It Doesn’t Look Like a Pencil Case to Me

It Doesn’t Look Like a Pencil Case to Me September 18, 2015


I think I sense a double standard here:

Following news that high school freshman Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock which police described as a “hoax bomb” onto campus, police declined to file charges and President Obama reached and invited Mohamed to bring his clock and visit the White House. Contrast that with the experience of an unnamed elementary school student who was threatened with expulsion–and ultimately pulled from the school–for drawing a picture of a Ninja holding a gun.


I get so scared Tripp may accidentally bring a nerf gun to school.  (He’s obsessed with them.. has “nerf gun fights” with all his neighborhood friends, ask’s Siri to find “nerf gun videos” so he can research the newest nerf gun’s out there, to me it is the cutest thing!)   The media down plays this incident as an alarm clock made in pencil case… that doesn’t look like a pencil case to me.

I’m sure the race of this student didn’t play any part of the schools protocol for something like this.

I know not all law enforcement is ethically correct (we have crooks everywhere), but I cannot even imagine how much more ‘protocols’ they will have to follow during an investigation of anyone who isn’t white.

Not everything is race based and most police, and law enforcement in general, are just trying to do their jobs. Let them do their jobs, and stop looking for reasons to cause riots.

I hope and pray my kids grow up in a “colorblind” generation like I thought I did, this is getting worse and worse everyday with stories like this.

THIS is what separates people, and makes soo many people victims. We need to look at the bigger picture, and stop blaming law enforcement for doing their jobs.

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