Police Officer Pulls People Over to Give Out Christmas Presents

Police Officer Pulls People Over to Give Out Christmas Presents December 16, 2014


I LOVE this!!! It’s so good to see people just being nice.

The last thing anybody thinks when they get pulled over is, “My day’s about to get better.” I’m sure you dread those flashing lights just like I do. But now a couple people in Lowell, Michigan probably won’t cringe every time they see a police car.

Police officers can learn a lot about you in a 5-minute stop. Whether you’re having a bad day, a horrible day, or if you were having a good day until you got pulled over…

This officer had a great idea — as he stopped people, he casually asked how their Christmas shopping was going. Then he found out what they or their kids wanted for Christmas, and his radio played the conversation to his partners in a store. They ran around like crazy finding just what they wanted, then a guy dressed like Santa rushed it over to where the cop had pulled the person over.

Then instead of a ticket, they got something off their Christmas list!

Their reactions are priceless! Just watch:

What a great way to spread some Christmas joy! Hey, this would be a great idea for the police in Wasilla…

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