Three Behind the Scenes Photos from My Last Week of DWTS All Stars

Three Behind the Scenes Photos from My Last Week of DWTS All Stars October 18, 2012
My cheering section before the show started Wednesday! I could hear Trig yelling before our dance, I’m glad the boys made it through my routine!

Click HERE for Photo 2

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  • Amanda

    Super cute Bristol! I know your entire family is more than proud of your courage to do dwts. Your fans definitely are. I throw a mini dwts watch party every week and most of the attendees comment that they would epically fail if ever on that show. You all engage in hard work and you were beautiful doing it. Bless you and enjoy that little boy as you always do when you make your way back to your home in fantastic Alaska.

  • Christy

    I just wanted to tell you what an AMAZING mom you are to Tripp Love your show Lifes a Tripp! You and your mom are so BEAUTIFUL!!! Stay strong and GOD BLESS

  • Tawny Jones

    Beautiful family. Great photos.

  • Gilly

    what on earth is your mother wearing? Age appropriate? I think not. Presidential Candidate appropriate? HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah a hah ha.

    The palins are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Halla

    Great family & friends photos!
    You have so much to be proud of! Your family represents to me the true American family!
    God’s blessings on you all and on all that you do.
    Will miss you on DWTS!

  • BB

    You are blessed with a large, beautiful family pretty lady! You show far more class by ignoring your haters then they do when they obsess of your life. And after it all, you’re still just the grounded country girl who doesn’t care about “fame.”


    All the best! Claude

  • Michael

    You are awesome. I’m glad to see your family there to support you. I hope to see more of you in the future. I never get tired of seeing the Palin family. God bless all of you.

  • Lena Cooksey

    Hi Bristol, yes we were sad you did not make it through, but you did a great job, and I could see you were really starting to have fun. My husband said, “isn’t she the cutest little thing”, and that is unusual for him to say something like that. ha
    You are a great little mother, so keep up the good work.
    Blessings to all of you.

  • Lotta

    ~Happy Birthday Bristol!! Will miss seeing you dance…you did an amazing job!! Blessings

  • Victoria

    Bristol you and your family are so cool, real & all-American. You radiated a refreshing non-fakeness that made your dancing fun to watch. The Libs take the fun out everything w/ their veneom & whining….they think they have a monopoly on pop culture…no conservatives allowed (even though half the DWTS audience is said to be conservative) Thanks for going into the belly of the beast. ABC exploited you for ratings so hope you got paid well for it.
    In terms of the voting something was just not kosher. On the East coast, I tried to vote & after 4 calls was told I was at my calling limit as opposed to the 9 calls allowed last Monday. Many others report the same plus having problems voting w/ their on-line accounts.

    Found this comment on C4P site about the 75% strange drop in phone vote for you as reflected on Dialidol: “It should be noted that the raw scores show a huge drop in Bristol’s fan base voting. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy, but that huge drop in voting activity for Bristol just doesn’t seem plausible,
    Here’s the raw score for this week:
    Here’s the raw score for last week:
    Here’s the raw score for week two:
    Here’s the raw score for week one:
    If these numbers are to be believed, 74% of the people who voted for Bristol last week didn’t vote for her this week. Am I the only one who thinks that there could be something rotten in Denmark” Another commenter wrote, “There was something different about the voting last night. Something was wrong with the number. I usually get 200 calls in. Last night i only got about 50. The number wasn’t picking up. Can you see if the voting numbers are off for all contestants?”
    Happy Birthday.

    • I agree completely with this observation. I got all my calls in but I felt in my spirit that something was very wrong. I felt that the voting was contrived or changed. I made this comment on Sarah’s posting on Facebook. This happened to Sabrina years ago when she went off early. I couldn’t get votes in for her. At that time I felt it was jealous voters not hanging up their lines and purposely causing her to lose. It needs to be checked.

      • blueniner

        The left likes to factcheck everything the right does, how about fact checking the Hanky Panky voter suppresion. You know the PDS hackers were busy at work trying to get Bristol off the show.

