Announcement: My Professional Partner on DWTS is…

Announcement: My Professional Partner on DWTS is… August 13, 2012

Drumroll, please!

I am so excited to announce that I am being paired up with a professional dancer named Mark Ballas again!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with this news!

As you may remember from my last season, Mark and I were a pair before.  By the time I met him, he had already won Dancing with the Stars twice—with Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi in Season 6 and Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson in Season 8. No pressure!!

Back then, I feared he’d be upset at being paired with such a newbie.

“I hope you have a lot of patience,” I said, “because I don’t know how to dance.”

That’s when he showed me a tattoo on his forearm. It said, simply, “patience.”

Immediately, I knew the producers had matched me with the right person in terms of personality. Mark was awesome! He wasn’t frustrated because I had no experience. Instead, he just took it from the top. I honestly think he could sit there all day and explain things to people, over and over again. He didn’t lose his temper, he didn’t make me feel stupid, and he really made it fun. If I ever got too upset at not “getting” a move, we’d take a break.

It was a pretty successful pairing, because we made it all the way to the end.  Mark, I am honored to be paired with you again!  I love you like a brother, and I can’t wait to see if we can’t bring home that mirror ball trophy this time around!

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  • Angela R.

    I, for one, am super excited that you have been paired with Mark again! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for the two of you this season!

  • KC

    Congrats Bristol! Best of skill and luck to you and Mark!

  • section9

    Good for you, Bristol! I had a feeling this might happen.

  • KathyDillman

    Bristol this is just wonderful. I was so hoping you would be paired with Mark again. Loved watching you two. God bless both of you and praying you win.

  • Bristol, we wish you the very best!
    We really miss your show, Life’s a Tripp; we were just getting to know you and
    Gino and then it was ripped off the air. How are you guys? Is there anything you can tell us that would have aired on the show? Praying for you all, for wisdom, grace and protection. Take care!

  • Way to go Mark and Bristol – good luck!

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Your first wish came true! Good luck and enjoy it.

  • Right on Bristol ~ we’re rootin’ for ya!

  • robhart

    Time to get to work then…GAME ON! 24/7

  • Jilline


  • Elizabeth

    Congrats Bristol! I am so excited to see this season and wish the two of you nothing but the best of luck! Go get em girl!

  • DiaaK

    You were SO MUCH FUN to watch! And it was SO COOL to watch you grow from a shy, tentative young woman who never dreamed she could dance at all to a flirty, saucy, highly-skilled ‘dare-devil’ never afraid to ask, ‘what next?’ We all knew Mark was the magician and puppet-master behind the scenes sharing his knowledge and experience at the pace you could handle. Congratulations on your wish come true. Can’t wait to see what the two of you do next!

  • Rhonda

    Can’t wait for the season to start! Looking forward to some great dancing!

  • Ahhh! Love it! You and Mark make such a great pair on the dance floor! I can’t wait to watch the All Stars season!

  • Jinky


    • jojo

      I thought the same thing 🙁 He’s making his WTF face. He campaigned to be with Sabrina and his “close” buddies say he’s disappointed to not at least get Shawn. Some of his followers are down right mean-

      There are others it looks like but this old crow takes the cake.

  • James

    Thats great for you.. I’m kinda interested to see how it turns out now that the voting system has been fixed to avoid the rigging that went on last time, and now that your mom’s star has faded.

    I think this time you are on your own with no help from mom and C4P…. good luck…. and I mean that. I love to watch real and fair competition.

  • Rory

    Congrats Bristol!!! Mark is always my favorite DWTS pro and I am so happy that I get to vote for you both again! Also thanks for promoting the hard work and dedication of teachers across America with #teachersrock

  • Timbit

    Thank the Lord that you are not partnered with a homosexual dear Bristol! I would have worried about your health.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, super excited about this, Bristol!!! I know you’re thrilled to be partnered with Mark again. Awe, very sweet shot of the two of you. Now, bring that mirror ball trophy home!!!

  • Jeannie Kerns

    Good Luck! You were so fun to watch. I am sorry liberals can be so rude. I am sure you don’t pay too much attention to what they say. You must consider the sourse LOL

    • Jeannie Kerns

      source *


    Ugh, people can be so cruel! Good luck Bristol! I think it says a lot about a person who isn’t afraid to speak up and fight for what they believe in! No shame in standing up for what you feel is right…I believe in you Bristol, I think you are a smart, strong, passionate person~dont let anyone or anything bring you down 😉 Best wishes!

