Fictional Philosophical Dialogues:

A Debate About The Value of Permanent Promiscuity
Moral Perfectionism, Moral Pragmatism, Free Love Ethics, and Adultery
On The Ethics of “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Babies”
A Debate About The Wisdom of Trying To Deconvert People
Atheist Fundamentalism?
Bullying or Debating? Religious Privilege or Freedom of Speech?
Is Emotivistic Moral Nihilism Rationally Consistent?
Examining Some Alleged Divine Attributes
Hell as the Absence of God
God and Goodness
Is It Just A Mystery Whether God Exists?
Faith and Democracy


Written Interviews, Transcripts of Interviews, Other Discussions:

Asking Richard: A Conversation With The Friendly Atheist’s Richard Wade

Asking Richard Wade About Anger In Families Divided Over Religion

Asking Richard Wade About Atheism and Religions As Bases For Identities

Asking Richard Wade About How Atheists Should Respond to Alcoholics Anonymous, and How Personal Values Influence Professional Therapy

Asking Richard Wade About The Ethics of Lying To Stay In A Protective Closet

Asking Richard Wade About How Atheists Should Confront And Replace Religions

Asking Richard Wade About Whether Believers and Non-Believers Should Avoid Marrying Each Other

Asking Richard Wade About Whether Believers Are Literally Deluded

Meet Jesy Littlejohn, Founder of “Rainbow Bridge”, Grove City College’s Unrecognized LGBTQ Awareness Group

I Am Interviewed About My Personal (Atheistic) Religiosity/Spirituality

Should Catholic Employers Be Exempted From Paying For Health Insurance Covering Contraception? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 1)

What Are The Limits of Church Authority In the Public Sphere? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 2)

Must (or Can) the Religious Engage in the Secular Sphere ‘Non-Religiously’? (A Debate With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student Part 3)

My Metaethical Views Are Challenged, A Debate With “Ivan”

On Being A Gay Pakistani Atheist in America. An Interview with “Ehsan Ali”

Meet The Web Guy Behind Camels With Hammers: An Interview With Dave Smith

On Atheism and Parenting: An Interview with George Waye

On How To Help Spiritually Abused Women. An Interview with Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering

From Transgenderism to Transhumanism: An Interview With Zinnia Jones

Butterflies and Wheels At Camels With Hammers. My Interview with Ophelia Benson

Defending The Catholic Faith, But Not The Pope. A Conversation With Mary The Catholic Graduate Student

Philosophy, Logic, and Goal Theory Ethics: An Interview With Richard Carrier

How To Talk About Racism. An Interview With Ian Cromwell of The Crommunist Manifesto

Is Anything Intrinsically Good or Bad? An Interview with James Gray

Lord Cthulhu Comes To Camels With Hammers: An Interview With PZ Myers

On Relativisms and Races. An Interview With Greg Laden

What Would JT Do If He Were Following The Law: An Interview About Students’ and Teachers’ Rights

An Interview With Shelley Segal

What About Philosophical Christianity With Progressive Values? A Debate With Marta Layton

Being An Atheist In Morocco. An Interview with “Damya”

A Conversation With James Croft About Philosophy, Humanism, and Ethics