  • aaron krohn

    Happy # 22, Bristol!!
    Amazing all that’s gone down since you were a pregnant 17 year old just 4 years ago!!
    Here’s a VERY short list:
    Gave birth to a beautiful boy, and continue being a GREAT mom.
    Became an advocate and spokeswoman for teenage girls who might become, or were, pregnant.
    Have been on DWTS for two seasons!! And quite successfully, I might add!!
    Was seen on several episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.
    Had your own show, Life’s a Tripp!
    Wrote a wonderful and successful book, Not Afraid of Life.
    Bought a house in AZ.
    Returned to your beloved home state, where you have built a house for your family!!
    What’s next, girl???
    Can’t wait to find out!!

    P.S. Oh yeah, how could I forget?? You began this blog!!

  • Pamela Masterson

    Bristol I love your family pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to miss you on Dancing With the Stars, you had my vote every week. Your mom and dad look great. Bristol your son is just beautiful and so is your little brother.

  • Bristol, love your family pictures and all that you have accomplished in the past 4 years….aaron krohn is so right!!!

  • Happy Birthday….may God shed his blessings on you!!!

  • Robin

    Great pictures thanks for sharing.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Looks like a Happy Family out of Happy Days, Con Grats Bristol. It was a Blessing for you to get out of that show, you were surrounded by a bunch of nasty spirits that wanted to suck you into their perverted ways of life. The Lord is with you.

  • Bo

    Looks like a conspiracy theory is being born here! ABC conspired to suppress the Palinista vote. Whatever.
    I imagine that we will soon hear of a boycott of ABC and demands for a recount. lol
    Heads are exploding all over Palinista-land. Just imagine what these poor souls will do when Obama wins the election . . . oh, the humanity!

    • susiepuma

      Oh – get a life – Dems have always cheated and always will – it’s the way they are raised .. (some of them – like me – finally realized that in 2007-08 and became Independents & Palinistas….so I know how the Dems operate and it ain’t pretty….

      No Palinista’s heads will explode over the winner of the election because it will not be the fraud – most Palinista’s and others of like mind are not voting FOR romeny but AGAINST the fraud – hope your pointy little head does not explode over the winner of the election……………………

  • Linda Lee Mills

    Bristol, so proud of you and your family! Much success and blessings for the future!!!!!

  • Karry

    Personally, I thought it sucked that they had them pick teams before the elmination was annouced on DWTS. It was like they were giving you one last “jab” because your team was not picked. They could have waited until the elimination was anncounced and then picked from the remaining teams. For that reason I have removed DTWS from my DVR recordings and will never watch it again.

    • Reallynow


      Bristol, just wondering where your mom is going to wear all her new flashdance outfits up there in Alaska. I guess she could wear them on the boat when you guys bash fish. (like she has ever really done any of that without cameras around). She sure has gone all Hollywood. Is Willow next in line for a reality show? lol, the Kardashians of the north can’t get enough attention.Lol

  • lois

    WOW, DWTS cut me off after 4 votes for you. What a obvious mess they made, choosing couples and leaving you and Mark for last, and with one minute left to the show announcing you were leaving….. It was just too obvious how pre- planed it was. They needed to humiliate you first, showing how none of the other dancers wanted you for their team! I will no longer be watching DWTS or that channel.
    Liberals are miserable people, stay away from them. We still love you.

    • Reallynow

      whawhawha, must protect the poor delicate grifting palins. What a joke you palinholics are.

      • BB

        How is wishing people the best, what I would do for any human, protecting? You are weird and need a life. I know it’s cliche but if you were happy, you would be showing happiness and not trolling blogs being a hateful coward.

  • blueniner

    Happy Birthday Bristol, going to miss you on DWTS. You have accomplished much in a short time.
    I see big things in your future, good luck, and keep on keeping on!

