anything better to do than post 50 comments to bully people who don’t view the world the exact way you do? Why don’t you go start your own blog, so we can read bristols without all the rediculous arguments.

  • bellagrazi

    It’s absolutely nauseating. It’s infanticide. These academics need to stop living in their heads and join the real world.

  • Susan

    This practice of killing newborn babies is ALREADY LEGAL IN THE NETHERLANDS! It’s called the “Groningen Protocol.” Belgium is also seriously thinking about adopting the same practice.

  • Rosalina

    Please don’t assume that all liberals agree with this article. Most pro choice people, myself included, don’t support abortion past the first trimester.

    • James

      Thank you Rosalina

    • sodakhic

      Maybe you could get Obama to evolve to your thinking.

    • pagansister

      Amen, Rosalina. However situations such as those that Suzann faced are proof that there are times when letting go is the only option, for the good of the infant.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    This makes me truly sick! As it should anyone with any morals or even a HEART at all. I just found this video yesterday and it moved me so much and it is PERFECT for this discussion this woman survived an abortion and her story is amazing more people should hear her speak and search their hearts and ASK themselves truly ask themselves if it was them would they want to have been murdered by the choice of someone else because they weren’t wanted for whatever reason or because they weren’t born perfect or what people consider “normal.

  • sodakhic

    Two guitarists, both born without arms, are an inspiration to people as they play with their feet. Tony Melendez and George Dennehy. According to some liberal “scholars” they would have advised their parents to kill their child because either they weren’t going to be happy are their childs life would be nothing but misery. Death panels.

    • pagansister

      Those examples are totally different than an infant born brain dead, or with a disease that will kill that infant with pain and suffering over a period of time. Each case would be different. One would hope that parents would love their newborn enough to make the right decision. The guitarists you mention, sodakhic, have brains and are able to function. There are means to help the overcome the lack of arms today. “killing” a baby with that condition or another limb that didn’t develop is not a consideration. The runner in the Olympics from South Africa ( I think) lost both legs below the knee. He made it to the Olympics.

  • Mark Miller

    This is just what pro-lifers have been predicting would happen for years. They were pooh-pooh’d by those who advocated for access to abortion, saying they were scare-mongering. Now that this debate has come up, I doubt anyone remembers those warnings. That’s the problem I see with many of our political debates. One side recognizes the nature of a policy and tries to warn about it, the other says, “I see no evidence to support that.” Then when evidence emerges years later, no one remembers the original argument, and then the argument changes to, “Is this (killing a child after birth, in this case) right or wrong?” The idea that the concept of abortion-on-demand would eventually lead to this is no longer part of the debate, because now that’s normalized. A slippery slope indeed.

  • Faith Czopek

    President Obama is one of those liberals who supports late term abortion. And if all of you who responded actually knew what that was and how it’s performed then you too would be disgusted! It is heartless and inhumane, they are basically saying that a human life has no value. As a single mom of two, who had her first daughter at 17 I knew it would be hard but I didn’t kill my baby, and there’s always adoption. So STOP making excuses for these murderers!

  • Valarie

    Horrific. But then, so were some of the other ideas, years ago, that have become “causes” and now “legal” and “illegal to discriminate against.” We need to turn this ship around before it goes over the falls.

  • I totally agree with you, Bristol.

  • Thoma

    First of all James I must say you are coward, unlike Bristol who comes out in the open states her Godly veiws and appears in public and may I remind you she has provided this domain. You are somewhere who knows where hiding behind your computer quick with insults feeling protected.
    Now as far as these Scholars go, maybe they should be aborted from society and sent off to Gitmo!
    If you were to come into my domain my home, you would be shown the door and if you were too return ,you would leave in hadcuffs. Why Bristol has not blocked you?, “have you ever thought of that?” I myself would look upon you as a hostile person and would of have you blocked!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    April 16, 1776
    In a letter to Mercy Warren , John Adams stated
    The Ladies I think are the greatest Politicians, that I have the Honour to be acquanted with, not only because they act upon the Sublimest of all Principles of Policy, vizt the [that] Honestly is the best Policy, but because they consider Questions more cooly, than those who are heated with Party Zeal, and inflamed with bitter Contentions of active public Life.

