Love Bug

Love Bug November 25, 2013

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  • Kristy Patullo

    Holy! Tripp looks like he’s 5 going on 15. Love his hair like that, Bristol. And
    love your matching specs.

  • Soolong

    Sarah too

  • JrMiss33

    She moves away briefly for SCHOOL and you criticize? I suggest you get a life. They will ALWAYS be ALASKAN.

    Anyway, beautiful son Bristol. You’re such a good mommy. He beams.

    • Soolong

      Always Leslie? Sarah hasn’t lived in Alaska enough the past two years to be considered a resident.

      • JrMiss33

        You act like you know these things specifically. There are many reasons one leaves the state. Look at how many ALaskans have homes elsewhere. Sarah works down here. smh at your assumptions.

        • Soolong

          She didn’t file as a resident. The rest of the family did. Except willow who away at school last year in AZ.

          • JrMiss33

            You have no idea as to why people do what they do. I suggest you stop living in assumption land.

  • Michael Cummings

    Very cute, both of you.
    Hey anonymous “pistol remark”, maybe she did that for me cause of all the wanna be oldmen exmilitary that gave me trouble.
    Translation: “Stick it up your ass!!!”

  • c4pfan

    LOL cute hairdo on Tripp! You are looking great Bristol.

  • Soolong

    Hey congrats blog writer, you finally figured out how to keep your identity off of the photos!

  • ManxMamma

    Are you hiding something from us Bristol….do I see a ring on your left hand??? If so, congrats!

  • otlset

    You rang?

  • otlset

    This just in, Sarah Palin was RIGHT (as we conservatives always knew) about ‘death panels’ in Obama’s overreaching ACA attempt to socialize the American medical system! This despite her being the lone voice back in 2009 to first alert the nation about these cost-containment measures — against the vast majority of pundits and “experts” who savaged and denounced her for the comment at the time. Mark Halperin explains…

    • 1MiddleRoader

      She was RIGHT when she said the term should not be taken literally. If you don’t take it literally, then death panels existed way before O-care (in which case, not a news flash), and yes, they’ll exist after.
      I first became interested in health care reform, when as a kid, I read about a family holding bake sales, etc. to pay for their daughter’s cancer treatment b/c her insurance wouldn’t cover it. Was that not a death panel?

      • Soolong

        Exactly middle roader, insurance companies do this all the time. And truth of the matter, this discussion about how best to use publicly funded health card dollars needs to be had. Another good thing that the ACA brought up was the need for the elderly to have their doctor and family be aware of what their wishes are for care. It’s what everyone should do. It’s how cases like Terry Shiavo can be avoided. It’s how people get treated ( or not) according to their wishes, family doesn’t have to make difficult decisions and funds are better used. These are all good things, but unfortunately this country doesn’t seem to be able to have the conversations it should be having. I blame Sarah Palin in part for this.

        • otlset

          Sarah Palin has *increased* the conversations in this arena — as evidenced by all this blather in this thread.

      • Soolong

        By the way, did you see the latest from the Pope? I’m not catholic anymore, but I have to say this new pope is pretty awesome!

        • 1MiddleRoader

          Actually, I hadn’t, so I looked it up. I assume you mean his outreach to the poor and denouncing “trickle-down” economics? I agree, he’s not your average Pope! It’s funny, b/c on doctrine, he’s just as conservative as his predecessors: anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-ordaining women. But he doesn’t condemn those who don’t agree with the Church views.

          • Soolong

            True. And better, he thinks the church should stay outt of politics. Yes, I was referring to his comments on capitalism, health care, etc.

      • otlset

        Yes. Now you want the government to make those decisions — I do not. I want the government to leave me and my medical affairs alone. I believe government has NO business in healthcare, outside of bare-bones regulations to protect consumers.

        If I had my way, I’d scrap Obamacare altogether, and go after the REAL reason healthcare costs have risen so much in recent years — the necessity of doctors and affiliated hospitals and medical organizations to practice medicine “defensively” — that is treatment done and/or recommended with an eye on avoiding medical malpractice lawsuits down the road that have skyrocketed in the past decades as opportunistic lawyers take the doctors to court suing them for exorbitant amounts for often questionable medical ‘mistakes’ or ‘omissions’ — and often winning as foolish juries award the poor defendants millions and millions of dollars — which the insurance companies have to fork out. No wonder insurance rates have risen so. Thus doctors instead of treating with only the tests and procedures that are necessary, but also they are forced to perform all kinds of peripheral tests (some really expensive) just in case the outcome isn’t to the patient’s expectations, and they drag the doctor into court — the doctor can say he/she did everything they could — useful, pertinent or not just to protect themselves legally. Malpractice fees have skyrocketed as a result, in the medical practice end to the insurance coverage end. “Tort” lawsuits, they call them. I believe that is the *main* reason for the rise in healthcare costs.

        If this ‘tort’ situation is effectively dealt with and doctors can use their common sense in treatment, I think the free-market principles of competition will gradually assert themselves in the healthcare system and prices will at least stabilize, if not go down due to the competition for patient insurance signups.

  • JrMiss33

    Why is everyone having a non-related conversation on this thread?

    • otlset

      Well, now that people are starting to find out what the heck is actually IN Obamacare, it seems that under the communicable diseases section, right next to “Super Bugs” and “Bunny Bugs” is a listing for “Love Bugs”, and conditions for its coverage. But the question remains: is getting a Love Bug a treatable disease?

  • JrMiss33

    Know why I like this woman? She doesn’t put up a front or a facade. She doesn’t act like parenting is a luxury filled with endless rainbows and skittles. She’s realistic. She admits her imperfections. She joins every other parent in the battle against strong-willed preschoolers and comes out strong and devoted. She tried to show today’s youth reasons to avoid young parenthood at the risk of being “liberally” attacked. There’s no pretension in her. She has inherently seen that Tripp is both a typical “rowdy” boy and sweet gentleman. She knows she could always be better and has shown she always works to make Tripp even better than he was the previous day.

    Years ago, working a normal job, she stayed silent and emotionally strong with a certain boy was on the attack and playing Hollywood. That is undisputed. If I were her then, I probably would’ve snapped. I’ve never heard her deny a mistake unlike other people. It takes a lot to trust someone with your child after all that juvenile behavior.

    I dont know many people who could stomach the situation she was in and remain so strong.Truly remarkable and a testament to what familial strength is. I applaud Sarah and Todd. I applaud Bristol for how wonderful Tripp is. She’s such a calm person, I can’t get over how amazing it is.

  • $70129662

    You look so young in this photo Bristol, I did not know it was you!

    We have not abandoned you, will be back after the holidays, God willing, to start 2014 with you. The Dems own the Unaffordable Care Act – I can see Nov 2014 from my house!

    A very merry Christmas to you and your family and congratulations to your mom on the success of the book and the tours – I loved this video of her book signing in…