  • Fado

    What the hell is Sarah Palin wearing in these photos? Please dont tell us it’s her daughter’s dress! And I sure home she wore something under it. Did she not think how short it would be when she sat down in the front row???? Sarah really needs to look back at how they dressed her during the 2oo8 campaign. She looked much younger, healthier, attractive and polished. I’m sorry by this new look is just awful.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol! My favorite is the last one. Beautiful family shot. Happy Birthday, BP! You are blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive family. And the most beautiful boy in the world. Much better than a MBT. I’ve really enjoyed your television appearances. (Jimmy Kimmel, GMA, The View) All with a smile on your face. Especially, your appearance on Kimmel. You more than held your own with him, Bristol. When you said that you were there for your apology, I was like, Yes!!! That’s my girl! Super proud of you, BP! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and Tripp. Many blessings, Bristol.

  • Aw! So sweet, Bristol – I am going to miss seeing you on DWTS. You were such a joy to watch dance and Mark did a fabulous job teaching you. No matter what the critics said: You were fabulous and should be proud of every dance!

  • Jan Page

    Happy Birthday, Bristol!

  • Congratulations on making it as far as you did – I loved watching the two of you dance. I voted every time as much as I could. You looked stunning and beautiful for each performance. Glad your family could be with you.

  • Joseph

    I’m sure gonna miss you on DWTS. But I look forward to see what greater things God has in store for you next! You have improved alot during your 4 weeks on the show, especially your Cha-cha this season; you were very confident, getting out there and shaking it!!! 😉 I want to tell you that at least 2 years ago I thought about taking dance lessons, ’cause I thought it would be beneficial, especially when I find the right woman that I want to marry and I’d possibly have to dance at the wedding. But after watching you dance during season 11 of the show, you really inspired me to take dance lessons and I love it; I give you and Mark credit! God Bless you and Happy Birthday; I hope you have a great one! 🙂

  • Bree Merr

    Happy Birthday Bristol. As you can see supporters here are so positeve and loving and we wish you the very best in the future. Ignore the parasite-haters here with nothing in their minds except the futile efforts of putting others down. You have taken negatives and turned them into positives. That drives them crazy because they only understand negatives therefore making then haters. Keep up the positve attitude and drive that gets you thru obstacles haters set up.

    Hater-PARASITE =. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return. Their lack of their own confidence or their own achievements leads them to become parasites of others.

  • Happy Birthday Bristol…
    Sarah Palin- “May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.” …. *_*

  • Gregory Russo

    Happy Birthday, Bristol.

    Even algthough this was your last week on DWTS. I think Your the best. You came out of your comfort zone and did something that no other person. You did you best and still kept on improving. That something no one could ever do. It was great that your family, including your parents were there every week to support you.
    If there was ever a competion in Alaska I do not belive a second any Hollywood celebrity would be able to make though day one.

    Now your schedule is free sky’s the limit what yu could do next. I hope someday you can Go and get your college degree. Your mom can now get back into helping candidates to win in the November 2012 elections.

    God is always with your Familyand Mark Ballas and you.

  • Georgia

    Happy Birthday, Bristol! We will miss you on DWTS (actually my family will never watch the show again), because you were spectacular, however, we cannot wait to follow you on your next adventure. The world is yours, Bristol!

    • CJ

      Georgia is right! YOU were SPECTACULAR ON THAT DANCE FLOOR!!!
      I will miss you terribly and will not be watching the remainder of the show or subsequent seasons either. You and Mark cannot be duplicated! It's just that simple! All the fancy acrobatics, splits and the rest of it CANNOT compare to the joy of watching a YOU, a complete novice to the world of dance, work your precious heart out to learn, master and progress week by week in the most ADORABLE partnership I've ever seen!!! You cannot believe how many people were pulling for you guys!
      It was AWESOME, and I don't, for one second, believe you didn't have the votes to take you through another week! Not sure exactly what happened, but, it sure wasn't because your support dropped and I want you to always know this. YOU ARE SO LOVED, Bristol, and we are so PROUD OF YOU!

      I hope this BIRTHDAY is filled with ALL the blessings your sweet heart can hold.

