“Uncle Martin was definitely pro-life,” says Dr. Alveda King

“Uncle Martin was definitely pro-life,” says Dr. Alveda King January 19, 2015

Living a life of God’s love and nonviolence has been a tradition for the King family through generations. Dr. Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and she’s following in those footsteps just like her uncle, her dad, and her granddad.

But she didn’t always.

When Alveda was younger, she bought into the feminist message that a woman can choose what to do with her own body. Actually, she says, that message is true! The lie is when this is used to justify abortion, because a baby is NOT a woman’s own body!

Alveda had 2 secret abortions. Another time she was pregnant, she told her granddaddy she was planning to get another abortion, and he told her, “They’re lying to you. That’s not a lump of clay, that’s my great-grandchild.” She listened to her granddad and didn’t have an abortion, and went on to birth 6 living children. When she talks about her motherhood, she now includes her two aborted children and one that was miscarried – she’s the mother of 9 children, 3 of whom she will meet in Heaven.

Actually, Alveda herself was nearly aborted – her mother wanted to finish college when she found out she was pregnant, and Alveda’s grandpa told her the same thing he’d later tell Alveda: “She’s not a lump of clay. I saw her in a dream 3 years ago – she has bright skin and bright red hair, and she’s gonna bless many people.” He really saved her life.

Now Dr. Alveda speaks often about protecting the unborn. She says her “Uncle ML” was absolutely pro-life. She talked with Kevin Scholla on Mama Grizzly Radio’s “The Palin Update” about some memories of her uncle and how she connects civil rights with being pro-life. It’s fascinating, and makes perfect sense!

Here’s what she said: “civil rights actually begins in the womb, because a person is a person from the moment of conception. … That makes a person.” Civil rights has to include ALL people.

Dr. Alveda tells it like it is: she wants “to give people positive, nonviolent alternatives to abortion, because abortion is very violent.”

My mom loves to quote Martin Luther King. His niece has some great things to say too!

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