Four Ways to Vote for Team Ballin during DWTS Double Elimination Night!

Four Ways to Vote for Team Ballin during DWTS Double Elimination Night! October 8, 2012

Did you know that tonight is a special “double elimination night” for Dancing with the Stars? That means two “all star” couples are going home, no matter what.  Mark and I don’t want to be one of them!

If you think Mark and I are the best dancers tonight, then there are four ways to vote.

1. Phone

Please use this official telephone number.  It is:


Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show.  Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts.  After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote.  You can vote on as many phones as you have access to.  For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants.  For example, this week there will be eleven contestants, so each type of account gets 11 votes.  Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

2. Text

AT&T users can text the word “vote” to “3409” as well.  Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants.  You can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

3. E-mail

You can also e-mail votes online here.  On show nights there will be a vote tab.  You have to have an account to vote online.  You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls.  You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

4. Facebook

The final way to vote is by going to the DWTS Facebook app and casting your votes here!

Spread this information far and wide! Thank you for your support!

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  • Bree Merr

    Looking forward to the show tonite. My fingers will be busy voting for you. Have fun Bristol!

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol! I’ve been stepping up the voting every week. Double-elimination is no joke! All of Team Ballin fans are going to have to step it up. Super excited about your Paso! Break a leg!

  • All the votes in my house will go to Team Ballin. Can’t wait to see the Paso, it was super good last time!!!!

  • Joanne

    Gosh.. I want you both to make it through.. so so much. All the best sweetie.. I will vote too..ofc. 🙂

  • Charley

    We’ll be voting for you! I’ve heard some people even set up several email accounts so they can have several different chances to vote for you. Now, WE would never do that! but “some” people do. I’ve heard.

  • Paul Worthington

    Email? You can just vote for your favorites right online at the DWTS web page! So that make Five Ways To Vote!

  • Leslie Wagner

    I was surprised to see an add on your blog that advertised a Meeting of what is called “My Generation……Muslim Millennials on the future of Islam. That was held in NY on the 7th. I hope it is not the future the Islam brother hood sees as their future. If this seminar was about piece and love it would be one thing. I have no reason to believe they meet to talk about how they love America. I could be wrong though. I was just surprised to see that they would advertise on you blog.

  • I’ll be voting each way that I can. I really want to see you and Mark stay in the competition.

  • Ted A

    Voted! You look great. I hope you go far into the competition.

    • carm

      Voting doesn’t start till the show starts.
      Bristol you go girl you have a great partner.

    • carm

      Ted you voted to early and it won’t count, you have to wait till the show starts to vote.

  • Halle

    Aren’t you throughly embarrased yet? The only sane thing to do is quit. You are out of your league.

    • Bo

      All of the Palins are immune to embarrassment. If you don’t believe me, just remember who Bristol’s mother is. This family is the Kardashians of the political right . . . trailer trash wallowing around in their 15 minutes of fame and w-a-a-a-a-a-y past their sell-by date.

    • Trisha

      Don’t listen to the Haters !!!! They are soooo Jealous they can’t stand it!!!!!! Lol

      • Fado

        Yes, yes that’s it Trisha, we all want to be a single mom without an education who sells her kids story and photos to tabloid mags and reality tv and feels so bad about the way she looks she got plastic surgery at 20. Right…..

        • Surly Curmudgen

          Bristol has a high school diploma and is taking collage courses. That more than likely puts her ahead of you Fado. The surgery was for a misaligned jaw which if not corrected causes problems later in life, it was not plastic surgery.

          • Fado

            College courses? Where? What courses? She’s not. And a high school diploma is not going to get her much of a career on its own. She needs more. (Oh and FYI I have a post grad degree.)

            Bristol had a chin implant. And liposuction under her jaw. So obvious.

    • Beverly Whitaker

      Some people just show their bad manners…a slight against others is one against themselves…you go girl …and follow your dreams and turn them off! You’re beautiful…inside and out!!!