      My gift to you on your special day is this~
      BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW………………….Revelation 21:5


      Let's see what the LORD has planned next for you and Tripp. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Reallynow

        Oh,puke. You are smitten CJ, I’d be a little worried if I were Bristol. Creepy

  • Fado

    Oh wow, it IS Bristol’s dress. Who does that to their daughter? Is she trying to upstage her daughter ( she didn’t, btw, Bristol wore it better)? And what’s with the pose in the first photo! Love the look she’s getting from the couple across the aisle. Good thing Todd was there because there would be no handling Trig on a lap barely covered like that. You would think that would be obvious.

    • Bo

      Queen Esther of the Tundra is “trashing” herself up with a hooker’s dress in a vain attempt to rekindle Todd’s interest in her. Everyone in Wasilla knows that he has taken up with Tryg’s nanny.

      • Fado

        Really Bo?

  • Chesney

    Happy birthday! I’m so sad to see you leave DWTS.. you are a huge inspiration!

  • BB

    Ignore the idle fools please. The few hate trolls feed off attention because it’s the only life they have within themselves. They are the reason decent people do not read any comments on political posts on any websites. Ignore them and they will reveal who they are with their filthy mouth and hateful words.

  • Happy Birthday Bristol!!!

    I hope you are having a great birthday! Love the pictures and your family. Thank you for sharing them with us. I am going to miss you on DWTS. It was a joy to watch you and Mark dance together.

  • Pat

    Happy Birthday Bristol. I will not enjoy watching the rest of this seasons DWTS as much now that you are not there.

  • Martha

    Bristol, I will definitely miss you on DWTS. I started watching DWTS because of Kurt Warner and ended up giving half my votes to you and Mark because you were definitely relatable to me and I loved how loving Mark was with you. I am sad to say that I was disappointed with Mark this time around. I still gave you all my votes though. You are wonderful and I look forward to hearing good things from what you decide to do with your life.

  • Darren

    Happy Birthday Bristol! Have a joyous birthday Bristol. May the Lord bless and favor you. I hope you find your shining star to help guide you through your life travels. May I suggest that you start college and earn a degree. I want to see you succeed. I found this as a gift for your birthday. It’s, Happy Birthday – Disney Song – Lyrics I hope this ok with webmaster. Take care.

  • meloryscott

    Happy birthday Bris!!

    Ignore the haters. I believe at age 19 few years ago you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and hundreds of thousands more since then (your book, speaking engagements and this season of DWTS, etc). How much have they paid in taxes?

    • Fado

      Yes, pretty incredible and easy pay for merely being a pregnant teen of a famous mom. But Bristol’s celebrity has likely run it’s course so the best advice anyone could give her would be to get an education or training of some sort and start a real career.

      • Fado

        It’s going to be a wake-up call for Bristol:even if she does managed to completed a college degree: Her starting salary will likely be what she made in a week of this season’s DWTS.

        • BB

          Why are you so obsessed with constant ignorant speculation? Notice you’re the only one here who is living her life. The rest are wishing her well.

          Get a life. Yours must be sad if your current one consists of lying about strangers.

          • Fado

            Lying about strangers BB? Please tell us even one thing I have said that is a lie. You can’t.

  • I really enjoyed watching you on DWTS! I hated that this was your last week. You did well and you are an ALL STAR, Happy Birthday, Bristol!!!! From my entire family (my hubby, 3 girls and I are big fans of you and your entire family).

  • rob hart

    Just another adventure, Bristol. You did an awesome job dancing and hangin with the bunch. Your smile and attitude after the results speak volumes about the kind hearted person you truly are. Happy Birthday!!!!

  • NanaJ

    Love the photos. Wishing you and Tripp all the best.

  • Sandra Robertson

    You, my dear, are an amazing young woman! I really enjoyed watching you evolve each week of the two seasons you appeared on DWTS! You should be very proud of yourself for the grace and maturity you presented while under such fire and pressure! You can now hold your on on any ballroom floor amoung any calibur of dancer! I wish much joy, love, and success to you and Tripp for your future! Go out there and have a wonderful life!