    • Cindy

      1 Timothy 2:12 says:
      I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

      OMG the founding fathers were anti-religion!

      • stormy

        Cindy, read the whole chapter and quote all of it if you are going to quote any of it. Paul is speaking of how people should be in Church. Your quoting only a part of a verse changes the meaning to match your perverted views. Besides, what does this have to do with the original posting of Bristol’s?

        • Gilly

          Oh sort of like conservatives do when they trash gay people? And btw why shouldn’t women be able to speak or teach in Church? Pretty sure my Sunday School teacher would disagree with you.

          And this has nothing to do with Bristol’s post it is in response to Ole Mother Hubbard’s ramblings so why don’t you mind your own business.

  • Tara

    Hey Bristol. Do you wanna run for President someday? I mean, why not right? You have a head start, and from watching your show, a good attitude. 🙂

  • Bower

    Oh… I just saw the DWTS photo of Bristol and Mark. Girl, that chin you bought is all wrong. You destroyed a naturally pretty face. Should have left it alone until you lost the double chin through better diet and exercise. Such a shame. Now you just look like all the others…. And a bit like Jay Leno. There. Yes, I said it.

  • Piscean Gal

    Clearly freedom of speech is not practiced here if Richard’s comment isn’t available, that I can see anyway. Freedom of speech is not allowed on Bristol’s Facebook pave, or that of her mothers, IF you don’t agree with them. Having said that, I’m going to read the article and respond to this, but a couple things already stand out, one, the syntax in this post is not of Bristol, two, o would venture to guess, even before reading the article, that she took the authors comments out of context, as most Tea party/ republicans LOVE TO DO, and lastly, where is your (feigned) outrage towards your mother using the word CHAINS, when accusing Pres. Obama of putting our grandchildren in? Interesting…

  • Shannon L.

    Frankly, reading many of these comments made me physically ill. Although I am pro-choice (as I believe that the choice I make based on my beliefs doesn’t have to be the choice everyone makes), I personally would never have an abortion. That being said, all of the liberal individuals responding to Bristol’s post with such hate, are missing the point of this entire blog entry. Despite what some of her other followers may have posted regarding “all liberals supporting infanticide” Bristol did not say that. She stated the exact truth that liberal “scholars” wrote this article. So defending your liberal views by saying that no liberal would support such a thing is just false. As they were “liberal extremest” who wrote the article. All Bristol was trying to say with this article (I believe) was that despite your beliefs and feelings towards her and her family, that we should unite on this issue regarding after-birth abortion. After-birth Abortion is just a fancy way of saying murder.

  • Bruce O’H.

    I see one common theme of all of the attacking liberals at this post. Not ONE of them registered horror, or even dismay, at the topic of after birth abortions.
    Of course they didn’t. How could a liberal speak out for a Pro-Life issue of ANY type? It would strike at the “holiest” sacrament of their secular “religion”, if even indirectly.
    Poor, Godless, souls.

    • BBower

      Bruce it may surprise you that the vast majority of pro-choice are opposed to late term abortions unless there are very special and rare circumstancesThe horror of this rare occurrence is there. But at the same time we recognize the difference between very late term abortions and what most abortions ate. We also recognize that prolifers do not.

      But speaking of failure to register dismay, do you not realize that the purpose of this post is really to distract people from the fact that Sarah Palin has failed to register dismay at Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments”?

  • Laura

    So, uh, am I the only one who’s noticed that this was

    A) written by AUSTRALIANS
    B) published in a journal based in LONDON

    So… What does this have to do with American politics?

    • BlueVA

      Right on, Laura. And C) are we REALLY to believe that Bristol is intellectually curious enough to have read any of it and write a post about it? But watch how her ignorant hangers-on will rage as if what Bristol says is the Lord’s gospel.