    • Jilline

      Follow Kirstie Alley on twitter. She has the right attitude towards haters. “You’re only making is stronger”

  • Becky

    Congratulations! I’m so glad for you!

  • Tiffany

    Aww, I’m excited! I love the both of you. The best and sweetest dance couple on DWTS!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Good luck….I will be watching and pulling for you and Mark.

  • Yeah! I only watch when you’re on.

  • Gilly

    Hopefully he can teach you to be more open-minded while you learn how to dance. Its a big world Bristol and you don’t have to live in your mother’s tiny bubble.

    • Jilline

      Tiny bubble? Do you even know her? If she lived in a little bubble, she’s never leave her house. She’s been to another country and many states and has the strength to endure the fun of dwts despite ignorant people attacking her.

      • Gilly

        The tiny bubble i’m referring to is the one where you fill your life with people who never challenge you and think exactly the same way.

  • ChristineInWI

    Congratulations on getting back your awesome partner. Can’t wait!

  • stephanie wehrwein

    YAY!!!! i was hoping you would be paired with him again!!!

  • Kim Castro

    Congratulations Bristol now on for the quest of the Mirror Ball! You have my family’s vote!! Praying for continued Blessings!

  • kdolphins

    YAY!! I’m so EXCITED!! to see you back with him!! He is definitely the right partner for you – can’t wait for the new season!! I’m SO HAPPY!!

  • Judy

    Go have fun and show em what you can do! We can`t wait to see you out there on the dance floor again! Hope things are well with you and your family! You are so pretty and smart too! Love ya! 🙂

  • Bree Merr

    Happy to hear the news. Mark is a great guy and will continue to teach you with patience. The critics and complainers are a sad, pitiful lot. Continue to be gracious under their constant fire and dance your heart out. Their frustration must be red hot!! Let them boil in their own stew while you enjoy dancing.!!!

  • Lori Nichols

    Oh I am so excited and we are a small business owner and work from home which leaves me with 5 lines to call from haha “is that cheating” haha good luck Bristol the little pistol xoxoxoxo I am 50 yrs old and admire ever thing you do and stand for God Bless you

    • Timbit

      I have set up 20 email accounts for voting! God will take dear Bristol to the end this time and she will be blessed with the trophy! I have set up another 20 accounts for my mother and my sister. As soon as voting opens we will be going crazy voting! I don’t really like watchng DWTS because of the homosexuals on the show, but I believe that our DEAR LORD has chosen Bristol to reach out to them and show them the path.

      • Truth101

        Stop it. You are going to have the liberals attacking her again.

      • Christina

        Me too! Her winning will pave the way for Our Real President who leads from the righteous shadows to finally take her rightful place at the WH in 2016! SARAH PALIN IS MY PRESIDENT NOW AND FOREVER.

      • mary

        But Bristol LOVES the gays! She just doesn’t want them to get married.

      • myj

        So, you going to try to cheat again, all in the name of the Lord?

  • David

    Good Luck on DWTS, Bristol. I hope you win this time.

  • kate

    So happy that you are teamed up with Mark again. We wish both of you the very best luck.

  • Oh, that is such wonderful news!!! I’m very excited to see the two of you, again. You’ll get all of my votes for sure.

  • Juleen

    Dancing with Mark again? That’s wonderful!

  • Jessica

    So excited for you!! Can’t wait to watch and join in with you on your journey 🙂 good luck

  • Georgia

    Bristol the Pistol and Mark Ballas dance again!!!!!! I am so excited. You both can win this, Bristol!

  • Frederick Lang

    I’ll be pulling for you both. I don’t normally watch but my wife every time. We’ll both be cheering you on this time and maybe you’ll win this time too. We pray so! God bless.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Well blow me down. We should produce a second movie. I Could of Danced All Night.

  • Patrick

    Similiar situation growing up. I’m impressed with how you handle all the liberal bias thrown your way. Not many have the intelligence or guts that the Palin family has been blessed with. Keep up the good work. Keep avoiding “the flaming errors” referred to in the Armour of God. Best Wishes on DWTS!

  • Mpalmer77

    Good for you Bristol! I look forward to the fun you and Mark will have dancing!!

