Souls of the Unfaithful Departed

Souls of the Unfaithful Departed July 29, 2020

May the souls of the Unfaithful by the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”
Jesus also taught us that “of faith, hope, and love, the most important of these is love.”
When Jesus said this as He hung there dying on the cross, he did not say only if they get baptized and believe in my teachings.

Can you imagine a person who worked themselves to the bone taking care of the poor or neglected of society for nearly their whole lives,
of loving them to the point of personal suffering

being told they are going to hell because they grew up being told there was no God and so did not believe God was real?

We also know that Jesus loves sinners.
He is a God of love and mercy and wants us to show His love and mercy by how we treat others.
What does He say to fallen away Catholic, or any other Christian when they die?

Do unfaithful souls spend more time in purgatory even if they never knew there was such a place?
Think of the most horrible person in history.
Do you want them in heaven or hell?
I want them in heaven, not because I agree with their sins,
but because forgiveness is real if they ask for it.
If we ask for it.

Jesus have mercy on me, a sinner.


Painful Joy
Waiting in the Fire
of painful hope
The mud is burned off
and gold becomes clean.
It’s a brief moment of eternity
lasting long enough to fulfill
The flow of blood into all one’s heart and soul.
Sorrowful joy you can’t avoid
brings you low before it brings you high.
Dressing in style hurts for awhile
when your fit is right, your all set for life.
The pain brought on , is then forever gone
and the feast awaits for you
to engage in your delight
the burning fire of this Loving Light.

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