Teacher Resigns After Facebook Rant About Student With Learning Disability

Teacher Resigns After Facebook Rant About Student With Learning Disability January 13, 2016

Social media and the stupid people behind the screen have once again caused my jaw to drop. A high school teacher, now without a job, decided it would be permissible to rant about a student with disabilities. Seriously?

Yahoo Parenting shares the story and the degrading post:

Jennifer Lynch, a Latin teacher in the Fulton County School District at Johns Creek High School in Georgia, resigned on Monday after meeting with human resources. The meeting was regarding several posts she made to her personal Facebook page about a student who has a learning disability, 11 Alive reported.

Lynch used derogatory and profane language to describe an incident on the last day of school before the holiday break, December 18, where she had to stay late to administer a test to a student who needed extra time.

(Photo: 11Alive)

“He has some (expletive) disorder: one of those ‘we don’t know what his disorder is and we don’t want him to be labeled, so we are not going to find out, but we want academic accommodations anyway’ disorders,” Lynch wrote on her Facebook page. “On the way out, he says, ‘I’ll be the last student to walk through the doors of JCHS in 2015.’ No, that’s not funny, but tragic. Your life is tragic.”

Thinking that wasn’t enough, she continues on:

“I want to be sad for you, but at the end of the day, we’re all better now that you’re not around.”

Can you imagine being this student, reading these posts? If I was this child’s parent, I would not be happy! Instead of teaching and uplifting — as is her job — she publicly bashes him to bits. The lack of professionalism on social media is pathetic.

The school condemned the teachers actions, and after a meeting the first day back at school, Lynch resigned. They should have straight up fired her. She has no right to ‘save face’ with the label ‘resigned.’

I often catch myself needing a filter, but this — this is ridiculous.

Watch an investigative video and read all the Facebook posts here.

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