Charlie: Loving Halloween in Florida

Charlie: Loving Halloween in Florida October 22, 2013

Of course, they just keep coming in Here’s a very seasonal e-mail, from Jane Alcock:

This is Charlie. He is 33 years old and we live in St. Cloud Florida.
Halloween is his favorite time of year. He loves to decorate our home.

Thanks, Jane, for introducing everyone to Charlie.  I hope he gets lots of candy this year!

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  • Bristol,

    Good morning. I hate to be the first comment with bad news…but….your image is broken. It needs to be reloaded to the post. It worked on FB and I got it for my syndication, but it’s not working here.

  • politicaljules

    I cannot see the picture.

    • politicaljules

      Seriously? Why the down vote? I still cant see the picture. Not even on Facebook.

  • otlset

    It’s just a freak blizzard covering things up down there, you know, what with global warming and all.

  • c4pfan

    I can’t see the picture.

  • Kristy Patullo

    My home state. Happy Halloween, Charlie!