7 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Dancing with the Stars!

7 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Dancing with the Stars! October 9, 2012


Click here for a photo of Mark being lazy on the red couch.

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  • AIDA

    Hi i watch you from day one,last nite you was very relax and did great . iIm looking forward to next week.

  • James

    Willow is so pretty!

  • Mari

    Oops picture of you and Mom came in upside down. Very proud of you honey!!! Keep looking up and don’t allow those negative thoughts to enter in your heart!! Kick em out!! Marks a great guy and appreciated you it looks to me!! Keep glorifying the One who gives you strength each day and you can not go wrong!!! Love you!!

  • Virginia Revord

    I just love watching you dance,such a great job.

  • Stevie Chambers

    Great pics..such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing Bristol! P.s. you’re a wonderful dancer..not sure what’s up with the judges scoring 0_o

  • Hi Bristol! My favorite pic is the one with your mom and the cupcake. You two look like you’re up to something…haha. Say hi to your mom and family for me and tell her Alaska was a blast–I’m looking forward to going to Anchorage and Wasilla! Now, I gotta tell my parents that I wanna go…haha


    Twitter: @EmilyBaxterUSA

  • Jeana S

    Bristol, Keep on dancing kiddo, you look good out there and you deserve to be right where you are. You keep improving week after week, and it’s good to see an ordinary mom on this show. It’s diverse types of celebrities makes the show worth watching. Good luck!

  • NanaJ

    Bristol, you were beautiful and danced wonderfully on Monday. Drew and Heilo were in the bottom 2 already so I predicted they would go as their performances were not as good as yours either. We are ready to see you bring some Rock n Roll.

  • Bo

    Pick Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for your music this week, Bristol. It would be so appropriate because you’re a “dancing zombie”. . . neither “safe” nor “in jeopardy” . . . just “the dancing dead”.

  • stacy

    a tenacious and doting mom with her son’s unfinished regard–priceless photo!!!

  • Minnie

    Love watching you dance Bristol and you’re getting the majority of my votes. Enjoying seeing your beautiful family too! Keep up the hard work, spirit and courage 🙂

  • Lyndsay Wheeles

    I refuse to believe that little Piper is old enough to be looking so mature, galmorous and like a young lady! 😉 I remember when she lost her first tooth and told me she got $5 for it. I was thining sheesh, the Toothfairy’s keeping up with inflation I guess, and worried me how much the price of a first lost tooth would go up before my girls were losing theirs! It’s amazing (in a God way!) where the last 7 years have brought you (and your fam) and I’m proud of the honorable and righteous way you have all handled all that has come your way. Keep on keepin’ on, Girl. Some of us from the good ol’ AK crowd are still proud to be Palin fans 😉

  • Georgia

    The photos were wonderful, Bristol. Keep ’em coming. Your Paso Doble was beautiful! I cannot wait to see your “Rock ‘n’ Roll” performance. Go Bristol and Mark.

  • Congrats on the results of 10/9/12 double elim. night. I saw the surprise and excitement on your face when announced you & Mark were safe! I so admire you for the way you are living your life and in so, conducting yourself as a lady. Your values are years ahead of your peers. It has to be hard for young people to see you as real when the average person your age is following a completely different life style. I hope you & Mark win the trophy.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    When it comes to making funny faces it’s mother like daughter, like two peas in a pod. Love them both.

  • Gilly

    That picture of you and your mother is very odd looking.

    • Fado

      Gilly if you notice, Bristol is very careful how she is photographed since she had her chin done. So her poses look unnatural. Sarah just keeps looking stranger in photographs with her disappearing granorexic body, fake height and strange hair. Looks like she’s trying out the ubiquitous duck lips pose here. Sarah, my advice: start eating again, lay off the spray tans, wash your hair and get your pretty back.

      • Gilly

        She’s not looking good Fado. Its like her head is superimposed on someone else’s body. I mean I know its not…thats definitely her old granny neck….but the lighting just makes it look weird. Of course her expression doesn’t help…unless red-neck was the look she was going for. Probably trying to out do her daughter.

        • blueniner

          Go somewhere else with your jealous hate, troll!