  • Jake

    Confuse a liberal: use logic and common sense! Lmao

  • wivalleygirl

    I voted for you on DWTS because I truly thought you were the Most Improved and had a great dance. I’ll miss you on DWTS. Sorry to see you go, but I know great things are going for you.

  • julie vale

    I’ll miss you on DWTS. Sorry to see you go, but I know great things are going for you.

  • Larry Huntley

    Great pictures. Only wish u got further in contest

  • Reallynow

    Impress a contard: use hate and lies! Lmao

  • meloryscott

    Bristol has indicated in three interviews now that she is rooting for Emmit.

    He is a really cool guy and a great dancer to boot. He has been friendly and kind to Bristol, I suspect, in that cold and sometimes hostile environment among DWTS contestants. Remember the one night on the show when she was sitting alone, he leaned over to her, touched her hand and must have said something encouraging to her, because she smiled and it looked like she really appreciated his kind words.

    It is obvious that Bris has a lot of respect for him. So I am suggesting that her supporters, if they agree, should vote for him. Even if you don’t watch the show anymore, just get the number for him and call and email as soon as the show starts.

    The way I see it, a person that shows kindness and respect to the Palins, is a person worthy of our support.

    Go Emmit!

    • Reallynow

      I love Emmit, but not for this smarmy reason. The Palin’s will get about as much respect as they deserve. And that would be a big fat 0. They have done absolutely nothing deserving of respect. They are users and takers. The grifting Kardashians of the north. You palinholics need serious intervention and get on some meds.

      • reallynow,

        How old are you? You sound like you are in middle school?

      • Carol

        I hate to tell you the Palin’s did a lot to earn respect. People did not stand in lines too see her if she did not earn respect. Sarah Palin was pick to be VP for McCain. Obama’s Lawyers file some of the suites of the frivolous suites and they have been proven false. Obama knew that Palin had a much better record than he had so they set out to destroy it. They put out lies up on lie. Obama was not held to the same standard as Sarah Palin. The only job Obama had was community organizer and senator. Sarah Palin is the one helped the republicans take over the congress. Bristol was treated badly by the press If she had to have an abortion it probably been okay with them would have been okay with them. Bristol’s was asked to go on DWTS. I think when they first asked many were hoping she would be the butt of jokes but she did better than even she thought she could. Those kind of shows are kept on because of people watching when it goes off the air the left will be able to thank themselves. The rules were the judges count for 50% and votes counted 50% if Bristol did better than others because of the votes than those complaining should have looked for more people to vote for them. If they were so offend by the rules they should have talked to the ones who decided what the rules would be. I don’t believe the judges gave Bristol marks she didn’t deserve. If anything they gave them lower because then they deserved because they were afraid of how the liberals were going to react crazy like they normally do. It was a stupid show but some of the dancers and others much older than Bristol acted like Bristol was the one making the decisions. Bristol had the courage to take the offer that she was given and did very well at it. Bristol worked harder than anyone on that show because she never had any dance or anything like dance.She should be very proud of herself she did what very ery few could do. She got to meet some great people and became good friends with others on the show.

        • Reallynow

          OMG, this is so funny

        • BlueVA

          I’ve never actually seen anyone stutter while WRITING! Carol, you blew my mind! LOL

          • BlueVA,
            I read carol’s post and I didn’t read or pick up any stuttering in her writing. Must not
            take much to blow your mind.


  • Kara B.

    Happy belated birthday!

  • Kirstin

    I absolutely love the 3rd photo!! So sweet!!!! Congrats Bristol on making it as far as you did!! I voted for you every week! 🙂 hope to see more of you and your family!

  • rcarol,
    That was a great post. Fully agree with you!!!

  • Bristol, you are destined for greatness….when one door closes another door opens.

  • David

    Bristol, you and Mark had a good run on DWTS. Congratulations!
    After reading the Left-wing-nut comments here, it appears that you must have pi**ed them off more each week that you remained on the Show.
    Good job!