School Cancels America Day – Students Wear Red, White, and Blue Anyway

School Cancels America Day – Students Wear Red, White, and Blue Anyway October 19, 2015

Female model against a lawn in a t-shirt with the American flag

In today’s edition of political correctness…

Jackson Hole High School has celebrated America Day as part of their Homecoming week for as long as anyone can remember. But this year, school administrators got it in their minds that it might be offensive to honor their country. (The country that funds this public school.)

The Activities Director said, “Many different students could have felt singled out…Maybe they moved here last week. Maybe they moved here last month. We’re trying to balance many different things here. We’re trying to be inclusive and safe, make everyone feel welcome.”

Instead, they replaced it with College Day – which students rightly said could be taken as MORE exclusive than America Day. What if college wasn’t the best option for a student? What if they couldn’t afford it?

Some students paid no attention to the decision and proudly wore their red, white, and blue anyway!

Here’s what one parent posted:

It’s homecoming week and our school administration thought it was too “offensive” to have an America Pride Day! So this…

Posted by Ted Dawson on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Way to go for the students who stood up against this nonsense! And their parents who taught them to be proud of their country!

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