  • Ann Pinger

    LOVE IT! If you hear cheers all the way from Wasilla, some of it is coming from our home! SO PROUD OF OUR HOMETOWN GIRL!

  • Tawny Jones

    Great news, Bristol. Mark Ballas is the best. Good luck.

  • NanaJ

    We will vote for you 2 again. I said they you behaved like brother and sister when he was on your reality show this year.

  • Bettie

    This is wonderful!! So looking forward to you and Mark. Pulling for you and you guys will have my votes evey week.

  • CJ

    Oh my goodness, Bristol, I couldn’t be happier for you! Actually, I’m “over the moon” about this!! 🙂 Realizing that it might not be possible for you to be paired with Mark again, I asked the Lord to place you with a partner who would be the very, very best for you and LOOK AT WHAT HE DID!! 🙂
    The two of you stole so many hearts during S11…….and, now, your ENCORE 🙂 Once again, you and Mark have our hearts, our prayers and our support. GO TEAM BALLIN!!!!! <3

  • carm

    We are so happy you and Mark are teamed up again. Mark is an excellent teacher and great dancer.

  • amy

    YAY!!!! So happy for you! Good luck.

  • I am jumping up and down happy…..this news makes my day!!!!

  • Carla Shaffer

    I am so thrilled to see you back on DWTS!!! And also having Mark again for your partner. YOU ARE GOING TO BRING HOME THE BALL TROPHY!!!

  • I watched and voted big time for you. You look thinner than last year so costumes should be even better. BUT wow I love to dance …stymied by osteo though ….GO BRISTOL and Mark

  • susan

    YAY! Everyone is so happy for you, not one person has anything negative to say on this post.

  • Carol


  • Bonnie

    I’m so “HAPPY” for you!!! I’m waiting….

  • Susan Smith

    I couldn’t be happier for you or for Mark or even for us, the viewers, who loved watching you two dance together. Mark is such a brilliant and talented choreographer and you were just amazing! I loved all your costume choices too, well maybe not the bears so much, but then again they were kind of cute. Can’t wait for this season of DWTS, it’s going to be the best!

  • Linsey

    I am so glad that you are getting positive feedback, I just saw a thing on facebook stating that there is a bunch of haters. No worries, we are all here to support you. We can’t please everyone…which is so sad. I will be watching and voting for you the WHOLE way through. Cant wait to watch your show tonight. Good luck pretty mama!

  • Marie

    Good luck! I’ll be watching and voting for you!

  • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

    Hi Bristol,

    We have 7 members in our household who love and always be praying for you. We are in agreement in supporting your journey with Dancing with the Stars. “ The favor of God is producing great victories in the midst of great impossibilities”( Joshua 11:20) “ The favor of God is producing recognition even when I seen the least likely to receive it.” (Samuel 16:22) Many Americans are praying for you!
    God Bless!

    “ The favor of God grants me petitions even by ungodly civil authorities.”

    “ The favor of God causes policies rules regulations and laws to be changes to my advantage”

    “ The favor of God will win battles that I wont have to fight because God will fight them for me.” ( Psalm 44:3)

    • Lydia Bhaskarla

      AMEN!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  • Timbit

    I am so upset! I went to Marks Facebook page expecting to see his followers to be as excited as we are! Sadly, they are trashing Bristol there. Same with the DWTS message board. Every second post is saying awful things about her. Saying they won’t vote for Mark because of her. Saying they are sorry that he has to dance with her. They are saying she is only on the show to get the ratings up because people don’t like her or her mother! Shame on these people!

    • Nightbird

      Good thing about Mark is that he will put them in their place and stand up for Bristol.

  • sodakhic

    Hallelujah, Bristol. I’m going to collect every email address in my town of 50,000 X 20=1,ooo,ooo votes every Tuesday. At least that’s what the libs think we did.

    • myj

      I hope you don’t call yourself a born again Christian and willfully cheat and lie for Bristol… They had to change the voting system, because of people like you… They give you 12 votes, anything over that is cheating.

      • jojo

        WOW!! You must not watch dwts hahaha!!! ALL of the pro’s fan bases set up multiple email accounts to vote at….who do you think taught Bristol fans how to do it????DUH!
        Many Maks fans have well over 100 email accounts each, so do Mark, Cheryl, and some of Derek’s fans.
        Most of them do this “power voting” and stay up all Monday nights and into Tuesday mornings until the board closes!!! Listen to Brooke Burke on the show. Listen to what she says. They basically ENCOURAGE power voting.

