Democrats Should Stop Despicable Ads Against Mitt Romney, Allen West

Democrats Should Stop Despicable Ads Against Mitt Romney, Allen West August 10, 2012

Seriously, President Obama?

Mom was on Sean Hannity last night talking about the deception, lies, and despicable actions of liberals toward Gov. Romney and Allen West.

Watch here, to find out who Mom thinks should be the Vice President!



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  • Steve Smith

    I think it should be Ohio Governor John Kasich!

  • Sue Lynn

    Praying for a suprise in Tampa…..Palin/West……You can trust Sarah Palin just ask Trig!

  • Mary Allen

    Srry Bristol it will never happen for Mitt… United States Of Utah? No thank you. Love you and your mom and enjoy the reality shows on your family in Alaska but disagree with your nieve political views. Obama will win a second term without a doubt. And in fact this country has become so politically corrupt it won’t matter who is elected they all whore us out to the 1%.

    • carm

      mary we need to vote BHO out if we want to keep our republic. If people think like you we and BHO gets a second term America will never be the same again, is that what you want? I worry about the children and grandchildren and the children yet to come. I don’t want to be a socialist country with a dictator running it and telling you how much you can earn, where you can live, what kind of car you can drive, what you can eat, when you can see a doctor or if you need a medical procedure if you deserve to have it and that’s just the beginning. Is that what you want? I would vote for a pop can against BHO.

  • cindy

    we need a good Christian family in the White House – the Palins are that family – maybe romney will agree with that…….

  • Abigail Jones

    Love and agree with everything your family stands for. Your mom couldn’t be more right, and with how many lies Obama is getting called out on it would make the USA look like idiots if we voted him back in. Wish it was your mother running but if it isn’t her, like she says, “Anyone besides Obama.”

  • Brian McAndrew

    I want it to be Allen West, Palenty, Rubio, and you! 🙂 but I think it’s going to be Portman.

  • Karen Crouse

    I admire the Palins and especially have great respect for Sarah and her opinions; she has insiteful ideas on the coming election and what we as conservatives should stand up for if we want to get our country on the right track again. I could listen to her talk all day. I pray we do not get Obama back in the White House this Novembern, God willing, and he knows best. But if that should come to pass then we as a country are doomed for the next four years. Some people feel that the government is corrupt and selling us down the are, in many instances correct, but putting our current President back in control is not the solution. We already have heard and experienced his promises which never came to fruition. Been there~done that. He blames President Bush for all our troubles. I say why not blame George Washington..makes about as much sense. We may NOT be anybetter off with Mitt Romney but we sure as heck aren’t making any progress with Obama. The deffinition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over in the same way and expecting different results. Are we crazy!!?

    • myj

      You’ll be praying amiss, cause Obama will get 4 more years!

  • Rainy

    You go Sarah! Everything you said in the interview was spot on. I can’t believe that people can’t see what is clearly in front of them.

  • Capital G

    If you replaced West with FAUXbama in that ad liberals would be shrieking ‘RAAAAAAAACIST!’. It’s OK for them to break out their racist dog whistle in an ad to scare white people away from Allen West. I’m surprised they didn’t give him a face tattoo and have him bite somebody’s ear off.

    If Paul Ryan is the pick it is a good pick (prayers to his family – they’re gonna need it!). He is the best of the group that was being discussed IMO. Petraeus intrigued me as a candidate but hard to imagine he would want to face the media/Hollywood smear machine.

  • I am with your Mom 100%. She speaks the truth. And has guts to do it.

  • Ginny Evans

    We need Sarah Palin in the White House!!!!! Only God knows what the future holds!

    • myj

      Oh NO!!!! I pray that God will never do that to us!!!! We will keep President Obama in the White House 5 more Years!!!!!

  • James

    Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…lol.
    Your mom is the queen of bashing and “trying” to destroy people’s reputations.
    She doesn’t succeed but she tries it everyday.
    Her obsession with trying to hurt BO personally and professionally is borderline psycho.
    Honestly if you believe in Karma or that God punishes bad behavior then you have to acknowledge that Sarah only gets what she dishes out.

    • christine randall

      you will never get it. follow your flock. lol

      • James

        You are right I won’t get it… Common sense is the only thing I understand.
        The nonsense and hypocrisy I will never get.

