What Selena Gomez’s Struggle with Lupus Can Teach Us

What Selena Gomez’s Struggle with Lupus Can Teach Us November 2, 2015
Selena Gomez has Lupus.

With extreme vulnerability, she gave a glimpse of what her life was like during the past three years –the lack of understanding, the pain, the exhaustion, the need to lock herself away until she was confident and comfortable again. In the midst of chemotherapy, the media bashed her sudden disappearance, obviously assuming rehab. (Do they ever get tired of that?)

She didn’t owe them any answers!

But with grace and inspiring humility, she waited patiently for the right time. Until she was strong enough to face them head on, she focused on healing and doing what was best for herself. (Despite what people rumored was really going on.)

Learning to focus on bettering yourself under the fire of media harassment can’t be easy. Especially since autoimmune diseases like Lupus are invisible. To the onlooker, nothing seems wrong, but to the affected person, even getting out of bed can be a struggle.  People just assumed the worst.  (I heard the Spoon Theory is a good way to better understand their condition.)

Selena thank you for reminding us to always respond with grace, resist assumptions, and make an extra effort to love better.

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