Kidnapper Releases 10-Year-Old Who Won’t Stop Singing Gospel Song

Kidnapper Releases 10-Year-Old Who Won’t Stop Singing Gospel Song April 24, 2014

This is an amazing story.  A kid was out in his yard, when someone drove up and kidnapped him.

“Don’t say a word,” the kidnapper demanded.  So the ten year old obeyed.  He didn’t speak.  He sang.

In fact, he sang a gospel song called “Every Praise” — for three hours!

That’s when the kidnapper finally let the kid go.

What an amazing kid — and an amazing story.  Here’s the song, “Every Praise.”

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  • Lisa314

    God is amazing!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    The Lord will honor those who give him Praise and rescue them from the enemy!

  • dr. woo


  • LesterBallard

    So all those girls in Cleveland would had to do is sing a praise song?

    • guest

      Meth works even better. Remember when the big story was how a woman got a kidnapper to free her because of “a purpose driven life” but then it turned out that they had actually done meth together?

      Good for this kid though. I suspect the kidnapper just did not have much of a plan and it wasn’t the singing. But brave kid who deserves tons of praise.

      • LesterBallard

        I didn’t know that about the PDL woman. Walter White would be proud.