    • Lissa

      Wow. What delusional world do you live in? Sarah attacks, and rightly so, Obama’s policies and agenda. She has not and will not attack him personally, nor will she attack his wife or children.

      If you can’t see the difference, that’s an indication of your limited intellect and integrity.

      • James

        Obama has never attacked Sarah’s family either in fact he rarely mentions Sarah at all. His comments on what Sarah calls her policies and agenda are in general and never even specific to her.
        Sarah on the other hand has just recently made a joke on TV about a horrible accident that happened to one of Dick Cheney’s good friends. A friend who was shot in the face. Cheney gave his opinion about Sarah’s qualifications for President, and she responded with a personal joke about a horrible incident in Cheney’s personal life. Bristol made comments about the Obama children watching too much Glee forming their opinions on gay people. This is common practice for the Palin’s.
        Sarah is the queen of attempts at reputation destruction with her distortions of records, and she does it daily…. God has gotten her back ten times over…. but I don’t think she has learned any lessons yet. God will continue trying to teach her until she does.

        • Truth101

          I don’t really know if you are serious or not.
          Obama got his surrogates to do the trashing of the Palin family.
          Tell me what records Gov. Palin has distorted?
          Please don’t push your satan on this blog.

          • James

            Do you really want the list?
            Palin won Politifacts lie of the year award for God’s sake.
            She twists and distorts Obama’s record every chance she gets. Only her most devout followers take her seriously. The rest of the US population sees through it all and that’s why her poll numbers are in the toilet and she can never run for president. She can blame it on the media all day if she wants to but the truth is it is her own doing. Other republican female politicians do not suffer from the same scorn that Sarah does and it’s not because liberals are scared of her. She has turned herself into a pariah with her nasty vitriol and stretching of the truth. Even tea party polling showed they did not want her to run for president.
            Calling yourself a christian doesn’t make you one and in my book Sarah definitely doesn’t act like one. God gives her exactly what she gives others and more.

          • Truth101

            Politifacts is the liar of the year. He has been proving over and over there are death panels in Obamacare. You have liberals even saying it now. How can anybody twist and turn the record of a failure in the WH. Do you want me to list the failures record? I will do even better. You can go over to Gov. Palin’s FB and read it yourself. There is a long list. What are you talking about. Give me examples. Nobody cares about the other female politicans. They don’t have to get people elected. They didn’t help hand the scumbag GOP the House. Why do your care what a nobody does?
            You are doing satan’s work so go back to your hell.

        • Nana

          Twists and distorts Obama’s record…???? Is that supposed to be a joke? His entire ‘presidency’ has been a disaster! Not only is he not a leader (he never even held a job!), but he is not a nice person and he hates this country. And not once have I ever heard ‘president civility’ come out and condemn the attacks on Sarah Palin, her children, and so many other conservative women.

      • Joe

        She has attacked his wife. Remember Michelle fighting obesity? Or in her book?

    • Michael Steller

      Like all liberals you all want and never want the responsibility for of the cost for what your trying to get. Take a BUS to Canada Please!

    • Thomas Hubbard

      Well heres our hate child James again! Yes I said Child.

      • James

        Criticism does not equal hate.

        • James

          Just ask Sarah

          • Truth101

            Gov. Palin doesn’t hate. She just tells it like it is. If you can’t deal with it than go back to your hell.

    • Cheryl

      Go take the time to read your bible. You need it badly. Your mind and thoughts are distorted. Praying for you.

      • James

        I’ve read the entire thing… God has Obama’s back and he shows it everyday.
        God doesn’t take political sides. God knows what is in Obama’s heart and he has put him in the position to lead. You refuse to see it, that is between you and God.

        • Truth101

          Let me let you in on a little secret. Obama has no heart.

          • James

            God says different

          • Truth101

            Satan is playing with you.

          • James

            Satan is scared of me… cause I have God on my side… just like the Pres does.
            Maybe if you opened your heart a little and let some of that hate out you would see that God doesn’t care about your politics but your intentions.

    • myj

      Oh NO!!!!! We will keep President Obama in the White House 4 more years!!!

    • myj

      Thank You!!!! LOL James….

  • Rhonda

    I love Sarah!!! I want her in the White House!