        If you think they REALLY changed the voting system….you are foolish 🙂

  • Bonny Batman

    Go guys! You looked like you both had fun last time — So just do it again, it will drive the nut cases on the left up the wall. Good Luck

  • sodakhic

    If dead people and felons can vote for libs, then we can do whatever to support you Bristol.

  • Sandra Gray

    Congrats Bristol and can’t wait to see you back on DWTS! Glad to hear you’ve got Mark as your partner so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you win this time! Good luck Bristol!

  • Glynis Ritter

    Bristol, I am so thrilled that you are going to get to dance with Mark again! Don’t let the haters get you down! Just go out there and do you best and have fun!!! I can’t wait for the new season to begin!

    May God Blessing’s Flow Upon You and Your Family!

  • Carol

    Look forward to seeing you again and voting for you!

  • blackbird

    That’s good news Bristol, pairing with Mark is your best chance to win the mirror ball trophy, good luck

  • Karen Crouse

    Oh, Yea!! I love Mark..He is the right choice for you. He was with Kathrine Jenkins last season and they came in 2nd. From what I know of him he takes things slow and easy and does not get mad like a lot of the other Pros. if you make a mistake. You two have done this before and you can do it again. You have a lot of people on your side and God is in your can you lose. Just do your best and don’t let the negative comments slow you down..Oh, right, you never do!!! Forward all the way..

  • Toni

    Happy for both of you. You were a great pair and I hope you guys triumph this time around!

  • sherrie p

    Congrats to you both! We’re rooting and praying for you both. We serve a purposeful God so I’m excited to see why He has called you back. Give no thought or worry to the haters for your God will fight all your battles. You leave everything you have on the dance floor and God will take care of the battlefield! Very excited to hear your report as the event unfolds. Believing for great and mighty things!

  • Michele W.

    Hi Bristol. I’m SO happy you two get to be together again! I love both of you and you proved the FIRST time that you are a successful pair! Enjoy every minute! xoxo

  • Rose

    I think it’s terrific that you are paired with Mark Ballas again! I hope you guys make it all the way to the end again, only this time bringing home the trophy. I hope your experience is challenging and fun at the same time. Best of luck!

  • Bristol,
    I am so happy that you got Mark again. I am really looking forward to seeing both of you dancing
    together. You have season 11 under your belt so I am really looking forward to see how far
    Mark is going to be able to take you this time. I’m betting on the Mirror Ball Trophy!!!!

  • Cathie

    I am thrilled you are paired with Mark Ballas again! You two had
    such great chemistry the first time around! First time I will be watching since you were on before! 🙂

  • Joseph

    I’m so glad you got Mark Ballas again!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you both back on the dance floor and I wish you both the best! 🙂

  • BlueVA

    Mark doesn’t look so happy about the match up. His expression is priceless!

    • jojo

      Hoping that Mark’s girlfriend, Tiffany Dunn, can visit the dance studio and give Bristol some pointers. Tiffany is an awesome dancer and Mark is so smitten with her that she may just be so kind to help Bristol out this season.

    • stormy

      If you have ever paid attention to Mark, you would know that he makes funny faces all the time. He has looked like this with other partners and girlfriends. This type of look is nothing new for him.

  • Yvonne

    Hey Bristol,
    I am so excited you are back on Dancing With The Stars with Mark. You 2 can win it this time. Stay strong and don’t listen to the Haters.

  • Debbie

    So happy for you! You will do great. I enjoyed watching you last time. Mark is great so nice you get to dance together again!!

  • Sharon

    Can’t wait!! So excited for you!!

  • I am so happy you were partnered with Mark again. It looked like you had a good chemistry with him last time, and I could tell he was happy and proud when you did well, and you really did well last time. God Bless you and have a good time. I’ll be watching and rooting you on.

  • Amanda Stipanovic

    Go Bristol! You’re going to be great! I’m cheering for you!

  • We need to get our voting fingers ready to vote for Bristol and Mark…….all my votes go to Bristol and Mark!!!

  • Scruffer

    Well, here comes gold medalist Bristol Palin!
    Girl, I’m so proud of you – hopefully this time you’ll lose some weight, right?!!

  • LR

    Dance your socks off for me and for all the single Mom in the world!