GRAPHIC: “He Had a Beating Heart” – Planned Parenthood Harvests Brain of Child

GRAPHIC: “He Had a Beating Heart” – Planned Parenthood Harvests Brain of Child August 19, 2015

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In the 7th video released by investigative journalists from The Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood officials admit to doing “custom abortions to get a superior product.”  What does this actually mean?  They are willing to alter their abortion procedures (which is illegal, by the way) so that they can obtain baby brains intact, and then sell them for a steep price.

It is absolutely disgusting!!

The Center for Medical Progress describes their video footage:

In this new video, which some people are calling the most disturbing yet, former harvesting technician Holly O’Donnell describes how the heart of a late-term baby boy at Planned Parenthood’s mega-clinic in San Jose, CA started beating again after her supervisor tapped on it. Holly was then told to cut through the baby’s face to get his brain.

CMP investigators learned during the 2.5-year-long Human Capital study that born-alive infants are a shockingly common phenomenon in the abortion industry. It is made more common when fetal organs are being harvested because doctors must not poison the baby, yet also extract him or her as intact as possible—intact, an intact and live delivery is the outrageous “best case scenario” for organ harvesting.

Here is the new video:

How can someone look into the precious face of a murdered baby and only see dollar signs?  How can they possibly bring themselves to cut that baby’s face open to retrieve brains?  It is mind-boggling to me!

And yet it is happening all the time in Planned Parenthood clinics.

Please share this latest video and continue demanding that this evil be stopped!  We can’t be silent until these precious babies are seen for what they actually are – human beings with infinite worth and dignity.

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