Did Planned Parenthood Just Admit They Were Selling Baby Parts for Profit?

Did Planned Parenthood Just Admit They Were Selling Baby Parts for Profit? October 15, 2015

Since investigative journalist exposed Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies, Planned Parenthood has been denying that they have done anything wrong.  Despite hours and hours of footage showing their doctors and staff haggling over the price of baby parts, they continually say they were not selling anything.

However, this week Planned Parenthood made its first major move that shows that they have known their actions were super sketchy all along.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards announced that they will no longer be collecting money for the baby parts they “donate” to medical procurement labs.

Bre Payton at The Federalist comments:

Despite its previous claims of innocence, Planned Parenthood’s announcement today suggests that the organization knew its activities were almost certainly illegal.

When the shocking videos of Planned Parenthood were first released, the taxpayer-funded abortion mill said it only accepted reimbursement for the cost of harvesting and shipping aborted baby body parts. According to the group, accepting mere reimbursement, rather than profiting from the practice, is allowed by law. The undercover videos, however, showed multiple senior Planned Parenthood staff haggling over the prices they would accept in exchange for aborted baby body parts. In one video, one Planned Parenthood executive said she needed a good price for baby body parts because, “I need a Lamborghini.”

David Daleiden, the investigative journalist at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) who lead the undercover video campaign, agrees that Planned Parenthood’s latest statements signal an admission of guilt.

“If the money Planned Parenthood has been receiving for baby body parts were truly legitimate ‘reimbursement,’ why cancel it?” Daleiden asked. “This proves what CMP has been saying all along—Planned Parenthood incurs no actual costs, and the payments for harvested fetal parts have always been an extra profit margin.”

Daleiden also noted that there’s no way to monitor how, or even if, Planned Parenthood plans to enforce its new policy.

“Without releasing the text of the alleged new ‘policy’ and the exact model from the their Washington affiliate, Planned Parenthood’s stunt today tells us nothing,” Daleiden said.

It is clear that an organization that devotes so many of their resources to the murder of innocent children is not to be trusted.  So it is not surprising to me that the truth is starting to come out by their own actions that they were in fact selling these baby parts.

The truth will always come out.  Darkness cannot hide the light forever.


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