Candace Cameron Bure Plans to Wear Modest Costumes on Dancing With the Stars, Wants to Be “a Good Role Model”

Candace Cameron Bure Plans to Wear Modest Costumes on Dancing With the Stars, Wants to Be “a Good Role Model” March 25, 2014

I had so much fun seeing the debut of Dancing with the Stars this season!  As always, I’m pulling for my favorite, Mark Ballas!  But I also love his partner Candace Cameron Bure and the stance she is taking about modesty:

Mom first, dancer second. Candace Cameron Bure won’t be wearing skimpy costumes while competing on Dancing With the Stars. The Full House alum made her dancing debut on the premiere of Season 18 on Monday, March 17, and told reporters that she plans to wear modest costumes on the ABC show. See DWTS‘ rehearsal pics here.

“The two most important things in my life are my faith and my family and I know that is what is going to get me through this competition,” Bure, a devout Christian, told partner Mark Ballas in a video clip from their rehearsals. “I’m not gonna be your sexy girl, I’m a mom of three kids so I want to look good and feel beautiful, but I will probably stay on the more modest end of costuming.”

Bure, 37, has three children — daughter Natasha, 15, and sons Lev, 14, and Maksim, 12 — with her husband, Russian NHL hockey player Valerie Bure. The former child star told Us Weekly after the show Monday that her costumes will be a “happy medium” between sexy and modest.

“I won’t be the sexiest one out there,” she told Us. “I am a mom and I want to be a good role model for my children and my husband. But I think for each dance we’ll wear what reflects the dance but in the most classy way possible.”

Bure also hopes that her appearance on DWTS will motivate other moms. “I want to represent all the moms out there and inspire them and encourage them,” she explained. “I’m just a woman, I’m not any different than all the moms out there — my priority is my family, my husband, my kids and so this for me is truly just a joy.

It’s something I’ve never done and to get the opportunity to do this is fantastic. I’m just going to enjoy every moment. We’re working hard of course, but I’m thrilled to just be able to work hard and do this.”

Go, Candace and Mark!

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  • sadlyso

    One can say I am a Christian all they want however, actions really shows what’s hidden in the heart. I can tell Candace Cameron Bure is a truly and devoted Christian woman. For someone whom Christ live in their heart, will do exactly what Ms. Cameron-Bure is doing because being a true Christian mean being Christ like.

    • Tred

      To be honest, what she is saying here about being a mom and considering the example she is setting for her kids and others, is not something exclusive to Christians.

  • Jethro Bodean


  • brendashandmade

    I thought it was great when she said that! She’s a great example teenage girls too. My daughter was happy to see someone else stand up for what they believe, even among peer pressure.

  • $3838536

    Candace Cameron Bure is a very beautiful woman & a great role-model for young ladies everywhere.

  • Samuel Stein

    Bristol, when will you be inviting Mark Ballas to visit you and your wonderful family, again? Is it Springtime in Alaska now? I knew you would be so proud of Candice Bure and comment about her sweet character. Way to go, Bristol!

    • cant_believe_it

      I am pretty sure, Mark Ballas is still praising and celebrating the two days that Bristol got kicked off the shows, he won’t come near the Palin brood with a 10 ft pole (rightfully so!).

      • Jeremiah Johnson

        Youre probably right. A depraved heart wants no part of righteousness. And we wouldnt want to see him accidently get doused with holy water and melt into a pile of … something.

        • cant_believe_it

          There is nothing “righteous” about Bristol’s “do as I say, not as I do” way of life….
          Since you seem to be a follower of hers I’m afraid you wouldn’t know “righteous” if it jumped in your face!

  • Kristy Patullo

    Candace seems like a very sweet girl. In the end, faith and family are all that
    matters. I wish her well on DWTS. I’m rooting for her and Danica. Go, girls!