  • Fado

    Halle of course she is embarrassed. How can she not be. But it’s more money than she could make at a real job with no education. And easier work at that. And hoping it leads to more celebrity work. Like Mother like daughter.

  • OK…Bristol…little more than two hours till launch. My votes are cocked and locked. Tonight, when you slip that safety into full auto and let fly on the floor…let the music transport you and put every fiber of your being into it: from the smallest hair on your head down to the tip of your smallest toe. No distractions. Ignore them. Get in character and do not leave it till the dance is 100% finished. Do that and you’ll break out of the sixes. You aim for sixes, you’ll get fives. Aim high. Aim for 10s. That’s right. 10s. May not get perfect 10s, but you’ll break out of the sixes. Tonight, you’re playing for keeps. Even if you’re doing great, fight like you are losing it all. That will push you to the top. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. You wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t. The judges know you can, Mark knows, your family knows and your support base – of which I am proud to be a part – knows. 2:02 till launch…

  • mlynn

    I totally agree with Ron Devito. My household is ready to let the fingers get busy with the cell, land phone, fb and texting votes. Just go out there and do your thing and do it as if there is no tomorrow. Best of lucks to you and Mark and The Lord bless you.

  • mlynn

    @ Fado, are you suggesting for Bristol to quit trying and working her butt off and go stay in line to collect welfare money? Of course, “RED NECK WOMEN” like mother like daughter….hardcore working women.

  • Fado

    Working her butt off? Doesn’t look like it mlynn.

    Now why would you suggest Nristol’s only option other than the tabloids and reality TV is welfare? Granted, she’s not the sharpest or scholastic young adult, but certainly she could get into some college and get an education and then a career. She’s fortunate that she has does have healthcare covers for her and Tripp even if Obama were to lose in November ( though I don’t think that will happen) – the Palin family gets free government healthcare thanks to Todd’s native status. So that’s one worry she wouldn’t have that others would.

    • mlynn

      Reading your post gave me the impression that “higher education” is the ONLY way for you to be successful in life. So, i am just curious, you must have a master? doctor degree or two? So with all your higher education certificates, what have you contribute to society lately beside joining Bristol’s BF just to crush and demonize her to the point that you injected Governor Sarah Palin’s name too (do you see what i just wrote GOVERNOR) just curious. My grandmother used to say, “if you can’t say anything good about somebody, silence please!” You may consider this sound advice too.

      • Fado

        Mlynn, higher education isn’t the only way to supporting oneself and family. Power note that I wrote she would need “more” than a high school education. That more could be vocational training like her sister Willow is apparently doing. Or starting a business. There are other options. But the fact is higher education is your best bet.

        As for calling Palin “governor”, I’m not sure that’s applicable. I know some people do it and that it is customary to do so even after they have left office. But us it still applicable in the case of someone who quits before even completing one term? I don’t know.

  • I know that I know, one thing, Somebody Loves You………

  • JoAnn

    Go Bristol, ur beautiful like ur mother, u can win,

  • Pat Behnke

    Good job Bristol and keep up the good work…ignore all the critical people and haters!!! Think positive and go for it!!!!

  • Gregory Russo

    I voted. Hopefully Mark andbristol won’t end up being eliminated.

  • Bo

    Clever character development tonight! First of all you are a cud-chewing drama queen in rehearsal and then a chess queen in the dance. What a concept.
    And you danced like you had a bishop shoved up your a**. Time to pack it in, cupcake. You’re toast tomorrow night. Even the Palinistas can’t save you.

    • jwNYC

      Bo, you degrade yourself w/ your degrading words. Is your life so bereft of any significance that you find it uplifting to come to the personal blog of someone who is irrelevant in your eyes just to spew your venom & expose your ugly soul? What has Bristol ever done to you? Clearly you lead a pathetic life if you need to demean someone else to elevate yourself. Seriously get a life & some manners.

