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NEW Things at Patheos Catholic August 16, 2020

With so many blogs at Patheos Catholic it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s currently posting new stuff and who’s not anymore. Sometimes folks stop posting on Patheos and leave for other fields in the world wide web.

Mark Shea left a few months back and now posts over at Stumbling Toward Heaven

People often said dumb things to Jesus. Jesus’ patience with the ignorant and the dumb seems to be limitless, just so long as they mean well. Because he really does love us. His anger (and even that is ordered toward redemption) is reserved only for the willfully malignant.
Mark Shea, Mistakes vs. Sin, Teachable Moments vs. Culture War (August 6, 2020)

JoAnna Wahlund stopped posting in January but you can still find her currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pope Leo noted that women were “fitted for home-work” — which does not preclude them earning a wage — and emphasized that the well-being of the family must be paramount.

When you consider the incredible amount of work it took to ensure the well-being of one’s family, and the amount of effort required to keep a family adequately clothed and fed without the benefit of electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing, it’s hard to argue that both parents could successfully work outside the home without their family suffering, or without family support — for example, elderly relatives — to take over needed tasks.
JoAnna Wahlund,What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Working Mothers? (February 9, 2019)  The Catholic Working Mother @ Patheos Catholic

Sometimes Current Running Blogs add additional bloggers to their family of writers.

Over at The Shoeless Banshee, chief writer Marie Avers has brought Veronica Roltgen on board.

I think it’s vital that we remind people that we’re Catholic because we’re baptized Catholic. It’s not dependent on how often you go to Mass or how many rosaries you pray. It’s not dependent on how many soup kitchens you run or what ministries you do. It’s dependent on where your heart is with God.

And there’s no good way to measure that.
Veronica Roltgen, Introducing Veronica Roltgen: You’re Not A Good Or Bad Catholic, You’re Just Catholic  (August 6, 2020) The Shoeless Banshee @ Patheos Catholic

Sometimes bloggers from Patheos Catholic’s past return and revive their blog with new and original content.  Francis J. Beckwith last blogged with Patheos in 2015 and has returned his Return to Rome back in July 2020.

Although you can’t always judge an idea by its pedigree, cancel culture’s pedigree is nothing to brag about. For this reason, anytime we are tempted to participate in a liturgy of cancellation–even when we think it’s for a good cause–we should first turn the light of suspicion on ourselves and our own motives, asking whether there is a more noble way to achieve our ends, which should ultimately be the restoration and redemption of our brothers and sisters, not their destruction.
Francis J. Beckwith, Cancel Culture Is Not a New Thing (July 13, 2020) Return to Rome @ Patheos Catholic

Also having last blogged in 2015, Michelle Arnold formally of Catholic Answers is back blogging at Patheos. New entry’s will consume sometime during the week of August 18th.

One of my favorite saints is St. Therese of Lisieux. She is all too often dismissed as one of those rose-and-rainbow saints who ascended into heaven on a cloud of cotton candy. But if you read her writings closely, you’ll find that she was very sympathetic with human frailty and had a deeply understanding heart. Here is one of my favorite quotes from St. Therese:
And it is the Lord, it is Jesus, who is my judge. Therefore I will try always to think leniently of others, that he may judge me leniently, or rather not at all, since he says: “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.”
Michelle Arnold One Size May Not Fit All (July 7, 2015) Michelle Arnold @ Patheos Catholic

So we’ve covered …

Leaving Bloggers.
Added Bloggers.
Returning Bloggers.

And then there are brand NEW bloggers.

Introducing Peter Darcy,an editor at Catholic Stand,  over at Anima Mea 

From the evidence of scripture, most human beings who meet angels fall down in abject terror, or run away, or try to worship them because they are so magnificent. Angels are filled with so much…there is no other word for it…glory, that encountering them is always an overwhelming experience for sinful, flesh-bound humans.
Peter Darcy, Angels of the Resurrection and Their Dazzling Glory (August 13, 2020)

There may be more new and noteworthy bloggers that I am yet unaware of , but I will keep you posted about it with a post when they arrive in our section of Patheos land.

Lastly there are some new and interesting developments in all ready up and running and established blogs.

Dave Armstrong over at Biblical Evidence for Catholicism just celebrated his

3000th Post 

If there is any other orthodox Catholic writer out there who has written as much material, I don’t know who they are. I’m not “bragging” (though my critics will no doubt accuse me of that); I’m simply stating the (seeming) fact and noting that my blog is very comprehensive.

Rene Albert over at Coffee & Crucifix has ventured into video  with Faith and Reason studios.

Over at  The Pursuit of Holiness Wiliiam Hemsworth is also doing some exciting things with media.

And lastly (for now), over here at the Catholic Bard, Kristin has had an article printed in Avellina Balestri‘s Fellowship and Fairydust’s latest magazine issue entitled ‘Travel and Pilgrimage’

Her entry is called ‘Travelling Through Ever-Changing Ireland

Ireland 1982: Age 7.  I had never traveled by plane anywhere.  I’ll never forget that we went from Boston to Shannon via “Pan Am” and fell asleep. When we were approaching Ireland we looked out the window as the plane came closer, and closer to the ground.  My sister and I looked out the window as best as we could. Kathleen said she could see matchbox cars, and then we went on to say, “matchbox cows, matchbox houses…” until we landed in a different world that hit us with a culture shock that I will never forget.

Read about it, and all the other great entries by clicking on the link below.

F&F Travel & Pilgrimage 2020 Issue

That’s it for now…..

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