      • hesnotmypresident

        Blueva, and how do we know you are smart enough to have read anything on the subject either. Getover yourself, and get over your jealousy of Brisol and her family. That shit causes ulcers.

    • Rebecca Dawn Thorberry

      What does it matter where or by whom is was written?This a terrible and disgusting thing wherever it happens.I wonder what the evil ones that practice such murderous acts would have done if their parents would have done them that way?Not a damn thing !They would be dead!The liberal left are always claiming they want to protect human rights,but will NOT protect the life of the weekest most helpless humans among us.Such hipocrits!

  • Paulette

    Back to Bristol’s blog….AMEN SISTER!!! If killing a child (born or unborn) isn’t murder, then why is it considered murder when we kill a bigger human being than a child? Life is NOT a video game!

    • Zizi

      …because the adult broke the law, killed another human being. A child is 100% innocent.

  • Sharon

    People I know who have raised their “disabled” children, have never thought of them as a burden. They are a living breathing human being just like all humans to be valued and loved. All children born or unborn should be treated with the same respect as all humans. Until these idiot scholars have walked in the shoes of parents of disabled children they have no right to publish their garbage. Because they would be enlightened. There will be people who read their crap and think oh well they said it, so it must be ok. Bull crap 🙁

    • CJ

      Several years ago, I met a woman whose husband mocked and joked about people w/ disabilities every chance he got. He also targeted minorities. The names he called them were so hurtful and despicable that I avoided him like the plague. Several yrs. later, his wife gave birth to a baby girl with Mental Retardation who is a sweet, loving, adorable child. But, sadly, just as her own father did to so many others, now, she is the innocent target of rude stares and hurtful, vile, despicable comments from others. Every single day, when he looks at his child, he is reminded of what he has done. She is GOD’s gift to this man, through which he gets to see the abysmal state of his own soul and has been given the chance to repent of his SIN. I pray he has before it is too late. We will all be judged and held accountable for our actions.

  • huntingmoose

    “I am all for after-birth abortion”

    After-birth abortion of murderers, rapist and other evil doers.

    You see, if the deranged libs want to put unborn and just-born on the list, so be it. but let’s make sure we have the priority in order. And before we get to them, we first need to do after-birth abortion of deranged liberals who do not value life.

  • Capital G

    That is just evil. They don’t even consider that ‘after birth abortion’ is legally defined as infanticide. I don’t even think it is about abortion on the left anymore. It is about child sacrifice. The WANT to kill the unborn and apparently that is no longer enough to satisfy their baby bloodlust.

    The Democrat Convention is going to be little more than a modern day public worship of child sacrifice. Not since the Aztecs sacrificed children to Tlaloc has there been such a public worship of child sacrifice in America.

  • Jordan

    There is actually a young adult book I read about two years ago that in a world not too far in the future after birth abortion actually is the only way to abort a child. It was a really interesting book although there was a certain section where I was actually sobbing while reading it. Basically the pro-life and pro-choice have an all out war(bombing abortion clinics, killing the doctors; women getting pregnant just to go have the baby aborted) I remember thinking when I read the book that this was something I could see happening in our country eventually. The book is called Unwind by Neal Shusterman if anyone is interested.

  • Michelle

    You missed the point… they are pointing out that the very reason it is “acceptable” to kill a fetus could be applied to a newborn also. Simply put, killing a newborn is unthinkable, so why is killing a fetus “OK”? From the same publication… “Many people will and have disagreed with these arguments. However, the goal of the Journal of Medical Ethics is not to present the Truth or promote some one moral view. It is to present well reasoned argument based on widely accepted premises. The authors provocatively argue that there is no moral difference between a fetus and a newborn. Their capacities are relevantly similar. If abortion is permissible, infanticide should be permissible. The authors proceed logically from premises which many people accept to a conclusion that many of those people would reject.”