21-Year-Old Sues Her Parents for College Tuition… and Wins?

21-Year-Old Sues Her Parents for College Tuition… and Wins? December 15, 2014

Have you seen this story about a daughter suing her parents to make them pay for her college tuition?


Caitlyn Ricci is a 21-year-old adult, and she insists that her parents should pay for her college costs, and a new car — after she disrespected their rules, refused their advice, left the house, and hasn’t spoken to them outside a courtroom in a year.

Her parents say she had some disciplinary issues at home. She didn’t want to obey the rules they made, so she left to stay with her grandparents. Her mom told her that if she moved out, her dad wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore, and she wouldn’t get any more financial support from them. (Her parents are divorced.)

Caitlyn did what she wanted anyway, but decided she still wanted them to pay for her college. They told her they would help her with college if she went in-state and lived at home by their rules. But they couldn’t afford to help with out-of-state tuition cost. So her grandparents helped Caitlyn sue her own parents. They’ve been battling in court for over a year.

And here’s what makes it even worse — the court agreed with her!  The judge said they have to pay $16,000 of her tuition by the end of the year.

Caitlyn’s dad told Yahoo Parenting, “It makes my blood boil listening to a judge tell me that my daughter can go to any school in country she wants to, have no relationship with her parents, and we have to pay!”

Here’s what Caitlyn’s mom said on her blog:

“Caitlyn doesn’t want a family; she wants money. And the courts have told her that this is completely acceptable.” She calls her daughter a victim of the “Age of Entitlement.”

Caitlyn hasn’t offered many comments beside saying, “It’s not about the money. I want to go to college.” And apparently what she wants is all that matters.

I cannot even begin to believe the entitlement issues people have. This story still seems like a joke to me, but it’s sadly true.

What is this going to teach other young people? That everyone else in the world owes them something? It’s unreal.

And what does the judge’s ruling teach this adult woman? That her parents OWED her, and she DESERVES her college tuition paid for!

Whatever happened to working for what you have? Working and paying off student loans like everyone else does? Not everyone is born into the best situations, but they do what it takes to reach their goals.

My generation literally needs to wake up. Life isn’t fair, and you have to work to get ahead. No one owes you anything!!

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