‘Til Moose Does Us Part? Not So Fast!

‘Til Moose Does Us Part? Not So Fast! September 18, 2012

Zeke Pipher‘s sweet story of a lifetime of love that reminds me of my mom and dad:

On January 22, 2012, the Anchorage Daily News reported that Dorothea Taylor (85) was waiting for her husband, George, in a pickup. George was exercising their dogs in the fresh, crisp Alaskan air when a moose spotted him.

George told the paper:

“He was way off. He spotted me, and he started to come right after me. So I was trying to get to the truck. But I didn’t make it.”

Dorothea had been married to this bush pilot from Willow, Alaska for far too long to let a 1,500-pound deer (moose are the largest animal in the deer family) make her single.

So what happened when the little lady grabbed a shovel and went after that moose?  Find out here.  Now that’s a real Alaskan woman!

(And…. may we all find that kind of love.)

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  • Ian

    I was almost trampled by a mother moose, when I lived in Sophie Plaza up in Fairbanks. I was walking through the courtyard on a November morning, on my way to the bus stop over by Fred’s, when I heard some foot steps getting closer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a baby moose about 20 feet away from me, with it’s mother charging after me.

    I freaked and ran the best that I could to get away. I almost thought that my Multiple Sclerosis would not allow me to move fast enough, but I guess a little adrenaline helped move me to safety.

  • Al Wilson

    When I click on for rest of story I get “Not Found, Error 404”.

  • bellagrazi

    Awe, very sweet story, Bristol! Definitely reminds me of the love your parents share. I hope one day you find that kind of love, too. PS: I don’t think your mom would need a shovel. She’d just punch that moose in the throat and it’d go down! Haha

  • KathyDillman

    It sounds wonderful, but I don’t know how to tag and I don’t tweet

  • CJ

    What an awesome, heartwarming story!! Whenever I see an elderly couple still holding hands I tear up and smile. It’s totally beyond sweet and says so much about where we have lost our way. Growing old together, staying committed, caring for one another UNSELFISHLY in good times and bad, working things out, being BEST FRIENDS……..BEING FAMILY.
    This is what GOD wants for each of us, but, we cannot do it without HIM.
    If only we could find our way back…….back to what’s really important in this life.
    BLESS YOU, Bristol, for reminding us of these things. My heartfelt prayer for you, is that the LORD brings a very special someone into your life with whom you can hold hands…….for a lifetime. OXO

  • That Mamma Moose was not match for a Momma Grizzle!!!

  • David

    It takes a lot of nerve to go after a Moose with a shovel. ha
    One summer while camping in a remote area of Idaho, I pitched my tent close to a creek.
    One morning when I woke up I walked down to the creek to wash my face.
    I looked down stream and saw a moose standing in the creek about 50 feet from where I stood.
    We looked at each other a few seconds before I decided to head for camp.
    When I looked back, the moose had disappeared.
    That is the closest I have ever been to a Wild Moose.

  • Joseph

    Dang, what a tough woman, especially for her age! That was very sweet and brave of her! Thanks for sharing, Bristol!

  • huntingmoose

    Hmmm. strange.

    typically we would hunt liberals.