This Week in Religious Freedom & Healthcare

This Week in Religious Freedom & Healthcare March 24, 2014

This picture of me shouldn’t be revolutionary.  And yet …

Here is a great 90 second summary of what is at stake this week when lawyers for Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood will argue before the Supreme Court that your boss should get to determine what preventative health care you receive:

Here is a round-up of links to pieces I’ve written about the contraceptive mandate, the Affordable Care Act, and religious freedom:

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Why Affordable Care Matters for Women  

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Conscience and Change

Affordable Care for Women

Whose Religious Freedom?

And if you think you can stand it, here’s a round-up of key arguments against birth control found in the briefs supporting the corporations (including but not limited to:  birth control lowers society’s moral standards, turns women into sluts, AND prevents women from being good wives!  That’s a lot for a little pill/ring/device …).

Science schmience.


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