        • Bree Merr

          Congraulations Bristol and Mark on a well deserved win. Thanks for sharing the pictures. My my… some of the hateful comments would be funny except they actually belong to humans. You know you are boldly doing a great job when it drives foolish people to say foolish things for foolish reasons. Keep it up. Positive people loving and appreciating you and your family are on your side. You don’t want the foolish haters on your side. Therefore… good is good.

    • Bo

      Failin’ Bailin’ Palin has been “rode hard and put up wet” too many times. She was never attractive but at least she didn’t used to look like a scarecrow. Looks like the ugly she’s always had on the inside is seeping through her pores pretty rapidly these days . . . and her silly wigs are showing their age, too.

      • Sue

        Oh look all the loons showed up- get a life haters. They’re posing for family shots not people magazine.

        • Fado

          Sue, the Oslons are ALWAYS posing for People magazine.

  • Susan Marney

    You have my votes, keep improving and smiling. Hopefully, you will win over the Judges.

  • ph

    Loved the pics Bristol! Good luck next week!

  • Gregory Russo

    Excellant Photo. I thrill that Bristaol has so much Family and Friends around her to support her in evryway they can. Bristol and Mark help each other and do ther best on and off the dance floor. God is on her side and Protect DWTS cast, workers, Bristol’s family, friends including mark and Bristol during the DWTS Journey. I still give giving Bristol/Mark team all my votes. No

  • Mae

    I see the middle schoolers were let out to bully. Anonymous losers.

  • Joseph

    Love the photos, Bristol, especially the ones with your son; so cute!!! Hey, I’m glad you made it for week 4 on the show! I’ve been voting for you! Can’t wait to see your Rock N’ Roll dance next week!

  • Darren White

    Woohoo! I am very pleased that you made it through Double Elimination Night Bristol! I given all my votes to you. I love you for your perservence and courage. You’re a strong woman and a beautiful socialite. I am a fan of your’s, not Mark Ballas. Keep Mark Ballas in reheasals as long as it takes to perfect the dance. I will continue to support you in your endeavors. 🙂 Willow, You and your mother look beautiful. 🙂 But, Bristol, just a word of advice. In future photos of you and your mom, allow your mom to place her arm around your shoulders and you put your arm under her’s. She is taller than you. This prevents her from being scrunch over. This will give your mom in a natural posture between the two of you. Remember, Your fan base is 4.5 higher than the judges score on you. (22.5 + 4.5 = 27) So a judges score of 26+ will get you the Mirror Ball. Your video package was brillant! Drama! Loved it.

    • Darren White

      opps. perserverance. rehearsal. Sorry. I’m a foreigner, who’s applying for citizenship. 🙂

      • Fado

        Darren, Sarah Pslin just has naturally bad posture. And FYI, she isn’t taller than her grown daughters except when she wears those clodhoppers she loves. She wishes she were 5’9″ but she’s not.

  • Bristol,
    Congratulations! You did great last night – and you, Willow, and your mom all were beautiful in that photo she Facebook’ed Monday. Don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise.
    Something came to my mind this morning. On DWTS, you’re not just dancing. You’re acting out a short skit based on a theme. For instance your Paso Doble was a femme fatale themed skit. You’ve achieved the goal now of breaking out of the sixes. You’ve got the mechanics back and this dance, you were in character and fully engaged. Now…to get you to eights and beyond…your rock and roll dance. It’s not just a rock and roll dance. It’s the story you’re telling in the dance. Good vs. evil, found love, lost love, scorned lover, slapstick – whatever it is – now work on acting out the character – via the dance – and project the full range of emotions in the dance and on your face. Get in character and stay there till it’s 100% finished – keep the solid mechanics, don’t break hold or any other rules, and now expand on the expressions. This will get you into the eights – maybe even the 9s.
    Also…consider this – rock and roll was born largely out of country/western. Most people don’t realize this. But, you can rock and roll a redneck theme if you want to stick to that.
    And know that all of your fans and supporters like me will be there for you. Always.

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol, you look so slim, fit, & pretty. Love your long dark hair. Keep dancing!