  • David

    The Democrats are not going to stop these Ads – that is how they do Campaigns – Dirty Politics – they seems to think that is the only way they can win an Election – the more Worried they are – the Dirtier they get – they are Worried Now. They know that Obama can not run on his Record – so they try to dig up dirt on Republican Candidates – if they can’t find anything – then they make something up. —
    This is why I will never Vote for Democratic Candidates – they have been running Campaigns this way as long as I can remember.

  • Lissa

    Thanks for making me watch that whole 11 minute video, Bristol! Her VP pick wasn’t until the very end … and what a surprise! 😉

  • Holley

    God Bless the Palin Family!

  • Myra Watts

    Anyone with faith in God, would also see what the future holds with BO, and be very afraid. Especially if they don’t keep the FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin has STRONG FAITH, in herself, her family, her state, her country, and most of all in GOD!!!!!

    • Myra Watts

      Sarah Palin is a leader. She is a leader for the good of mankind and nature. We may all wish we had her standing with us if things keep going the way they are. Deception and destruction are the very nere future at this rate. The end of this election may be the end of life as we know it. Not 10 years from now, not 5 years from now. Maybe not even 1 year from now. Choose carefully.

    • James

      Anyone with faith in God would see that God has Obama in his hands and watches over him and protects him from the attacks of those like Sarah Palin. Love and light come from Obama and that comes straight from God. God will continue to watch over him as he is also God’s son doing God’s will.

      • VKKippy

        You are so self deceived! God allows Obama to live for whatever reason He has, but you obviously know nothing about God. Check out His Word, the Holy Bible.

        • g

          How would you know?

        • James

          I’ve read it cover to cover… and you my friend are blinded by your politics.
          What if you are wrong? And God is on Obama’s side.
          Sarah is the one that God chose to lose. God gave Obama the power to make changes. Not Sarah or McCain.
          You can pretend all day, but God has Obama’s back.

          • Truth101

            The country has been losing it way for along time. God is showing us what real evil can do in the WH. We will vote evil out of the WH.

          • James

            Actually God will continue to watch over Obama and help him continue to lead us out of the mess we were in. He will give him 4 more years and the polling supports that. The obstructionists in congress will relent once the presidency is off the table and progress will be made in the next 4 years.
            These people on both sides of the aisle are not evil… that is your own insecurity talking.
            There are just two very different ideas on how this country should go forward and they are not compatible with each other… one will have to win out. We shall see what idea God gets behind… so far it doesn’t look like Sarah’s ideas have the backing and support of God. I believe she knows this and that is why she and her family have switched gears and careers now focus on TV. She can’t say that out loud though it would ruin her brand. The mass amounts of money she pays to consultants through her PAC helps her keep that brand alive for more TV opportunities.

    • Joe

      Faith in God is not a requirement to lead nor is it a requirement to be president. No this is not where you come up with a tasteless Obama is an atheist joke because he isnt. He is Christian.

  • Karina

    I have a question for you Palin haters…..why do you hate Bristol and Sarah so much…what have either one of them done you how have they hurt you?

    • James

      It’s not hate to criticize those who choose to speak publicly. They use their platform to criticize others. We use our first amendment rights to criticize what we consider bad ideas, intolerance, hypocrisy and poor policy coming from them. You see to criticize Sarah and her agenda is the same thing Sarah does everyday. You should celebrate that we have that option in this country. Sarah doesn’t agree with the president and she criticizes him daily. We don’t agree with Sarah so we criticize her. Same thing.

  • bellagrazi

    Chicago-style politics. And it’s only going to get worse. Which is exactly why we needed your mom to run against Obama, Bristol. She’s got that fighting spirit that we need to win. Sarah Palin pulls no punches when talking about Obama. She says exactly what is on her mind and that’s why we love, respect and admire her. It’s America’s loss that she didn’t throw her hat in the ring. Sarah Palin is a true leader. She’s going to make a great President one day.

    • WL

      Bellagrazi/kristy, Sarah Palin would never win a federal election and she is not interested in doing the work of governing anyway. Her tease this year and last was just a ploy to take in more money from people like you. Sorry.

      • James

        Actions speak louder than words… I don’t know how they don’t see it. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you have been fooled though.

  • Low blows are part of the presidential election every year, politicians lie and deceive and backstab, this is surprising to people? Nothing new.