Pictures of Dan

Here are numerous photos of Dan for your use should you write about him or like to photoshop him amusingly and send the results to him. In this post are many photoshops from friends and fans mixed in with a wide array of mostly recent photos of Dan.

Dr. Daniel Fincke toasts his new PhD in 2010
Dr. Daniel Fincke, moments after being hooded, completing the ceremonial bestowal of his PhD.

Dr. Daniel Fincke in his Fordham University Academic Robes
Daniel Fincke as 19th Century Philosopher
Dan Fincke Cartoon Caricature Color Reboosted
Daniel Fincke with Friday the 13th Party Caricature from 2013 Pennsylvania Atheists/Humanists Conference

with caricature made by Florida Humanist Association[/caption]

With a caricature of myself made at Disney World on December 29, 2013.
My zombie impression. (Taken when suffering from severe allergic reaction.)
with James Croft of Temple of the Future

[caption id="attachment_26940" align="alignnone" width="600"] Dan Fincke Close up and Thoughtful

Dan Fincke’s Philosophical Chin Stroke
Dan Fincke, Philosophical Jedi

Sometimes my readers send me Doritos.[/caption]

Dan Fincke Fordham Graduation 2007
Dan Fincke Hooded

with Maryellen Hooper

End of the day, tired.
Daniel Fincke Clean Shaven May 2013
Daniel Fincke Eating Healthily

Daniel Fincke as a Guru at 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference
Daniel Fincke as a Hipster at 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference
Daniel Fincke Has a Question at 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference
Daniel Fincke Expressive at 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference
Daniel Fincke Firy Union Leader at 2013 CFI Student Leadership Conference
Daniel Fincke Aggressive At CFI Student Leadership Conference
Iron Man Dan Fincke
Super Mario Dan Fincke
Super Mario Dan Fincke
Daniel Fincke June 9, 2013
Daniel Fincke in Colbert’s Dorito Suit, by Neeley Rebel Fluke of Secular View
Daniel Fincke in Colbert’s Dorito Suit by Bret Alan
CONvergence 2013, “Religion: Friends or Foes” Panel. Daniel Fincke, Heina Dadhaboy, Debbie Goddard, PZ Myers
Daniel Fincke in Green
Daniel Fincke on Couch
Daniel Fincke Demonstrates How He Made Friends as a Kid, with Monica Harmsen
Daniel Fincke Center for Inquiry Student Leadership 2013
Daniel Fincke on Camels With Hammers Show Ohio Holocaust Memorial Special
Daniel Fincke, Pamela Stubbart, and James Croft

Daniel Fincke in blue
Dan Fincke’s Horror

One of my favorite people in the world, Richard Wade of our Patheos neighbor Friendly Atheist,was inspired by this photo to make this one:

“Dan Fincke’s Scream” by Richard Wade and Edvard Munch

Closer up that looks like this:

Richard Wade’s Edvard Munch’s Dan Fincke’s Scream

Then Bret Alan of My Humorous Agendawas inspired to make these:

Obi-Dan Finckobi
“To civility…and beyond!” ~ Dan Fincke
Dan Fincke’s Wolfpack
Dan Fincke: “I Don’t Always Argue Online…But When I Do, I Keep It Civil”

And here’s a blank one for you to meme yourself:

Dan Fincke, The Most Civil Atheist In the World

Below are two caricatures done of me. The first is from two years ago and is by Alex D’Adamo, the talented young artist who also made all the Camels With Hammersbanners we have used in the last year and a half. He drew this one of me while he was my student and I was lecturing:

Dan Fincke by Alexander D’Adamo 2011

This caricature of me was made at Busch Gardens by a caricature artist. I was blown away:

Dan Fincke Color Caricature

I used a program on my computer to try to boost up the colors and recapture some of the vibrancy of the original before it was scanned:

So now here are pictures I took with altered effects ready for spoofing:

Dan Fincke, Lord of the Ringsish
Dan Fincke Lord of the Ringsish 2
Dan Fincke Eyes Bugging Out
Alien Dan Fincke
TV makes Dan Fincke happy
Dan Fincke About to Flip Out
Dan Fincke, Hell
Dan Fincke Possessed
Dan Fincke Male Model?
Dan Fincke as Charismatic Peaceful Guru. Or General Zod
Dan Fincke Getting Fed Up
Dan Fincke Hanging In
Daniel Fincke. Existentialist.
Dan Fincke Blue
Dan Fincke Sad Hello Nietzsche
Dan Fincke wearing a “Hello Nietzsche” t-shirt
Dan Fincke Hello Nietzsche
Happy Bangsy Friendly Beardy (or “If Dan Fincke Were A Puppy”)
“I bring you Doritos of Good Tidings” ~ Dan Fincke
Dan Fincke in the great outdoors
Dan Fincke in a “friedrich” shirt.
taken when Dan Fincke was a groomsman in the wedding of Camels With Hammers webmaster Dave Magrath-Smith.
“Myspace Dan Fincke”
Daniel Fincke as “Sorrowful Benevolent Deity”
This is “Outlaw Dan Fincke” for when I put out a country album.
Dan Fincke Openminded
Dan Fincke Beaming Smile. Or Natural Guy Fawkes Mask Face.
Dan Fincke “well how about that”
Dan Fincke “Oh no.”
Dan Fincke in Love
Dreamy Smiley Dan Fincke
Four Daniel Finckes
Dan Fincke Red Dark Side
Dan Fincke Beleaguered
Daniel Fincke as Winston Smith in 1984 (as seen through the telescreens)
Dan Fincke after the party…
Dan Fincke Intent
Dan Fincke Sleepy
Dan Fincke in the Rain
Dan Fincke in Orange Hoodie
Dan Fincke Insulted
Dan Fincke Caught
Dan Fincke Friendly
Dan Fincke in action
Very Clean Cut (For Dan Fincke)
Dan Fincke does not think you just told him the truth. He’d like you to repeat yourself.
Dan Fincke Chubby, Schlubby, and Jolly
Dan Fincke “Intent”
Dan Fincke Intent Lover
Dan Fincke Huddling up Close
Dan Fincke “whogivesafuck hair”
Dan Fincke Villain Reveal Shot
Dan Fincke Stern and Blue
Dan Fincke Collegial
Dan Fincke with the red couch 2
Dan Fincke Black and White Nostalgia Close up
Dan Fincke Struggling to stay awake
Dan Fincke Sleeping
Bedheaded Dan Fincke
Dan Fincke in his natural habitat, the classroom
Professor Daniel Fincke’s Sepia Toned Memories of the Classroom
Dan Fincke Mischievously Happy
Dan Fincke Just Too Happy
Dan Fincke and the Brick Wall and the Painting
Dan Fincke Hooded 2
Dan Fincke Happiness Piqued
Dan Fincke dark blue fordham hoodie
Dan Fincke at Nietzsche in New York
Dan Fincke and mom, the day of his dissertation defense
Dan Fincke with his great niece, Lexi
Dan Fincke Reviews A Portion of His Dissertation During His Doctoral Defense 4/28/10
Dan Fincke Leaving Dissertation Defense
Dan Fincke preparing The Camels With Hammers Show
Dan Fincke Fordham Graduation 2007
Dan Fincke Hooded
Dan Fincke, in South Park
Dan Fincke kicks himself after his dissertation defense as his friends tell him all the things he should have said.
Grizzly Dan Fincke (on the day he found out he was accepted to join Freethought Blogs)
When Dan Fincke relaunched his Nietzschean Ideas blog as Camels With Hammers in June 2009, this was the goofy picture he put up on his about page to introduce himself to readers.
Dan Fincke’s avatar on Camels With Hammers from July 2010-March 2012
From March 2012 until near the end of his time at Freethought Blogs this was Dan Fincke’s avatar on the site, replacing the 6 year out of date photo he had been using prior.
Dan Fincke’s Final Freethought Blogs Avatar