  • pete

    I was a security guard at the airport in Anchorage when your mother was Governor I worked at the gate where governor Palin would exit the airport to her vehicle. I seen you your mom and the kids a few times and your mom was always waving and saying hi to the people who would call out to her I met here security and your dad he came to my guard post and said I’m here to pick up Sarah I said yes sir your the first dude. Keep up the great dancing its a joy to see you your a great Alaskan

  • CJ

    KABLAMMM!!!! Sooooooo HAPPY FOR YOU AND MARK making it through a double elim!!! WHAT A FABULOUS, CREATIVE AND BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED PASO!!! YOU were and ARE SIMPLY BREATHTAKING and the two of you are such a JOY in your performances!!! I know it was an emotionally difficult week for you and Mark and I’d be lying if I said It didn’t tug at my heartstrings to see you so sad, but, you know what?
    It was beautiful to see that together, by the GRACE OF GOD, and with the LOVE of CHRIST in your hearts, you both shared your feelings and made it through that chapter too! “Families are FOREVER” 🙂

    I am so loving all the photos and cannot wait for you and Mark to REALLY ROCK IT next week! May the LORD’s BLESSING AND FAVOR BE UPON YOU BOTH each and every day…….OXO

  • Nightbird

    Oh, ouch! I can relate to the heels and feet thing. Don’t know how you all do it.

  • ron

    i know you are still young,but please work harder on keeping your emotions in check ,you must move past emotions to be a stronger person,i will pray for you ,and keep up the good work,thanks for the hard work,
    p.s. when you don’t keep your emotions in check you cannot think clearly,making you less of who you could be.

  • Linda

    Bristol, so happy you are having fun on DWTS! I loved Red Neck Woman so much! I don’t like the judges at all. But our country loves you so much and will keep you dancing in spite of their criticism! You and your family are wonderful! You go, girl!!

  • ‘sconny gal

    oh big baby skank-a dank

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol! Family is what matters most. And you have an awesome family. Bristol, your fans will vote to the death for you, no worries. PS: Jeez, why do the producers have to keep putting you and Mark “In Jeopardy”?! Ratings, of course. But totally unfair. Maybe they can give your other competitors a shot under the hot lights for the next few weeks.

  • You are such a wonderful young woman Bristol! My 86 year old mother just moved in with us and the highlight of her week is watching Bristol & Mark dance. 🙂 If your mom ever feels inclined to say what kind of lipstick she wears I am dying to know!!! I know lame, but it is very pretty!! 🙂 I thought about asking your Aunt Peggy to find out for me ~ yep I live in small town Omak!! 🙂

  • Maleena

    Bristol, love all the photo’s! What does the ring you have on in the last picture say?

  • Tess Davidson

    I voted for you all the time. I used the house phone, my cell phone, my husband’s cell phone & voted for you in the internet. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Bristol & Mark!!!!!

  • Kati

    Bristol what kind of asics are you wearing in the picture with your sister and the blonde?? I love your shoes!

  • Lori

    I give you kudos for doing DWTS. Only criticism I have…you could look like you like Mark more. You are probably more reserved than most of the celebrities…but try to roll with it and have a good time. Enjoy your time dancing with Mark. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

  • charli chad

    Your ring is beautiful! What does it say?

  • autumng

    Girl, that’s nothing :))

    Wait til you get to practicing 5 or more hours and do hard dances. You’ll ache all over like the others. All the best.

  • Andrea Bishop

    So very proud of you and what you have become and what you do….You are an awesome Mom….

    Mark just tweeteLd that you just told him it was your birthday. Be sure and have
    some fun and not all work. We are going to miss you on the show. It won’t be the same
    without you. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you and Tripp on your

  • Dorothy Strait

    We are so disappointed that you won’t be on DWTS another week. You are such a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent person and I feel you did a fantastic job of dancing. You and Mark made our evenings..Tripp is a really loveable little guy and so lucky to have such a great and loving Mom as you are. Am sure God has something good in store for you. Looking forward to future blogs. You have such a wonderful family, feels like I know you personally. You put God first in your lives and that is great. Blessings and good luck to you in future days.

  • Sherri

    Bristol, you are so beautiful and such an inspiration to so many young girls. God bless you and your family!
    ~Sherri Mayne; Peckville, PA

  • Judith A Patton

    With all of the horrible comments that this family have endured. They are a family, They stick together. They are concerned, knowledgeable and pay attention to what is going on. They love God and country. Keep up the good work.and God bless.!! I hope Sarah run for congress and wins. !!!!!!!