      Bristol, please let me apologise on behalf of these sub-human beings who lack your courage, fight & kind heart. You were right to call-out Mark for missing rehersals & sulking about wanting to be paired w/ a professional dancer like Sabrina . The irony is that Mark gets more priceless exposure by being paired w/ you & your Palin family name than he would ever get by receiving some mirror ball w/ a lesser known contestant. Just look at who is stealing all the headlines every day regardless of your scores…you can’t buy that kind of massive publicity that’s so important to these Hollywood “stars” & dancing pros.

      • Fado

        “lesser known contestants”? Huh? Try contestants who are famous for something other than being the pregnant teen daughter of a failed political candidate. Try contestants that have achieved celebrity by their talent and achievements. Try contestants that remain on the show due to their performance.

        • You must be a Democrat!!! Sorry. You appear to be used to spewing this crap…..Mitt Romney can teach you how to be nice and be a gentleman and vote for a wonderful presidential candidate……

      • Bo

        “priceless exposure by being paired with . . . your Palin family name”?
        That’s hilarious, honeybuns! Kind of like claiming that Glock gets PR benefits from being mentioned in an article about the Sikh temple massacre.
        You Palinistas are so amusing. If poor Bristol is offended, she can respond directly to posts such as mine (assuming that she even reads her own press or just relies on her ghostwriter to put up her drivel here). She certainly doesn’t need you to fight her fights so it would seem to me that you are the one with the pathetic, small, her0-worshipping little life, sweetpea. Bristol just laughs at you all the way to the bank, snookums.
        She is a gum-smacking, self-righteous, immature, self-absorbed victim of her own making who has put herself out there for valid criticism. The truth is that she can’t dance, has no talent and doesn’t deserve to continue on DWTS because of the uneducated, distorted “needs” of the Palinistas. There are too many committed, talented and entertaining contestants this season who need not and should not be voted off the show just to protect poor Bristol’s feelings or as an homage to her sick, dysfunctional parents or for whatever reason.

  • Anne

    Bristol, I do not think that you are wrong, or that the ideas you have about Mark are just in your head. I have watched and listened and I have felt that Mark’s comments about just wanting to make sure you have fun are seriously not in your best interest. Way to advocate for yourself!! I believe that you are a shining example of a powerful woman and I support you. Love to watch you dance and hope you go all the way through the finals with a WIN!!

  • Jake

    I’m starting to think that Fado has a crush on Bristol. It’s kinda like when you’re in elementary school and you pick on the person you like. Why else would you spend so much time always checking her blog an commenting all the time. It’s okay. Let your crush go,….stalker! Jk.

  • Benita

    Tried texting over & over and it keeps coming back as invalid #??? I wonder what’s up with that?

  • Paul

    I didn’t see the entire dance but, I think she did a great job and deserves to stay on the show and continue on. I’ve been a big fan of Bristol’s and a very big fan of Sarah Palin, who by the way I hope will run for President again in the near future.

  • Fado

    ” again” Paul???

  • Arlene Juhan

    I Think Bristol is dancing very well and hopes she wins.

  • Susie Guerra

    Voted for Bristol and Mark as many times as I could!!! Only positive words and thoughts!!!!!

  • H B

    If Bristol makes it through this week she had better stop whining and start dancing seriously. This is no easy dancing, so get to it and practice

  • Dean Autrey

    Baby I think you just need to ‘loosen’ up some. Let it all go and just dance! You have all the qualifications, beauty, grace, heart of God, just give in and dance with your beautiful smile all over your face, in your eyes and your lips! I vote for you every week!

  • Ginger

    I was looking for hip hop dancing to see what kind of dance that was and came across this Chelsea Hightower,

    Look at those facial expressions. You have the moves girl, show the expressions.

    Goo all the way

  • Joy

    I think it’s awesome that Bristol & Mark are at Week 4 – despite lower scores – which just proves the power of the fans!! Fan Power Rules!! After all, this is an entertainment program first and (serious?) dance competition second. Remember, the pro’s are always the strongest dancers in each couple; so it’s just great to see the amateurs dancing their heart out and doing their very best. And, as far as I’m concerned, Bristol’s a winner no matter what the final outcome!!